Election a farce - Tsvangirai

HARARE - Below is Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's statement on the July 31 election.

This election has been a huge farce. Its credibility has been marred by administrative and legal violations which affect the legitimacy of its outcome.

There are two critical issues:

1. The election does not meet SADC Guidelines. It is a sham election that does not reflect the will of the people.

1.1 Voters’ Roll

- Thousands failed to register and were disenfranchised

- Not delivered timeously as required by law

- No proper inspection of the voters’ roll to verify authenticity

- Duplication of names on the voters roll

- Unauthorised movement of voters from their wards (leading to almost 40% voters being turned away and disenfranchised)

1.2 Manipulation of voters’ choice - Voters forced to plead illiteracy and resort to “assistance”.

1.3 Use of traditional leaders (chiefs and headmen) to intimidate voters.

1.4 Unauthorised voter migration - Voters bussed into constituencies to vote eg Harare South, Epworth

1.5 Unaccounted for voters especially in farming areas

1.6 Abuse of the facility to use Voter Registration Slips as proof of registration

1.7 Militarisation of the electoral process – electoral processes under the effective control of security personnel

1.8 Lack of transparency in the printing of ballots

a.) non-compliance with section 51 of the Electoral Act.

b.) over-printing of ballots (more than 35%) and lack of accountability for ballots.

1.9 Lack of transparency and double-voting in the use of the Special Vote

1.10 Lack of transparency in the use of the Postal Voting system

2. Failure to implement SADC reforms

2.1 Media reform

2.2 Security sector

I have met with the chair of the AU observer mission, former Nigerian President Obasanjo, head of the SADC observer mission, Minister Mmembe and I have given a diplomatic briefing.

The message we have given is that this is not a credible election. It does not reflect the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

For the above reasons, the election has been heavily manipulated.

In our view, the outcome of this election is illegitimate.

But more importantly, the shoddy manner in which it has been conducted and the consequent illegitimacy of the result will plunge this country into a serious crisis.

We therefore call for SADC and the AU audit teams to look into this process, in particular the voters roll, the ballots and the manner in which the whole process was conducted.

In our view this election does not meet the SADC, AU and international standards for a credible,legitimate, free and fair election.

I thank you.

Comments (58)

Uyu ndiye munhu akafa brain manje, nhasi victory is certain, the same day outcome illegitimate, chandakuvhotera chii nhai Tsvangison? Kuti uti my vote is illegitimate. Wandinyadzisa!!!

Ibvaapo - 1 August 2013

To ex(former) Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai congratulate for staying the course despite the outcome did not go your way. I urge you to learn from the ex(former) Prime Minister of Kenya Mr. Odinga who accepted the result of his country's election. Mr Tsvangirai please prepare to Strathaven house and thank the Zimbabwean tax payers for giving you an opportunity to live in luxury . State House is for now a dream despite your puerile newspapers misleading you by headlining that you will get the keys to the most prestigious address in Zimbabwe.

Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 1 August 2013

Ko iwe Morgan ne MDC yako waigoenderera pamberi ne ma elections uchinytsiziva kuti pakange pasina me reforms uyezve ZanuPF yaizosevenzesa mauto to manikidza ma voters ku mamisha sei? Dai wakaaramba ma elections acho. Zvino waona. Hapana chako.

Eme - 1 August 2013

Ma results e election iyi aitozivikanwa kare ne ZanuPF. Indeed this was a sham election whose outcome had already been decided by the military.

Eme - 1 August 2013

Iwe.tikwanire .how many people have you rendered jobless due to sanctions,how many died due to chollerra ie lack of medicine, dirty cities,potholes all roads in Zim coz of your councillors,zdf money's stollen by MDC MP under your nose, ghost towns in all cities, bills for no service delivery ,iwe uchihura zvako. Nekubiwa compainer for ngochani, you said game over on Monday taste your own medicine.how many kgs have you gained nekudya mari yekutengesa,yet you ,BITI and welchmam begged your pay masters to make life for ordinary Zim unbearable due to selfish reasons.remember you said hamusati matambura muchaona nhamo, and for sure after the sanctions pll really suffered but did not forget the cause & source of their problem. You should go to JAIL and your associates. GAME OVER Morgan RICHARD"

Revai chokwadi - 1 August 2013

Morgan Morgan Morgan... deja vu

Karl Chifokoyo - 1 August 2013

what he presented are facts and need to be looked into, it is not Morgan who has been defeated but it is the people's cause that has been dealt a heavy blow.

Ma1 - 1 August 2013

Guys arrest tsvanirai before he causes chaos in the nation again. For him he does not care has made enough money. His masters can give him asylum

Jack stone - 1 August 2013

Former Prime MInister , Mr Morgan Tsvangirai should not bothered to participate in the election given that he has complained that security force and media reforms and other issues had not been addressed. Mr Tsvangirai was suitable to lead Zimbabwe let alone the MDC. My prediction is that this the end of his leadership of the MDC-T which will drop the T letter from the name. Mind you he should not have been the leader since according to MDC constitution the party president should serve 10 years after which he/she leaves. He should havereitired in.2009. He should thank the Government of National Unity led by President Mugabe.

Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 1 August 2013

Yes please! He should be arrested for wanting to plunge the country into chaos and cause blood letting. Let his own body bear the consequences of his intransigency. An election is fair only if he wins? We cannot have that! We cannot!

Kudakwashe Munenharo - 1 August 2013

there is a time for everything, time for sleeping, time for dreaming and waking up.pple were dreaming of the outcome of the election and we casted on the 31 of july ,lets now wake up to reality and face the results.whoever i voted for dont tell me it was wasted effort."I LOVE U ALL CONTESTANTS"Chengoloma.

mudirira richard - 1 August 2013

Morgan is right. Hapana anopokana nema issues which he mentioned. The issues are to do with conditions for a free and fair election and he has put it on record. I am surprised people wrongly assume that a peaceful election means a free and fair election! Election inogona kubiririrwa pasina kana munhu mumwechete arohwa! And even if Morgan akhwinha election yacho hazvichinji zvaareva. Zvinotoreva kuti dai panga pasina zvipingaidzo izvi aitohwinha ne margin yakatowedzera. Aita zviri right akareva maresults asati abuditswa. Ndizvo chaizvo Save!

Wezhira - 1 August 2013

kkkk u pple r nt thnking straight,tsvangira's defeat inorwanza isusu here kana kuti iye. am sure by nw tsvangirai ane mari yekuti akwanise kusustain hupenyu hwake, ane malinks ekuti awanire vana vake basa. therefore tsvangirai's win benefits us more than him and his loss hurt usmo than hm. hez is a single person representing millions of pple. do u thnk it ws best for hm not to participate..... i dnt thnk so.do u thnk he shld accept defeat.....I also dntthnk so.ths is everyone's loss nt his only

standard - 1 August 2013

Standard wataura hama yangu.Suffer continue kumwana wevhu.If u are not connected and did not benefit from Kasukuwere's program then hapana chako hama yangu.Vana vaTsvangirai ne va Robert vachadzidza overseas vako vachidzidza zvikoro zvisina mabhuku ened vakapasa zimsec yacho hapana mabasa.Vachangotijoina kunotora mabhero kuMozambique.Saka vanoseka Tsvangirai you are in dreamland.Vamwe izozvi matochembera muri maroja.When are you going to enjoy life if you think Zanu should rule for ever .shame on you guys.

chimuti - 1 August 2013

If elections are manipulated to deny idiots from running the country, the lets increase the level of manipulating.

reason - 1 August 2013

Whoever has the powers to appoint ZEC and appoint the custodian of the voters roll and also be able to choose who monitors the election will always win the polls.Rita and Tobaiwa know where their bread is buttered.Both of them have a farm if not farms.So whom do you think they would want to win ?Zimbos wake up as long as Mugabe is there ,there will never be a free and fair election in Zimbabwe.Sorry guys you had been taken for a ride once again.

chawasarira - 1 August 2013

All things work together for good, Jehovah havasi benzi. Vachatirangarira chete......

MuBrishit - 1 August 2013

No more kuimporter mota, petro yavakuzopera manje, tati tadii zvedu, tichayuwira muno vamwe vagere zvavo

MuBrishit - 1 August 2013

Tsvangirai has failed us...AGAIN. Why on earth he agreed to go into an election on Mugabe's terms is beyond understanding. Where are the reforms that he talked about, this election has been just as slipshod as the last one. Now he wants to talk about irregularities with the voters roll and loopholes when he had 5 years in government to implement the reforms needed to ensure a credible election. This was an opportunity wasted, now its back to being the opposition. Mugabe has won his legitimacy, nothing SADC or AU can do about it now. Ask Odinga.

Symbzz - 1 August 2013

Back to Zim dollar vedu we-e-e!

canaan - 1 August 2013

Tsvangirai concerntrated nemaErections instead of Elections !!! Kikikikikiki Baba Jukwa haizi polling station and Biti is going to lose to the Mhata !!

ray mufaro - 1 August 2013

ray mufaro uri dofo.Biti is a lawyer and can make a lot of money if he goes into private practice more than what he gets as a minister.From the tone of your comment it shows that you are not educated.Why insult someone who wanted to give you a better life ne o level yako ye zimsec.Izvozvi untoroja mu one room.Its you who has lost more compared to Morgan and Tendai.

wenhamo - 1 August 2013

The last 4 years were wasted by MDC-T. they did not sit down and restrategise, they took the process for granted and thought Bob's age would be an election factor....now eve before results are official they are pacifying their supporters by doing rushed interviews on the polls credibility. OK suppose the final count shows them winning and Zanu claims it was unfair vanenge votii?

counselor T - 1 August 2013

Zimbabwe`s politics is too complicated to comprehend, even SADC and AU won`t understand it. It appears to be clean (free and fair) on the surface but very dirty underground. Its not about Tsvangirai`s election strategy or inexperience but my conclusion is SADC and AU are just societies without any help when it comes to Zim issues. Maybe they are afraid of Mugabe or most of the leaders in Africa use the same concept when it comes to election. The story is long---we leave everything to God.

charovedzera - 1 August 2013

People can laugh at Tsvangirai now but the bottom line is that it is the majority of Zimbabweans including those in the rural areas who are now suffering. It is the ghost vote that is winning. Even if you arrest him, there are many more on the sidelines who will lead MDC T and Zimbabwe to prosperity. It is apparent now that no coalition would beat a rigged result. We are considering options.

Mavara Azarevhu - 1 August 2013

If Zimbo's in their 'wisdom' decided to vote 4 'Suffer Continue' then it's their democratic right to do so. isn't it. Course, 'Suffer Continue = Oldest dictator on the planet'. They will indeed suffer while 'Suffer continue' & cronies enjoy life. When sick they fly to some elitist hospital on the planet, using Marange diamond money of course. When brain-washed/dead electorates get sick they go to some local clinic/hospital without medicines, no Dr's or nurses, only to be attended by some Border Gezi trained charlatans - who claim to be everything, that is if a half- brain-dead Zimbo ever ask who they are. The fully-dead ones, and 99% are, never ask any questions. They call it Being 'civilived/educated'. Kkkkk. Cry my beloved country.

mapingu - 1 August 2013

Morgan was right when he said he was going to announce the results before Zec and he did so.Instead of announcing that he is now President b4 we all know about the results he has announced that the elections are null and void which can only mean 1 thing.He has been beaten hands down by Bob.Thanking you in advance for telling us the results.

Rumbie Mondy - 1 August 2013

Morgan was right when he said he was going to announce the results before Zec and he did so.Instead of announcing that he is now President b4 we all know about the results he has announced that the elections are null and void which can only mean 1 thing.He has been beaten hands down by Bob.Thanking you in advance for telling us the results.

Rumbie Mondy - 1 August 2013

Guys, regai ndikuudzei zvakaitika coz i know some of yu murimurima kuti how come zanu yakawinner zvinemutsindo even kumaMDC strong hold. 1. The issue of voter's roll ndoyanga inenyaya upto this day.Im going to tell yu how it was rigged. Znpf knew how many voters from every ward wakaita kuti mdc ihwine in the last elections saka the following is how they rigged: They made sure for every ward they removed the number of mdc voters by lets say 100-200 voters vakawaendesa kune imwe ward or kutoshaikwa pavoters roll zvachose.Zvawakaita ndezvekuti they knew the voters roll will be delayed and they issued fake reciepts for every ward that they targeted to win and vanhu wacho vaivhoteswa ndovaya vakafanana nevanhu vakabatwa kuHighlands. That strategy was like if they add 200 people vanovhoter paevry ward that was a good number to defeat mdc paevry ward that was targeted.Noone including top officials frm mdc cld think kuti that typ of rigging cld happen. Mungangotuka chamatama but the people hu will suffer is us coz takatengeserwa our freedom nevanhu vaipuhwa ma$10 imagine.Nway those hu think the policies and people hu are power hungry can lead this country alone without the inclusion of mdc let them do tht but i bet with my last cent. Never, never ever.

mdembare - 1 August 2013

Pane anopikisa here kuti ndozvakaitika coz people wer thinking kuti pachaitwa zviya zvekubiridzira pacounting or kuchinja maballot box.Rigging was done mamonitor and AU, SADC vakatarisa pasina violance saka vanotika it was free and fair coz they dont know how it happened. Nway im sure God will lead us somewer

mdembare - 1 August 2013

Pane anopikisa here kuti ndozvakaitika coz people wer thinking kuti pachaitwa zviya zvekubiridzira pacounting or kuchinja maballot box.Rigging was done mamonitor and AU, SADC vakatarisa pasina violance saka vanotika it was free and fair coz they dont know how it happened. Nway im sure God will lead us somewer

mdembare - 1 August 2013

PEOPLE WILL KILL EACH OTHER OVER ELECTIONS WHILST OUR POLITICAL OPPONENTS ENJOY WITH THEIR FAMILIES,My beloved brothers and sisters lets sit down as citizens and ask our self what sin have we committed to deserve this .Even our AU &SADC friends seem to be sleeping with the devil they come to us assuring to give us support but do the opposite when they drink tea with the devil,THE GNU was signed ,conditions put MBEKI assured us as a nation that the agreement will be implimented in full but major issues were not addressed but the EU &SADC AGREE for elections to go on,Why should our african brothers allow us to suffer like this just because of one ditactor who thinks he is GOD ,(1)l cry today if this evil acts of rigging in our politics are accepted ;AFRICA WILL NEVER BE AT PEACE (2)The future of zim if ZANU wins is going to be bleek coz if today AMERICA lets say it takes its currency out of circulation in zim ,l do not think SOUTH AFRICA will agree for its currency to be abused which will lead to it losing its value.(3)THE warning was given by the international community on the credibility of these elections if anything is wrong this is going to affect everyone including ZANU supporters ,hunger is coming to zim WATCH THE SPACE It is because of our own making

CASHTALK - 1 August 2013

As recent as Monday 29 July 2013, two days before the elections, Tsvangirai was boosting that MDC would still win the elections regardless the undemocratic realities on the ground. He should have implemented the reforms but believed he did not need free and fair elections because he would win regardless. Tsvangirai gambled and he lost miserably! More significantly Tsvangirai gambled with the ordinary people's basic right, hopes and dreams! Mugabe rigged these elections but is was Tsvangirai, the idiot, who has allowed him to do so!

Wilbert Mukori - 1 August 2013

I said it in 2009 that Tsvangirai should never ever joined the GNU - that was his downfall. I was shocked when I heard that he had succumbed from pressure from Mbeki and Co. If he had remained steadfast, Bob would be history by now. Talking to CIOs after the GNU they said had it not been signed we wouldnt have lasted a week. So politically Tsvangirai lost it in 2009. Zanu parcelled out farms to ordinary people as well since then and those people for selfish reasons and their friends and families voted Zanu to protect their ill gotten wealth. Then the rigging. I just heard 1 guy who works at a filling station that his boss has instructed him not to sell fuel. He claims it will rise to $2.20 and diesel $1.90 - zvatotanga. Remember during the campaign Bob said we want our dollar - with the hawks in Zanu I wont be surprised if its back by January. We have voted for more potholes Zimbabwe!!! One Chinotimba has one Buhera South and might be deputy minister of agriculture!!!

Lee - 1 August 2013

the mdc-t has legitimate complains which have only one solution. they should withdraw from these elections and leave zanu pf to rule. the mdc cannot accept their wins in some constituents and then refuse defeats. the only solution is to even refuse their wins. no to going to the streets and declaring civil unrest. just let the people's party run the country. we want peace. God be with you all.

intelligence - 1 August 2013


WAZZIM - 2 August 2013

Tsvangirai did well considering the counting of votes were completed two weeks ago. Hakusi kurumwa nechekutsvara kwete. Since Independence kamudhara keshaya has outplay the likes of Smith, Muzoriwa, Nkomo, Sithole and Tsvangirai. In ZANU PF he has outdone any threat. Best magicians of all time 1.) Mugabe 2.) Houdini

Nechemhaka - 2 August 2013

I was thinking about running for President. When I figured out that all the people who vote for me will have their ballots thrown into bins and burn, I decided to wait. When Zimbabwe has electronic voting verified by DNA then I may run for office.

Mabharoti Takamarasa - 2 August 2013

I was thinking about running for President. When I figured out that all the people who vote for me will have their ballots thrown into bins and burn, I decided to wait. When Zimbabwe has electronic voting verified by DNA then I may run for office.

Mabharoti Takamarasa - 2 August 2013

Mugabe and his cohorts appoint whoever they want to run the government. If you ran an election, no matter what, the results will always show ZANU PF prevailing. Vakadzidza zvakanzi nevakuru pasi chigare, “Chiwawana batisisa mudzimu haupi kaviri.” We read in the Herald that the Chinese delegation that came to observe the elections said it was free and fair. Their definition of fair is when workers do the dirty work for the leader. So at midnight I got so disgusted with tyranny, could not go to sleep and wrote a note of enlightenment. A irony of tyranny trails an arrogance with a set of rules visible only inside of corruption roles enriching reachable treachery cliques, from various deeds of the most in need. Lest it's pitiful face just adjust turncoat stay behind masses of destitute classes. Cry saving masses, from an old malice, find a way to spite that old despotism. Minorities thwart lest they are tread. When we all read in tales of the red one cannot subsist if alleged a threat, is cut like a thread wind on a thimble.

Mabharoti Takamarasa - 2 August 2013

Hey, who doesnt know Zanu cheats - when we got into the ring we knew our opponent. Whats the point of being cry babies now...?? Time to change leadership at the very top. Tsvangirai must go. In the 1st place he failed to keep the party united and bona manje.

Makhovula - 2 August 2013

Kana pakabatwa bus rine vanhu vaida kuvhota zvisiri pamutemo hw can u say the elections were credible. I just urge all MDC candidates who won the elections to withdraw and leave maZanu acho atonge zvawo.

tambudzai - 2 August 2013

hahahahha Tsvangirai wanyura mfesi wangu. inonzi politics. vanhu vakakumaka shamwari. u thot wrong. u have been wrong ever since. Zims fortunes started slipping in 2000 and this is the time u stared your huge sham of a party. now go burn in a hell of your own creation. i pray your wife dsnt leave you

majakathatha mojalefa - 2 August 2013

Morgan's IQ is slightly above that of a dolphin. Why we ended up having such a fool as prime minister beats me

duncane - 2 August 2013

Now i see why we Zimbabwean will never prosper. We are the ones who want freedom, jobs, better lives etc but we continue to pull each other down. The reason why we are all bitter is because of the way our country was being run for the past 13years or more and we have not managed to solve our issues because of one person. Munga tuke henyu Morgan asi the man has done a lot for the past 5years to help us have a better future. Mugabe has stolen this election and the fact is zvinorwadza tese including iwe urikutuka Morgan coz your life will continue to be hopeless for the next 5years.

ItBeatsme - 2 August 2013

http://www.iol.co.za/news/africa/video-biti-witnesses-vote-rigging-in-zim-1.1556516 For those who think this election was won legitimately, see the above link. Tisu tirikurwadziwa, tisu tiri kutengwa ne$10 shuwa shuwa and you blame Morgan for wanting to give us a better future?

ItBeatsme - 2 August 2013

Everyone who supported MDC from formation Knows that they came from labour and after wardsthey departed and started palying dirty politics dzavasingagoni , while Zanu Pf was pushing edigenisation campaign in the last four years MDC was waya wayaring vakatozomuka apovakanyora manifesto yavo . This game was worn long time ago in hearts of zimbabwean . THE BIGGEST RIGGING YAKAITWA NE ZANU PF was to win people's hearts ne INDIGENISATION ANDLAND REFORM PERIOD . ZVIMWE ZVESE KUROTA .

wisdom - 2 August 2013


dwala - 2 August 2013

Machinja munonyadzisa nyika shuwa. It was only yesterday pamaiita basa rekutuka vanhu pamwe naiye tsvangirayi kutuka mapurisa kuti vana ndini ndamubata and promised to deal with the chiefs soon after elections. Shuwa shuwa munhu anoda kuita president wenyika unoita magrudges nemavoters and expect the same people to vote for you. Even murwere wepfungwa chaiye haangamboiti zvakapusa kudaro. And as long as you regard rural people as second class citizens hamufe makaluma vakomana. Zvenyu zvekuti rigging izvi tinoziva muri vanhu vakaoma misoro vasingabvumi zvataurwa neruzhinji rwevanhu. Asi iye tsvangirayi wenyu munomboti upfumi hwenyika anohuwana kupi kana asinga tengesi nyika? Zvirinane nhamo itiwane tiri munyika medu tega ndiko kuti tidzidze kuzviitira zvedu not kungorelyer nedzimwe nyika up to when? Tsvangirayi is not a politician he was just imposed by the party owners knowing very well kuti haafunge wanoita zvawanoda naye. So please tsvangirayi dzidza kuaccepter zvinodiwa nevanhu wemunyika mako not kungoridza mhere isina maturo. Ko dayi uriwe vahwina vaizoti kudiyi kumaobservers? Ndakambokuyambirayi kuti Ishe Jesu panguva yawo yekupedzisira wakataura kuwadzidzi vawo vachiti zvapera. So ZVAPERA SAVE handeyi mberi nekuvaka nyika yekwedu.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 2 August 2013

Time is been wasted,People are thinking and becoming afraid..Intelligent comments from zanu to make people afraid.We know who is commentIing.The time is now Morgan.Its now.Make your move

garwe - 2 August 2013

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