Makarau please stop vote fraud

HARARE - Zimbabweans yesterday turned out in their millions to cast their vote but the day was spoiled by serious allegations of rigging perpetrated by Zanu PF across the country.

The high voter turnout in yesterday’s watershed election is highly commendable, showing that people are no longer just sitting back and watching but want to play a role in the destiny of this country.

Zimbabweans are sick and tired of being bull-dozed into backing down.

Yesterday’s vote will surely make a difference and tells the world what we as Zimbabweans want and what the future holds for us.

For the past 33 years we have known one leader President Robert Mugabe, whose tenure has been marred by economic draw-backs, drowning the country in poverty and drenching it with unproductive propaganda.

Mugabe, who was once regarded as one of the heroes of the struggle turned into a people’s monster when he maintained a firm grip on power and started suppressing his own people.

At 89, Mugabe wants another five-year-term in office, making most people question the logic behind this stance.

Mugabe is fighting hard to preserve the legacy he has lost especially after being trounced by
Tsvangirai in the 2008 elections.

This has exacerbated fears that Mugabe might need to pull a few tricks to remain in power, but the people’s vote will decide.

Yesterday, we received reports of massive vote rigging especially in Hatfield where dozens of people were arrested.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) should reject results from constituencies like Hatfield where voter fraud was reported.

Zec made an announcement that those not on the voters’ roll but who had registration slips could still vote but this created a chance for vote thieves to pounce.

In Hatfield in particular, hundreds of street kids and youths were given voter registration slips and went on to vote and we are told this was prevalent throughout the country.

What will Zec do about this blatant vote theft?

What people now need is change and that is the reason why yesterday most of them braved the chilly weather and woke up early to join long queues to exercise their fundamental right.

Their desire is to see a better Zimbabwe. People need to separate good from evil, light from darkness, suffering from prosperity and make a demarcation between history and the future.

People went out in large numbers to put an end to Mugabe’s 33-year rule that was characterised by suffering.

For that brave stance Zimbabweans deserve a big thank you!

And to Rita Makarau, please stop the vote theft.

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Please Rita Makarau, you have a constitutional responsibility to tell Zimbabweans the truth. We will know what you have done and speak out to what you have been forced to do by Zanu Pf. Your conscience should haunt you

Taurai - 1 August 2013

But who told you that all those of us who braved the chilly weather are mdct supporters? The change we know came in 1980 by President RG Mugabe and Father Zimbabwe Dr JM Nkomo. We dont even see any other change more than that. Yes we went out in large numbers not to end HE's rule but to extend it. I told you long back journalists for daily nonsense that your hate writings will never ever penetrate our minds. We know the truth about our country, and you cannot lecture on us who is right and who is wrong. Please leave Rita Makarau in peace not in pieces. She has done nothing wrong to anyone besides carryingout her mandate as prescribed by our constitution. This blame game will not get you anywhere. Vaita hako nekutitenda takavhota zvinemutsindo. Tamirira chete maresults semhuri imwe asi kwete newe.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 1 August 2013

I was right! I always proclaimed that ZANUPF would rig this election as never before. Now it comes out in the wash. The big question is what is or can be done about it??

vortex - 1 August 2013

TAKESURE MARCACAVES, you have already proved in your statememt that you are a ZANU PF die hard ,How can you say that daily news journalists are writing nonsense in the first place you are not forced to read DAILY NEWS why are you reading it? we like our news as they are .As FOR YOU A ZANU DIEHARD GET YOURSELF CHRONICLE ,.lf they rigged the vote it should be known there is proof ,Why is RITA investigating if these allegations are lies ,next time TAKEiteasy MARCAVES evaluate your statements before you comment on this platform

CASHTALK - 1 August 2013

With all this fraud taking place, violence on which monitors were geared (focused) on was intentionally stopped. The AU and SADC organisations even endorsed the elections before the fraud was discovered. In view of the discovery the massive fraud which was perpetrated on the elections, will these two organisations still stand on their endorsement status now?

Tapera Yemurai Choto - 2 August 2013

I once warned you that Zanu pf was distributing voter slips to all its members whilst Makarau made sure no mdc gets on the Voters roll. Warned you this was the most rigged election of all time

ChenChim - 2 August 2013

Saka Rita you want the world to believe that suddenly Zimbabweans want a 90year old as a President after years of protest. Nxaa sick

Mafios - 2 August 2013

Saka Rita you want the world to believe that suddenly Zimbabweans want a 90year old as a President after years of protest. Nxaa sick

Mafios - 2 August 2013

Next ime Tsvangirai tell your supporters to attend zanu pf meetings to have the priviledge to vote

AMurewa - 2 August 2013

Next ime Tsvangirai tell your supporters to attend zanu pf meetings to have the priviledge to vote

AMurewa - 2 August 2013

I voted at Sanganyi Inn. I had a voter slip but expected them to check me in the voter's roll since I had transferred during registration. They just wrote down my name and id number and gave me ballot papers, surely anybody could just get a registration slip and go and vote. ZanuPF made sure ZEC does not have the new voter's roll and asked them to accept the slips without bother.Now zanupf had all those slips which they dished to paid voters hence the massive fraud. Thieves May God come in please God hear us.

maita - 2 August 2013

Rita is said to have blamed political parties for the sham voter's roll but who was responsible for the voter registration slips Rita? Why did you not give the parties the voter's roll? Why did you say ZEC was ready yet you knew the voter's roll was in shambles, you knew ZanuPF had the registration slips and that is why your polling officers never bothered to cross check names in the voter's roll with the one on the slips, why is it that those with slips their names where not being checked against the voter's roll because we expected that after registration and transfers we had a new voter's roll. Can she explain about that Zupco bus which took people to Mt Pleasant to vote and from the video most of them are barely 18. Congratulations to ZanuPf for a job well done go ahead you have stolen the mandate

Taruvinga - 2 August 2013

Well I don't know we had an observer mission which was woodwinked. They came expecting violence and this is the only thing they think makes an election not free and fair. The election was marginally free but very unfair and not credible but lets us wait and hear what these Africans say because they have the propensity to hide behind pan africanism.

maita - 2 August 2013

When Rita closed registration centres she had all the copies of the registration slips so its so easy, she can go through each constituency, I can volunteer to help her and see who registered and how was the roll compiled I will tell you she will get a massive number of voters who never registered during that period but had voter slips given to them by ZanuPf of course with a 10 dollar note, well after that, she can cross check that, this election was a fraud and Mugabe will be a fraudulent President. Ibn a country with such a high literacy rate we still have a third of electorate being helped to put an X and X which even Lobengula could put

wamaromo - 2 August 2013

Rita thank you for making it clear to Zimbabwe that ZEC is Zanupf Electoral Comission.God bless you

concerned citizen - 2 August 2013

Lets live this to God. He knows and searches the hearts of man.

Via Africa - 2 August 2013

Vana venyika yekwedu. Ngatinamatirei vatungamiriri vedu. Dai Mwari vapindira zvavo nekutipa vatungamiriri vanobva kwavari. VaMugabe, kana VaTsvangirai ndinokunamatirai kuti mwari akupeyi mwoyo yekunzwisisa nyika yedu isadeuka ropa reveruzhinji.

Via Africa - 2 August 2013

ZIMBABWE ELECTORAL FRAUD UNEARTHED A private South African based intelligence organisation Nasini Projects has allegedly unearthed a deadly electoral fraud in the just ended harmonized elections in Zimbabwe to end an unease coalition between strongman Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai,leader of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Speaking to NP News Saturday the chief executive officer of the Think tank Ms Lucia Mordi said a delicate ballot paper was used to rig the election. "From our findings so far we are 99.9% convinced that the election was rigged via a ballot paper.A special watermarked ballot was used to give president Mugabe a resounding victory.The ballot had a water X against President Mugabe's name such that if any ink is placed on the paper the substance on the paper will react and remove the ink and activate the watermarked X into print.If you look at some ballots you would see that Xs are very straight and Identical.These were mixed with ordinary ballot papers in a proportion that would favour Zanu PF.Therefore I call for the opposition parties and the international community to stage an urgent probe into this scam " When asked why she carried out the investigations Ms Mordi said her organisation was established to deal with issues related to serious fraud across the world. "Our organisation was established to reduce serious fraud across the world.After a tip from our China Branch we moved in to evaluate the situation"She said If Nasini Projects happen to be correct this could be the world's fraudulant experience since the world was formed NP News

Snuuga - 3 August 2013

Why does Justice Makarau always look so sickish and timid. No wonder she was no match for her deputy Joyce Kazembe. Definitely not the right person for the position she holds.

Johno - 5 August 2013

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