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HARARE – The countdown has ended for the hour has arrived for the 6.4 million registered voters to give their verdict as to who the next President of the Republic of Zimbabwe will be.

It will take up to five days for the people of Zimbabwe and, indeed, the world to know the identity of the person.

The four presidential candidates include President Robert Mugabe, the incumbent who, at 89 years old, has given the other three candidates a run for their money.

Ordinarily, such an experienced politician and state actor would have run on his record but the last 33 years have convinced him that the people of Zimbabwe are so hungry for history lessons and finger pointing tactics that it is hardly necessary for one to stick to what matters to an uncertain future if he were re-elected.

Indeed, there are more than 3,2 million reasons why change is necessary in Zimbabwe.

What, therefore, is required today is that 3,2 million voters must indicate their preference for change by voting for one of the four candidates.

What we know is that three of the four presidential candidates are not in support of Mugabe.

We also know that about 94 percent voted in the referendum for presidential term limits.

In addition, we know that Mugabe’s ideology now termed Mugabeism is premised on using the State to remedy perceived historical economic injuries at a time when the country urgently needs a forward-leaning approach to solving the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

Mugabe has presided over a crumbling and failed State and it is easy to blame imperialists and neo-colonialists for the predicament that the people of Zimbabwe find themselves in but the reality is that the alternative to Mugabe need not be his clone but someone who trusts the ability and competence of the people to chat their own paths to a decent and prosperous life.

The four men who remain standing as candidates are each entitled to a single vote and, therefore, this is the only day that their standing in society will be the same as the weakest person in the value chain.

Apart from jumping the queue, we do not expect that these four men will have any better influence than their votes on the outcome.

Accordingly, the outcome of these elections depends in the main on the nameless and voiceless citizens who have been subjected to propaganda and empty slogans as a substitute for jobs and incomes.

It is easy to imagine a future that someone else shapes and defines but today is not a day of imagination and hallucinations.

Indeed, it is a decision day and unlike any other day where political actors pretend that they are in control of future outcomes, today the people must decide as they did in 1980 that the future can only belong to them and their dreams if they choose to break with a past that has caused so much pain and hopelessness.

Mugabe is the only one that has been the sole occupant of the house of the people and yet he still has to be convinced that 33 years is long enough.

Most people would be well aware that typical residential mortgages have a maximum life of 25 years and if the State House was a private residence by now he would have paid off the mortgage.

Three of the vice presidents died in office also hoping like the other three current presidential candidates of being a president in their lifetimes but regrettably because of a strange DNA that says only president Mugabe is the saviour they could not.

Life presidents need not subject themselves to electoral democracy for outcomes may be unpredictable as we have seen before in the Sadc region where presidents Kaunda and Banda were shown the red card by the people.

In the case of Mbeki versus Zuma power struggle, we all know who emerged as a winner in spite of acknowledged character and moral weaknesses.

Will Mugabe make it this time?  Having observed the campaigns by the four individuals, it is clear that the real contest is between the president and his prime minister.

We all know that they cannot work together and, if anything, the perceived failure of the inclusive government has a lot to do with the inability of the two elephants to work together.

If Mugabe were to win the election, there is no doubt that the majority of the people of Zimbabwe will feel cheated and also it will take time for the world to accept such an income.

There is no suggestion that Mugabe is a bad man but it is clear that a new type of politics is urgently required for Zimbabwe to move forward from a complicated past that includes the experiences of the last 33 years.

The people of Zvishavane and Mashava who depended on SMM also need a closure to the unacceptable condition that they find themselves in at a time when hypocrisy characterises the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme.

Zanu PF has campaigned on the basis that prosperity will be driven by indigenisation and economic empowerment.

However, it is common cause that no humanly engineered process will pass the objectivity and impartiality test with flying colours.

The voters will no doubt know that any lifestyle audit of Zanu PF actors including Mugabe will leave more questions than answers but such questions will never been addressed if Mugabe were re-elected.

I have also a story to tell about the role of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) in destroying SMM and more importantly that while we all were accused of externalisation, Gideon Gono was also a beneficiary.

Now turning to the job of the day, the next president will not be Mugabe. It will not be Dumiso Dabengwa and Welshman Ncube.

This leaves the prime minister as the only man standing after the storm not because his is some kind of a messiah but history and destiny has dictated this to be the case.

The “cross over” rally was just about one indication that the people of Zimbabwe are tired of empty promises and corruption disguised as some form of patriotism and nationalism.

It was clear from Mugabe’s campaign rhetoric that he continues to see corruption in partisan terms and, therefore, will remain for the next five years in true darkness as to the corrupt practices inflicted on the unsuspecting public by his trusted lieutenants.

The last 33 years have produced some absurd transactions in the name of the state but many people are afraid to express themselves openly regarding their distaste about how the revolution was betrayed by the very people who pretended to be its custodians and soldiers.

It only takes foreigners to expose the facts because the post-colonial experience has produced more fear than confidence among the citizens.

Fortunately, the ballot today provides an opportunity for the voters to openly by secretly express their withheld anger at how under president Mugabe’s watch their government has been converted into a casino.

By putting an X on the right name, the stolen future can easily be recovered and the power is in the hands of the voters.

Time for talking and sloganeering is over.  The hour that people have been waiting for has arrived.  It would be worthless to vote for anyone but one’s future.  Such a future can be secured by choosing from the menu that is already available.

It is easy to imagine ordering food that is not on the menu.  However, the judgment day was proclaimed as the last day of July and this ought to be the last supper for the Chief Magistrate if the voters do what the country calls for.

The future ultimately belongs to those who choose to act today.  The choice is clear and my vote remains an open secret. We all have to help rescue Mugabe from the prison that his colleagues have condemned him to. Such a prison characterised by state manipulated ignorance has to be closed with effect from today.

So  President, I presume is what we all will say after today for by acting today we will not need to make assumptions about the outcome of this vote.

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Its true that we tired of empty promises.It happened in Zambia and now the economy is booming.Zambians have since changed leadership three times since Kenneth Kaunda.We are stuck with the same trash since 1980.Looters who will go to great length to murder their own grandmother for power.Like Mutumwa has noted today is the day of the voter.Thevoter rules the roost.Lets get rid of Zanu pf.

Squarebasher - 31 July 2013

This is the positive attitude we need so pliz after elections when we would have won as the M,DC T we would welcome you as our minister of industry you a born industrialist come & help us build a new ZIMBABWE ,they took your companies but they failed to run them .THE countries that you quoted is the correct version of what is happening ,lets help this old goat to retire and go to CHINA were he gets his medicine.

CASHTALK - 31 July 2013

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