MDC holds final rally ahead of Zim polls

HARARE - Thousands descended on "Freedom Square" in central Harare on Monday for the MDC's final rally ahead of Wednesday's general elections.

Supporters, dressed in the party colours of red, met for what leaders were ambitiously calling a "cross-over rally" where Zimbabweans could meet the man who could become the country's new president.

Chanting and singing "Bob must go", in reference to President Robert Mugabe, supporters sat in the open field waiting for party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, the country's prime minister, to arrive and address them.

Wednesday's elections will see Zimbabwe elect a new government and parliament following a five-year coalition government mainly made up of Mugabe's Zanu-PF and Tsvangirai's MDC parties.

The rally on Monday was initially banned by the government but was then ruled legal after the MDC filed an urgent application with the High Court.

Mugabe on Sunday warned Tsvangirai against announcing himself as winner of the polls until the results come out, threatening to arrest him if he declared victory before the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) announce the results.

Almost 6,5 million Zimbabweans are eligible to vote.

According to the ZEC, 91 percent have registered though this number has already been disputed.

The MDC have alleged that the elections have already been rigged and will neither be free nor fair.

Almost 6,000 local and 600 foreign monitors will observe the electoral proceedings. The observers come from African countries, as Western monitors have been banned from the process.

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If the picture above is anything to go by the Morgan is up for a wake up call,Uchademba chawakakwirira vana vevanhu mahara mubhara uye kusapota chingochani,this man is shallow minded,silly,idiotic,stupid and the waste of us as Zimbabweans.

TSVANGIRAI - 29 July 2013

How will so few (less than 600) AU and SADC observers monitor more than 9000 polling stations. SADC and the AU will NOT have the authority to declare the elections free and fair.

African Warrior - 29 July 2013

Iwe unozviti Tsvangirai, you should not use such hate language. If you do not like the man do not use hate language. Pictures can be deceitful. Remember these people are there willfully and not force-marched as we have seen at most ZPF rallies.

charles charingeno - 29 July 2013

This is a photo of people arriving early in the morning. Get the latest photos, they are just amazing. Tsvangirai tonga hako isu veZanu taikonewa nyika iyi. Ungajiki Tsvangirai!!

Mugabe - 29 July 2013

Charingeno my brother wait for this shallow minded idoit to win ''if God we save allows it'' and see kuti iwewe i mean iwewe kuti kuchakwirwa sei nevarume ivavo,ingochani idzi kkkkkkkkk

TSVANGIRAI - 29 July 2013

pliz mr editor tiisireiwo latest picture tese tapfura nepo jus now and yo picture is far form whats on the ground musaitewo kunge zbc

bravo - 29 July 2013

Why is it called "Freedom Square"? Freedom from what? ZanuPF? Zimbabwe is one country which is not free. Black people were much better off in Rhodesia that's for sure. A million miles better off. Freedom in Africa is a myth. Dictatorship replaced the much prosperous colonialism.

Eme - 29 July 2013

God comes nowhere between world politics, please be guided accordingly. The issue of ngochani has been always ZPF's campaign tool an attempt to besmirch as much as they can Tsvangirai. ZPF and its leader have never attacked they own(Welshman Ncube) or any other party or person except the MDC-T because they are the main challenge. They are afraid of Tsvangirai for sure because he is the formidable opponent, a fact that has been accepted by even one of Mugabe's sisters. Remember Tsvangirai first consulted workers on the formation of the party, that is why he has the backing and you ZPF like Cain of the Bible you hate Abel to the extend that you feel he should die. Shameless party of thugs and crooks and daylight murderers!!!

charles charingeno - 29 July 2013

Iwe unozviti Tsvangirai unotorwara nepfungwa. Saka unoti tinovhotera kukwirana kwevanhu here isu. All your Zanu Politicians varikukwira vana everywhere but just coz havana anovateverera hazvitaurwe. Urimurwere just go and do your talking in the Ballot box

Mugabe - 29 July 2013

Zimbabwe: I was given a message from the Lord written on a paper in a vision. The Lord was saying that he has completely set free Zimbabwe from oppressive leadership; it is already done and that we should sound the alarm! What should our response be? To declare it in prayer and thank God for it even before we see it. God first works in the spirit and then later things manifest in the natural. I saw a new flag rise in Zimbabwe this year; there is a new power rising in the country in the political-governmental arena that will begin to change the face of the nation. 2013 Prophetic Report

chokwadi - 29 July 2013

please lets be civilized. lets talk through the BALLOT BOX, there is no need for harsh languages and kutukana. What we want is freedom from poverty, corruption, hunger, lack of drugs, lack of jobs.

JS - 29 July 2013

Ngochani ndidzo dzange dzichitonga nyika ino asi kuti dzange dzisingade kukundwa nedzimwe ngochani sak vaktanga hondo, hausati wambonzwa hure richituka vamwe vakadzi unonzwa richiti zihure remunhu yet iro riri hure remakoko. Ngochani dzemakoko dziri mu ZanuPf ndidzo dzinotaurisa sitereki. Anyway gays have never been an issue in Zimbabwe, bad govenance has been and it lies squarely on ZanuPF. Dn't put gold chains in a pig sty.

maita - 29 July 2013

That idiot with the first post calling himself Tsvangirai is just a day dreamer......bvunza isu tangatiriko kwete zvako zvekurota uchiba mari yemaDiamonds........We have already crossed over............Bye Zanu Pf

Joseph Chinotimba - 29 July 2013

Guys lets be factual,fist Morgan defended homosexuality on BBC and as if its not enough Magaisa Alex defended it on ZBC in a discussion with Oscar Pambuka just last week.As much as I might need change this one is just not an option,the man is just dull,shallow minded,silly clueless and intellectually broke period

TSVANGIRAI - 29 July 2013


MAMA KADZAMIRA - 29 July 2013

Uyo anozviti Tsvangirai haanyarare. actually that picture was when pple were arriving,i was us to see that these are not bused supporters. if you check the other pictures you will see how the freedom square was packed

taona - 29 July 2013

some are there to witness how the puppet looks like and to get red T-Shirts....the majority there are not registered people to vote on the 31/07/2013..come election day..we will some puppets crying...calling for a re-count....the chorus will-be elections are rigged.....

silungisani ndlovu - 29 July 2013

tapinda tapinda hameno iwe unozviti tsvangirai. Tday was indeed the cross over day. cme 31 jul, zimbos shall truly liberate themselves thru the ballot.

thomas - 29 July 2013

I do not see how someone will focus on gay rights nekutambura kurimunyika. Please read the MDC manifesto, there is nothing about gay rights in teh first 100days. ZANU PF has nothing to say so they are now refering to this divisive human rights issue. We said in COPAC that the constitution will not be amended in 10 years, so how can we change the gay rights thing?

zeno - 29 July 2013

What do you make of a star rally at Stanley Square, of all the places, guys? Indab' itshekile, njalo izahlal'itshekile.

N.Sithole - 29 July 2013

Judging from comment here, vanhu veZanu vagwadziwa chose nechaunga icho. All sorts of excuses "vamwe vauya for T shirts..blah blah blah". Zvanyonya. Considering Chombo tried to buy these voters by overwriting water bills etc, seems it has not quite worked.

Sparky - 29 July 2013

munomama chete gore rino nyangwe mukati ngochnai this ngochani that its prophetic Morgan ari kuzotonga .Save pastate house

papa - 29 July 2013

The author by the name of Zeno... vagona; vabaya dede nemukanwa.

RT Murehwa - 29 July 2013

Ngochani, ngonchani....dzinombouya dzichirara mumba memumwe munhu? Tibvireipo! Is that the most important issue in Zimbabwe right now? Pane kutambura kwaita vanhu, mvura, magetsi, mabasa, drugs.

Sparky - 29 July 2013

I wonder this person calling himself Tsvangirai if he himself normal,manga majaira kudya zvamahara....manje mava kudzokera kwazvimba kunoteya mbeva.

CHAIRMAN - 29 July 2013

I sometimes wonder about comments made here but individuals who want to lecture others. Is homosexuality the biggest issue that need consideration in this election? If your answer is yes, then great for you. But if you think the economy, employment, health care infrastructure rebuilding and education are of concern, then surely you can not be bothered by individuals whose love life will have no effect on whether or not you eat or starve. Mugabe wants to focus on insults, homosexuality and blaming whites and MDC, because his record as a leader is dismal at best, and treasonous at worst

Tino - 29 July 2013

89 years old.... that is the age of the guy who wants another six years of the presidency. My 81 year old father is long retired, hard of hearing, almost senile and can not be bothered by the stresses of day to day life. Mugabe says he feels young, it does not matter how good your genes or health are (that's being generous given his trips abroad and the statements he has made in recent years), human biology tells us that its a futile exercise to grant such an individual power to run an economy that is on life-support pun intended. Why can't he allow someone even within his own party to take over? Could it be grandiosity? narcissism? or pure disregard for the welfare of all else except self preservation... My verdict is all of the above. Fire Mugabe and let others take over. In a fair election where all people in Zim are free and unafraid to vote their conscience, I will bet my money on a monkey/donkey over RGM

Tino - 29 July 2013

Handivhotere munhu anokotsira achjitaura ini. Harahwa kumusha. Nyika haingatongwe 38 years nemunhu ane jendekufa isu tinawo ano fire tiri tii .

Kudubu Dhii - 29 July 2013

Munotaura zvechingochani ko chihure zvachisingatenderwi hachiko here. wake up zimbos we need bread and butter isues.

Asijiki - 29 July 2013

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church - to which Mugabe belongs - has said to day he will not condemn gay people and that they should be integrated into society. Mugabe used to attack other churches, eg the Anglican Church. Zvino vachatii kudii zvino vaMugabe?

sparky - 29 July 2013

I, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the son of Bona, have enjoyed the opportunity of serving this great nation for the last 33 years. For sins of ommission and commission, I ask for your forgiveness. Today, as I retire with dignity and satisfaction after successful completion of the Third Chimurenga, I say good bye to a great nation. As Madiba spent his retirement life in Qunu, I will spend mine in Zvimba. Please don't call me, I will call you. To Morgan Tsvangirai, my message is simple, ndakaita pangu, iwe chiitavo pako! I call upon every Zimbabwean to rally behind our new leader. Let bygones be bygones. Pamberi nekubatana!

Mahofa - 29 July 2013

truth be was the people who overthrew was the people who liberated zim...and mugabe has said it many times that if the people say i should go...then he will go. The people and the military are not one because the military serves the people and not the other way round. so to sum it up, WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT REPLUBLIC DO HEREBY ASK YOU, YOUR EXCELLECENCY, to let us choose a new leader. If we see recolonisation happening, we will gladly lay our lives for this country. and as a word of advice, blair is not on the voter's role, so can you let us just decide for ourselves.

robson sharuko - 30 July 2013

Well said Robson Sharuko, people have the final say, not the leader, not the army or whoever. We need welfare for future generations not issues about how our country came always. We have heard that kudhara, lets have bread and butter on our table, chimurenga hachigutise neither does it pay school fees.

Kauchy - 30 July 2013

The winds of change are truely blowing and nothing can stop this. The feeling now is like in 1980 when Zimbabwean came out in their numbers to support his Excelence Cde RG Mugabe who won overwhelmingly...this time people will vote overwhelmingly to replace this tired government. I have since been appointed the diplomatic reporter for the new government an i promise His Excellence Dr R M Tsvangirai that i will be loyal to them the same way as i was to the ZPF gvt. Reporting from Freedom square, i am Rueben Barwe. Welcome to the New Zimbabwe.

Rueben Barwe - 30 July 2013

Ko Zi FM kutoti Ziii zvavo. They lived up to their true colors and name Ziii. Kutokundwa naHappison or is it soon to be Saddison's used to be one and only choice. Balanced reporting please or we also dump you. Democracy is such that each one should support who they want but as a radio station make an effort to appear to make an effort even though we know who you really are.

MuZanu Chaiye - 30 July 2013

Imi munongorotomoka nenyaya yekufunda makasvika payi? inga mungori maGrade 1 mese wani. thats a Zimbo disease. Imi kana JC chaiyo hamuna

maxwell kanyoka - 30 July 2013

Imi munongorotomoka nenyaya yekufunda makasvika payi? inga mungori maGrade 1 mese wani. thats a Zimbo disease. Imi kana JC chaiyo hamuna

maxwell kanyoka - 30 July 2013


GUMBOREHOHWA - 30 July 2013

Tthis insane monkey calling himself tsvangirai is a bastard.unoramba reality yakawonekwa nenyika yose?thats why even zanu tv could not even screen that rally.they were shocked by the crowd that was not forced to attend.ngochani ndibaba vako and mugabe akafirwa just like tsvangirai.unorwadziwa nei as if ndiwe wakakwirwa?vangani varikukwirwa nana chiyangwa everyday?tinovafumura.lastly,tomorrow we are going to vote not to conduct a census yekukwirana.iwe hausi kukwira mazuva ese?idiotic monkey.

gulaz - 30 July 2013

hapana zviripo apa. Kuwunganirwa netuvatengesi tusina kuregister ndiko kuwinner here. Wait for the shocker. kikikiki

Wellie WaTaru - 30 July 2013

we don't leave in the past. matakadya kare haanyaradze mwana. to all zanu pf the change is now on your door steps. you can't resist the wave of change whether or not you like it

splendour - 30 July 2013

Chero mukatuka chero mukataura zvakadini chero mukati makawanda nekuda kwerally yanezuro hazvichinjisi chinhu. Just wait for tomorrow. Zuva remasimba evanhu kwete rekutengeswa kwemasimba evanhu. Machimbidza-machimbidza-machimbidza kumedza kutsenga,,, Vakapambe nyika machimbidza kumedzaaa kutsengaaa muchakudaaaaa!!!!! ICHO!!!

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 30 July 2013

Chero mukatuka chero mukataura zvakadini chero mukati makawanda nekuda kwerally yanezuro hazvichinjisi chinhu. Just wait for tomorrow. Zuva remasimba evanhu kwete rekutengeswa kwemasimba evanhu. Machimbidza-machimbidza-machimbidza kumedza kutsenga,,, Vakapambe nyika machimbidza kumedzaaa kutsengaaa muchakudaaaaa!!!!! ICHO!!!

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 30 July 2013

Chero mukatuka chero mukataura zvakadini chero mukati makawanda nekuda kwerally yanezuro hazvichinjisi chinhu. Just wait for tomorrow. Zuva remasimba evanhu kwete rekutengeswa kwemasimba evanhu. Machimbidza-machimbidza-machimbidza kumedza kutsenga,,, Vakapambe nyika machimbidza kumedzaaa kutsengaaa muchakudaaaaa!!!!! ICHO!!!

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 30 July 2013

If we take people who attended Zanu's rally on Saturday onto that open space panozarisa pakatsemuka. Its an issue of illussions caused by the red color and the fact that people were all on the ground not on terraces as in a stadium. Remember this has been an MDC strong hold so who actuallly did better was zanu pf.

counselor T - 30 July 2013

Vana veZimbabwe, dzidzai chidzidzo ichi: So many of you have been quoting Chingochani bla bla bla, the fact of the matter is God said as it was in the Days of Soddom ... So we cannot change the word of God. Whether Bob wins or Morgan, the winner will eventually compromise on chingochani because iShoko ramwari.

Dereek - 30 July 2013

Let's us just go and vote peacefully. Let us remember that at the end of the day what matters is Zimbabwe. Leaders may change but let us ensure that Zimbabwe LIVES ON. Whoever will win .. Please remember that we have hopes for a better & brighter future. Whoever will lose ... Please remember to rise up above politics and own up ... Tanzwa ne uncertainty ... God Bless ZIMBABWE.

Dereek - 30 July 2013

it is unfortunate the Chinese ambassador acknowledged the zimbabwean economy improved under the present inclusive govt but ZANU PF is saying otherwise

diva - 31 July 2013

lets go and vote for bread and butter. in as much as we need our history we can not live in history. we need jobs, health, infrastructure and revolutionary slogans. ZANU PF has failed us and robbed us 33 years. time is not renewable. we live once, this is the time

diva - 31 July 2013

Tinoziva Vana vevanhu varimuZanu Pf ngochani huru muno mujoni. kana mukataurisa tichataura mazita avo munyarare. saka tiregei tinyarare. nemiwo muchinyarara. musatitanga tinodura zvose.

Danga Remombe - 31 July 2013

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