Mugabe threatens Tsvangirai with arrest

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe on Sunday warned Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai against prematurely announcing election results saying he risked being arrested for breaking the law.

“In the whole of Africa, I have never heard of a prime minister who has threatened to break the law, but that happens when people have limited knowledge,” the Zanu PF leader told thousands of party supporters at a star rally at the National Sports Stadium.

“You are saying you are going to announce the election results. Who are you? The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has the mandate to announce the results. We say that is the law. We must all obey the law,” he said.

Tsvangirai last week threatened to conduct a parallel voter tabulation from results posted outside the 9 000-plus polling stations and ?announce the results if Zec fails to announce the results in five days.

Tsvangirai told thousands of his party supporters at the Domboshawa Showgrounds: “Tinoma announcer maresults. Kana vachida kusunga, vanosunga ani? Vamwe tinenge tava mapresident (We will announce the results. Who will they arrest, some of us will be the president by then),” he said.

Under Section 66 (a) of the Electoral Act, only the chief elections officer is empowered to announce the election results.

First Lady Grace Mugabe also told the same rally that Tsvangirai needs prayers.

“Tsvangirai is now mad,” she said. “Every time he opens his mouth, he says silly things. It is because he knows he is going to lose this election.”

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This election looks like some bizarre game, not a serious national event. How can a serious ZEC tell us they will announce the list of polling stations on the polling day? Are they serious? Are they not ashamed to tell that to the nation? People need to know way in advance where they will go to cast their vote. I suspect the idea of keeping the polling stations secret is to ensure that voters will go to the wrong places and fail to vote after being denied to vote in the wrong place. Why can't Sadc and AU do something about this messy situation if they want to be considered as credible and reliable observers?

Chenjerai Hove - 28 July 2013

Mugabe should have been arrested the last time around for withholding the elections results. He should also be arrested for the thousands of murders that he ordered, He and his prostitute should be arrested for the 39 farms that they have stolen. Mugabe - the ultimate hypocrite.

Madulla - 28 July 2013


CONCERNED VOTER - 29 July 2013

AU and SADC want Robert to win because their silence about the chaos happening is defeaning

churimumusakasas - 29 July 2013

Mugabe is going to rig elections because he can never win if the playing field is level thats why he is threatening Morgan

Chimuti - 29 July 2013

Tinoaona akapinwa pa ma polling stations go are unganidza tozvitaura because iye akapedza mwedzi achidoctor ma votes edu avekuda kusunga Morgan. Anomusunga aripi iye anenge adyiwa hake.

maita - 29 July 2013

Ukabvuma kutyisidzirwa unofa uchityisidzirwa. Saka every election munenge muchibvuma kutinwa kundovhota, kumarally kundotambira vatungamiri muchingotinwa, its time to tell them you have your freedom yamakapihwa na Mwari pachake and nobody should take it away.

wamaromo - 29 July 2013

This election is going to be the most stupid election ever and i think the whole world should come to our rescue if they are to avoid chaos in this country. Look so many glaring wrongs are being done right in front of these observers. Really can we have a credible election?

maita - 29 July 2013

PART 1 Listen, Tererai, Lalelani Folks !!! I bring you good tidings!!! History will recall that During the 1980 Elections the bespectaculed Muzorewa had all the State Machinery at his disposal , But What Happened? Need I go further - the rest is history. Rally Attendance Figures count for nothing here as Bussing of supporters/Shops closure /Regalia issuance is an open secret for all too see and this is not something new in just this Election. If you check the announcement of their Star rallies inevitably they have got to mention about the performing musicians/artists so we don't know who will be the major attraction actually at these rallies . Hapana apa. They are not the Real Deal at the moment. Musatombokwata churu chakapinda nyoka . Forced Rally attendance figures really count for nothing it is the BALLOT box that counts come 31 July. Test case in point is the White city Zanu PF attendance which really belies the genuine numbers who are going to vote for them, if at all from such a crowd. PATHETIC , it never ceases to amaze how the Veteran leader failed to fill up the National Sports Stadium much to his chagrin and shame a feat regularly accomplished with consumate ease by men of cloth. I suppose Gwanzura Stadium would have been a more appropriate venue , all the same it was a noble FAREWELL. GOOD BYE BOB! NOMORE UNTOLD SUFFERING AT YOUR HANDS AND REGIME.

Richard Kwetu - 29 July 2013

PART 2 So hear it from yours truly the same goes for all the other provinces except for maybe just 3 out of 10 at most according to statistics on the ground. We should actually thank the attending crowds for giving RGM a dignified FAREWELL something that's cool for his 33yr troubles. So lets turn out in bits and droves and give MDC-T a thunderous vote as we usher in a NEW GOVERNMENT this Wednesday. Always remember the Pen is mightier than the Sword. The Kenyan Election model will not work in Zimbabwe given that Mwai Kibaki did not participate unlike in our scenario where the Ageing leader still dared to do so (the Achilles Heel) contrary to the wishful thinking expressed by some of our naïve Analysts some time back. Why would we want to leave matters to Egypt style when the ball is constitutionally and lawfully in our courts come 31st July. Lets make the best of this glorious opportunity-Fortune knocks at our door once , its now or never. Don't say I didn't warn you , forewarned is for armed beautiful Zimbabweans, you deserve better . Reclaim your International Dignity and not continue to be laughing stock So as MDC-T Supporters, Sympathizers, Progressive people craving for Change, come 31 July Lets turn out in our obvious millions yet again once and for all in order to: a)SETTLE OUR LONG STANDING SCORE IN THE BALLOT BOX FOLKS. b)TONOGADZIRISA MUBHOKISI VANHUWE. c)HAMBA LUNGISANI EBHOKISINI MADODA.

Richard Kwetu - 29 July 2013

Truely Morgan is now insane what on earth does he think that he will announce results.We can not have a leader who acts like a made person.Bhora Mugedhi

Runako Shona - 29 July 2013

He must arrest his cancer first.

Oliver wekwa mutare - 29 July 2013

I captured Mugabe's last moments(on ztv) when he was waving at the crowd as he left the national sports stadium yesterday. This will be a very valuable video.

magame - 29 July 2013

A Zanu pf free Zimbabwe begins with you, VOTE MDC-T on JULY 31.Phone home (kumusha) izvezvi and pass on this message. Lets finish it all this time!!

Mupfana weBikini - 29 July 2013

Mugabe has stolen our Victory for the past times. It is time he should go peacefully. As a President we know the Best things he had Done, We Salute Him, Let him rest.

Noel - 29 July 2013

Grace is not relevant has never been relevant will never be like Michelle Obama, will never be like Sally mugabe all that crap coming from her mouth, she must go back to school! ZEC is a joke. We need results as they come in not in six weeks time! Thats Prime minister's point that they need to announce the results from each polling stations as they are finished to be counted period not six weeks.

obama4eva - 29 July 2013

If Mugabe loses the polls , he should accept defeat gracefully and if he loses the polls it does not mean that he is a coward, it means that he is a man who is worth of great respect from Zimbabweans. If he bows out of power gracefully , we will all take him on our shoulders and praise him, not mock him, we will praise him for the man he is, we will praise him for freeing us from white rule , we will praise him because he is father who freed us from white rule, let us not forget him who freed us from white rule. Let us give him honour at all times and respect him at all times even if he loses the polls. He is a father to all of us, we will let bygones be bygones. If Mugabe bows down gracefully from power and let Tsvangirayi wins, we will praise Mugabe and not mock him , we will hold him high above our shoulders and praise him for being good when he faces defeat and we will protect him from harm and we will ululate in loud voices of praise and respect for him for sure, and we will not mock him. If he bows down from power gracefully , we want him to stand tall amongst us and we will sing songs of praise for him for being a real man who bowed down from power like a man. We will honour him and give him a high place in all our gatherings in the future. We definitely will not mock him, it will be a silly and childish thing to mock him, so people must keep a high place of honour for Mugabe and his followers , and not mock them if they lose polls. Mugabe has a huge place of honour in Zimbabwe and let us keep it that way for the rest of his life, he is our father and fathers will always be respected in human societies even if they lose elections!!!

Elmisimow - 29 July 2013

Tsvangirai rantings about the rigging of elections and his felonious Intention that he will announce the election results at the polling stations and invite arrest should be seen for what they are: A PRELUDE FOR HIM TO REFUSE TO ACCEPT DEFEAT. HE IS BANKING ON THE WEST SUPPORTING HIM. THOSE WHO HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS AND THE WELFARE OF ZIMBABWEANS SHOULD ADVISE TSVANGIRAI TO ABIDE BY THE LAW AS PER THE CONSTITUTION AS HE WILL BE ARRESTED IF HE BREAKS THE LAW WETHER MUGABE OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER SAYS SO.

Rabison Nyundo - 29 July 2013

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