89 reasons why Mugabe must go

HARARE - Zimbabweans go to vote today in the first election since the violence-wracked polls five years ago, in a showdown between President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai with allegations of vote rigging marring the key ballot.

The tense elections are seen as a crucial test for Zimbabwe, with leaders vowing to avoid a repeat of the bloody 2008 post-poll violence in which over 200 MDC supporters were killed and observers repeatedly warning of the risk of renewed conflict.

A return to a protracted political crisis, and possibly extensive violence, is likely, as Zimbabwe holds inadequately prepared presidential, parliamentary and local elections today, the International Crisis Group has warned.

Conditions for a free and fair vote do not exist.

Confidence in the process and institutions is low. The voters’ roll is a shambles, the security sector remains unreformed and the state media is still grossly imbalanced.

The electoral commission is under-funded and lacked time to prepare. Concerns about rigging are pervasive, strongly disputed results highly likely.

Zimbabweans are casting ballots for a new president, parliamentarians, senators and councillors, with some 6.4 million registered voters and more than 9 700 polling stations.

Results are expected within five days, officials have said.

Both front-runners have said they are confident of winning the absolute majority needed to avoid a second round run-off vote.

But as the Daily News, we believe it’s time to retire the illustrious veteran who has given so much to the country — President Robert Mugabe. Below we list 60 reasons we believe Mugabe should lose today’s poll.

1. At 89, President Mugabe has by far passed the retirement age of 65 and should rest like any other old man of his age.

At nearly 90 he needs to spend time with his young children and also give advice to whoever wins the Presidency.

It was clear from the 10 rallies he addressed that Mugabe needs to rest and Zimbabweans should do him that favour today.

2. He inherited a “Jewel of Africa” and wrecked it through Marxist and Stone Age policies. The economy is now grounded.

3. The country is failing to feed its citizens and is importing food from neighbouring countries like Zambia.

4. He has refused to apologise for Gukurahundi atrocities where an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians lost their lives in the Midlands and Matabeleland regions.

5. Under Mugabe, there has been inadequate power generation resulting in rolling power outages.

6. Almost nine in every 10 Zimbabweans are unemployed in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and his party has no clue on  how to deal with unemployment which has hit the youths hardest.

Today, our graduates are employed at fast food outlets as cashiers and cooks.

7.  Mugabe has been stalked by repeated accusations of electoral fraud over the last four national elections and including today’s vote.

8. Under his rule, the country has been convulsed by unprecedented violence, while those who committed murder in the run up to the 2008 Presidential run-off are still free.

9. Notwithstanding the violence that has blighted the country, there has been blatant impunity in redressing the dark chapters.

10.  Mugabe has failed to invest in health delivery and he now shuns local facilities to seek specialist treatment outside the country.

Most Zimbabweans cannot afford to get treatment at hospitals and are dying at home.
11. His Zanu PF manifesto vilifies the ministry of Education for working with donors to revive the country’s education sector, which was devastated by his own economic mismanagement, albeit after investing in the sector in the early years of his rule.

12.  Mugabe is hell-bent on quickly reviving the Zimdollar which caused unprecedented hardships in the country.

13.  Under Mugabe’s rule, the family unit has been disintegrated as millions fled economic hardships to seek opportunities in the Diaspora.

He has also denied the Diasporans voting rights.

14.   Mugabe has ruled by fear, and uses laws like Posa and Aippa inherited from the racist Smith regime.

15.   He is fond of globetrotting despite the perilous state of the country’s finances.

16.   Mugabe has staunchly refused to open up the broadcast sector to new players and maintained a broadcast monopoly that has seen Zimbabweans resorting to foreign TV and radio channels.

17.   Under Mugabe, university grants have been scrapped and tertiary education is steadily deteriorating under the weight of under-funding.

18.   There has been no transparency in revenues being realised from minerals, pointedly diamonds.

19.   Corruption has become endemic under Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, with the country ranking 154 out of 182 under Transparency International’s corruption perception index.

20.  He has shut down four newspapers.

21.  There has been militarisation of Zimbabwe under the veteran ruler, with blurred lines between national institutions and political parties.

22.   Under Mugabe’s rule, local banks are charging high interest rates as much as 35 percent due to high political instability and risk.

23. Zimbabwe has one of highest unemployment rates of more than 80 percent due to company closures under his watch.

24. Mugabe’s policy inconsistencies have affected the country’s ability to attract investment.

25. The Zanu PF-driven indigenisation policy which requires foreign-owned firms to surrender a controlling 51 percent to locals has resulted in companies pulling out of the country, resulting in job losses and investors staying away.

26. Zimbabwe has resorted to the use of a multi-currency system after its Zimdollar currency became worthless due to poor economic policies.

27. Zimbabwe has gone into the record books after registering one of highest rates of inflation under a Mugabe government.

28. The country also printed one of the world’s highest denominations, worth less than a US dollar.

29. His government has destroyed agriculture, once the country’s biggest export earner and employer  after enforcing forced farm seizures.

30. Zimbabwe remains a net importer of South African products with a trade deficit of $3,53 million after it imported goods worth $3,207 billion against exports of $2,674 billion in 2012.

31. Under Mugabe, over $7,4 billion generated by the country’s small to medium enterprises last year, is still to find its way into the formal banking system due to risk concerns.

32. Under Mugabe, the legislature has expanded at an alarming rate, with the 8th Parliament set to have a bloated Parliament of 400 sitting MPs from the current 210 who will be paid at the taxpayers’ expense.

33. Mugabe has failed to bring to book legislators who abused the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) which was meant to develop constituencies.

34. Under his watch, Zanu PF MPs that were not attending Parliament including Jonathan Moyo and Webster Shamu were never reprimanded.

35. Mugabe does not respect the doctrine of separation of powers by arms of government as the executive continued overriding other arms of the State such as the judiciary and the legislature.

36. Because of the repressive environment imposed on the country by Mugabe, Zimbabwean music legends such as Thomas Mapfumo were forced into exile.

37. There has been paranoid censorship, with songs perceived to be against Mugabe’s party denied airplay by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

38. Under Mugabe, the poor economic environment has made once-popular musicians paupers and has forced many other musicians to quit music for other ventures.

39. In sport, Mugabe’s contempt for games means this important sector of life has been heavily underfunded for the three decades he has been in power.

40. Mugabe is impervious to new ideas.

41. He is not forward-looking and spends time harping about the liberation struggle and not charting a new direction for the country.

42. Under his rule, there has been systematic breakdown of the rule of law.

43. There has been a purge of the judiciary and installation of pliant judges on the bench.

44. He has failed to deal with selective application of the law by police and judicial officers.

45. Under Mugabe, uncollected garbage is contaminating cities across the country.

46. Under Mugabe the rail system has collapsed and mothballed with apparently no plan to revive this crucial and cheap travel mode.

47. The road infrastructure is littered with potholes, suffering neglect.

48. There is widespread prostitution because of lack of economic opportunities.

49. The whole citizenry has been turned into vendors and dealers because of lack of opportunities.

50. Under Mugabe, the economy has failed to produce star businesspersons and those who have succeeded have been hounded out of the country.

51. There was systematic collapse of recreational facilities under Mugabe’s 33-year rule, from swimming pools in the townships!

52. Mugabe lost the 2008 elections and used violence to retain power, and for that he must lose.

53. Under Mugabe, Zimbabwe was booted out of the Commonwealth.

54. He presided over shortages of basics like salt, sugar and mealie-meal among others.

55. Under Mugabe, there are many unresolved mysterious deaths like that of Rashiwe Guzha, Sydney Malunga and others.

56. Mugabe has neglected the war veterans who brought independence to this country. He has rarely if any, met with war veterans as an association.

57. Mugabe needs to rest and write books about his life and struggles.

58. Under Mugabe, thousands of people lost their pensions which they will not recover.

59. He is causing unnecessary tension with big neighbour South Africa.

60. It is through Mugabe’s human rights’ violations which forced the Western countries to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The others which take us to 89 are: destruction of Zesa, NRZ, Air Zimbabwe, Arda, Caaz, PTC, CMED, Zupco, DDF,  Shabanie/Mashaba Mines, Zimalloys, banking sector, sport, social fabric, faith in government, general entertainment, small businesses, transport infrastructure, tourism, bread basket status, well being of the people, local currency, transparency in government and water supplies to urban areas.

The last four reasons are Mugabe’s failures to: complete the Zambezi Water Project, Kunzvi Dam, fully utilise the Beira/Harare pipeline and dualise the country’s roads which have become death traps.

Comments (20)

Well said. Let's sympathise with the old and give this limping donkey a red card. What new ideas can he come up with which he couldn't utilise over the past 33 years. Let's all be patient ant rent our old limping donkey

Victory - 31 July 2013

That's an apt description of a failed leader, failed state and a failed politician

Chemudondo - 31 July 2013

Umm mdara akura uyu . Please rescue him so that he can go nurse his legs. Please ma zanu nzwirai tsitsi mdara wenyu.

James Gwaza - 31 July 2013

Pliz give the old horse one more time to sort out his mercy and legacy, we know it but African custom demands that we respect elders, pliz

bepa revanhu - 31 July 2013

Tarisa makumbo kuzvimba asi hukuru achirikuhuda. Murume anorwara uyu. Power crazy. KO KUNOZORORA ZVINEYI? Uyu achaenda ne nyika muguva.

Eme - 31 July 2013

Igwara, kutya mhosva dzokuponda vanavevhu kwakaita. Kepiri, JOMIC yakamufasa, he is a prisoner of the military and CIO. This guy is a real coward, he should be man enough to stand up to his own military and intelligence agency but he has no balls to do so. He is a sick old man who should be playing with his grand children and taking long walks in our once beautiful parks but can he ever do it? Never ever, never, he is a prisoner of his own making, scared of his own people, what a coward.

bingo wajakata - 31 July 2013

tomuda zvakadaro ,bhora mugedhi comrades

MWANA WEVHU - 31 July 2013

dai pasina tsvangirai ,nyika ino yakanaka dai Mwari vakurumbidza kutora tsvangirai nekuti akafanana nedororo rehukun rinowira muchikafu chakanaka rotadzisa kudya chikafu , ngochani go to hell and rot there

ZIMBO - 31 July 2013

achatonga kusvika mabhunu arutsa chitaka viva president Mugabe

ivhu - 31 July 2013

Not much one can add, other then to say the article is absolutely correct..

Sandy Liddell - 31 July 2013

Surely how can we entrust our live to a 90 year old man. I wonder what these Zanu people are thinking. Even in the ballot paper the photo for Mugabe is one for the 80s which shows that he even knows and is ashamed of his age.

True Patriot - 31 July 2013

He has refused to apologise for Gukurahundi atrocities where an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians lost their lives in the Midlands and Matabeleland regions and almost nine in every 10 Zimbabweans are unemployed in Mugabe's Zimbabwe and his party has no clue on how to deal with unemployment which has hit the youths hardest. These are very sensitive guys, someone has to answer these....

Kauchy - 31 July 2013

@ 89 Robert Mugabe has no grandchildren (haana vazukuru) to play with, its such a shame.

reuben - 1 August 2013

Your article is not, to quote one of the readers above, "absolutely correct". There are two factual errors: (a) AIPPA and POSA were crafted by Jonathan Moyo, while a member of the ZANU government prior to 2009. (b) The president met with war vets in 1997, and agreed to give each one a ZW$50 000.00 payment. They also benefitted from the Disabilities Fund set up soon after Independence.

dr doowop - 1 August 2013

Guyslet us leave these Zanupf pigs , its our time to celebrate the resounding victory .Mugabe & his cronies are gone for lets build our motherland which was destroyed by these devils ,thieves ,murderers ,l will never forgive then &l hate them they should face the consequences of their grevious action on innocent souls

eriah - 1 August 2013

Even now we are driving on Rhodesian roads. Imagine most of them were constructed more than fifty years ago. The road to our diamond mine is still dust road and ZANU is saying we care for you... that's stupid. The British are better than the Chinese. The Chinese only want the minerals for the development of there country not African states.

Gunman - 1 August 2013

only one crucial reason why Mugabe must stay- There is no better candidate than him. We have no option except to bring him back until we have a non idiotic opposition.

reason - 1 August 2013

bhora mugedhi, pple shld not just say zanu pf has failed without putting on the table what mdc is proposing. Makapusa stereki vanhu imimi, we are suffering coz on sanctions akaiswa naTsvangirai

inini - 1 August 2013

Three quarters of the 89 reasons are a result of sunction the MDC asked for. Tirikuda kuona kuti kana maaimi murikutonga muchasiya here ever tom, dick, susan and morgan, vachitura zvavanoda, things that can threaten the secturity and stabilty of this country that you claim to love so much. Tirikuda kuona kuti are you not going to kill to protect your president and your puppet polititians in power. POWER IS SWEET lets wait until matonga, then you can judge the old man and supporters.

neutral - 1 August 2013

Before mavotes akaundwa hanzi Zanu yanga ichimwa champagne ichiti yarova MDC. Vamwe veZanu vari overzelous vakato poster pa Twitter. Ukaona panonzi naMugabe kana akaruza haarambe kubva pachigaro nenharo dzake, wobva waziva kuti he is 100% kuti Rigging yabata basa. Question ndeyekuti vazviziva sei kuti vahwina even mavotes asati verengwa. Vanga vazviziva kuti RIGGING machine yanga yashanda OVERTIME. Chasara EGPTIAN REVOLT style , three million match ku State house. Kana vakapfura vanhu , mbumburu yacho inopa chete, kusiri kufa ndekupi? Vakatanga kufpura vanhu at least the world will come to our side like Libya, i think world iri kumirira kuti titange then wobva vapindira tosunungurwa zvakaitwa Libya. 94 % unemployment, no clean water in Harare, no electricity, no health system, no basic human needs. Kusiri kufa ndekupi? Achaitonga sei Zimba yacho, achiziva kuti 12 million yemaZimba haimuda , only 500 thousand yema relatives ndiyo yake, kutonga ne ginya chaiko.

Snuuga - 2 August 2013

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