Zanu PF forces people to rally

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF yesterday forced thousands of people to attend their rally in Mutare where their 89-year-old presidential candidate once again resorted to history lectures.

State-run bus firm Zupco and a lorry drop off Manicaland residents for President Robert Mugabe's rally in Mutare yesterday. Pic: Bernard Chiketo

Sedans, open trucks, omnibuses, lorries, buses and haulage trucks hauled in Zanu PF supporters from across the province while some locals were driven to attend fearing victimisation.

The Mupedzanhamo Flea Market in the city was largely empty after stall holders were commandeered to the rally.

Vehicles used to bus in people were strewn along Chimanimani Road and jammed the Mutare Grain Marketing Board turn-off, littering its grounds as they offloaded their precious cargo to beef people to Mugabe’s star rally at Mutare Aerodrome.

In an address to tens of thousands, Mugabe said Manicaland played a crucial role in the liberation struggle, and said he hoped the province will not ditch him again in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

In the 2008 elections, Zanu PF won a paltry six parliamentary seats out of the 26 in the province.

Mugabe invoked the names of the late Herbert Chitepo and Chief Rekai Tangwena saying they were instrumental in the establishment of ‘Dare reChimurenga’ together with Chief Tangwena’s wife, whom he said was a spirit medium who advised the chief to accompany him and the late Edgar Tekere to Mozambique to spearhead the liberation struggle just after he was released from jail.

“As we were in jail, we instructed Chitepo to form Dare reChimurenga, Mugabe said.

“Many children who crossed the border to join the liberation struggle came from here and many of them lost their lives in the struggle. Most of the people who died in the struggle were also from here… but what happened in 2008? Did you forget Chitepo,” Mugabe said to muffled laughter from the crowd.

Mugabe had the crowd crackling in laughter as he went on to query if Manicaland enjoyed the “enemy’s bread” so much that they forgot the sacrifices they made in the liberation struggle.

He even asked the crowd what improvements the MDC had brought to the province.

“We erred, it happens,” Mugabe said.

He however, said his party would “never” allow “zvimbwasungata” or running dogs to rule “my Zimbabwe” just after a lecture on how the MDC was formed by the British Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties and assisted with funding from the Westminister Foundation to dethrone Zanu PF, an allegation strenuously denied by the MDC.

This, Mugabe said, was common knowledge as “the British would brag about it, that Mugabe and (the late Joshua) Nkomo would see it.”

He said at the formation of the inclusive government in 2009, he staunchly resisted to have the MDC take charge of the Defence ministry.

“On defence we refused, that’s where our life is. We feared they would spy on us,” Mugabe said to applause.

Meanwhile, a vendor in Mupedzanhamo who was clad in Zanu PF regalia said he had come assuming he would be able to return to his stall.

“While it’s a norm that we don’t operate when the president is around, l came because there was an option that we could take turns to attend and sell our wares,” he said.

“However, most people didn’t turn up because they didn’t want to be forced to attend the rally.”

A Chikanga resident said he attended the rally under duress to appease Zanu PF heavies in his neighbourhood as he had been issued with a T-shirt and a cap.

“What option do l have? They run the country with fear now, there is no need to beat up people because we all know what they can do when they think they are cornered,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Another Chikanga resident said he had to attend to protect his family as Zanu PF youths were in the past few nights, running around the suburb singing songs advising people to vote for the party or risk war or even a military take-over.

“Zanu PF youths have been running around our area threatening war or a military coup if the President (Mugabe) doesn’t win,” he said.

“We even came as a group with my neighbours and made sure that people saw that we had come.

“On the night, the police only came out an hour after the youth had gone. But they had passed less than a hundred metres from the police post,” he said.

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utter rubish propaganda reporting

bt - 24 July 2013

Forcing people to attend your history lectures will definitely backfire this time.We will vote MDC-T come July 31

Mupfana weBikini - 24 July 2013

Zvanzi zvidii?

tsivo - 24 July 2013

Zvanzi zvidii?

tsivo - 24 July 2013

sending buses to ferry ones supporter is forcing.they were forced to lock their homes and tnen forced to go inside the buses.forcing......daily news

evidence dembeza - 24 July 2013

Accept ir or not why should Mupedzanhamo be closed for a rally in Mutare that is forcing people, unoda kungoona tsvimbo chete nhai. Anywa those in Mutare saw their children cross into Mozambique and for those who returned they did not see any benefit for crossing because their parents, brothers and children are wallowing in a sea of poverty with zanupf lazy bones living in grandeur laughing at our brave brothers and sisters who perished for them to steal and plunder the wealth of Zimbabwe alone. Bob Rekai Tangwena and Chitepo are not happy and if you start talking about them their spirits may haunt you, tell us what happened to Herbet Chitepo, Smith said he was no responsible and pointed the finger at you guys prove him wrong.

wamaromo - 24 July 2013

Mudhara we history aakutopenga uyu

tofarirepi - 24 July 2013

VICTORY POEM PART 1::: Voyedza tisavhota vaMudede… Rega ndiseke hangu hede… Kunyepa kwahi bhora mugedhi… Mwana wevhu ponjesa Bhora… Musango Zanu ibva yaona… Zvotoziva Zanupf iya yawora… Gore rino vaMugabe vachachiona… Kusvika vanhu vahwina.

Stop-a-Thief - 24 July 2013

VICTORY POEM PART 2:: Countdown now starts for our milk & honey… We shall farm, mine & keep our money… No more Chinese lies & phoney… Inga zanupf yatodyiwa wanhi… Hezvo bwaaa mafaro mbavha dzoenda… VaMugabe vaye sekuseka voenda… Vana veZimbabwe ndapa kutenda… Zanupf iya yozo surrender.

Stop-a-Thief - 24 July 2013

VICTORY POEM PART 3::: Few more days, Zimbabweans wait… Confident of winning as in 2008… This time no chance of that chicanery… We're certain to dump them to the dustbin of history… They'll cry why they trusted a 90 yr old… Who refused to go & retire in Zvimba… Preferring to loot our diamonds & gold… Rather than replaced by any young member… Helele the nation will rejoice & sing… Celebrating a grand coalition win… Good riddance to this bad rubbish… Who ruled like they were high on hashish… Vanhu havachakuda mhani chienda… Taneta nenzara nekurumwa nenda… Gore rino hezvo bwaa zvazoenda… Kopinda vane care & tender.

Stop-a-Thief - 24 July 2013

VICTORY POEM PART 4::: He is Matibiri but prefers to be Bob… And each election he comes to rob… Takes his family to Rome… Claiming he is of Catholic form… Cometh his dreaded elections… He starts his usual shenanigans… Suddenly he is Madzibaba Gabriel… Not ashamed of his evil… Zimbabweans will not forget… To show him the way to the State House gate… Bye bye dictator Matibiri… Retire & drain rock dhiziri… NaGrace chibva wangobuda… Nekuti Vanhu Havachakuda.

Stop-a-Thief - 24 July 2013

VICTORY POEM PART 5 Hezvoka bwaa, hezvokaaaa… Zvauchazadza magamenzi nema.nyo.ka… Kunyepa kwahi ndini madzibaba Gabriel… Tibvire uchaenda ku-hell.. Siya vanamate vega mapostori… Ubva wavaudza kuti sorry… Maprofesa vako kuwanda vemusoro bhangu… Ndirini ndotonyara zvangu… Vanhu Havachakuda Chienda.

Stop-a-Thief - 24 July 2013

Mugabe siad when I was in prison I instructed Chitepo to form the Dare ReChimurenga. What a blood LIE. You were too junior to Chitepo to instruct him. You were only a Publicist

dick mboko - 24 July 2013


Gumborehohwa - 25 July 2013

Reason but not so reasonable Dembeza wakapusa chaizvo. Kana munhu akakuty ukasaenda kurally ndichakutorera table yemusika, kuita sei ikoko. yaunoti force ndeipiko iwe. use your brains

ZVIKIRI - 25 July 2013

I am so happy the Revolutionary party even scrapped DSTV bills now we pay $12.00 for full I want the Revolutionary Party to cut even supermarket prices

Bambo - 25 July 2013

the complete headline was supposed to read Zanu pf forces people to rally whilst MDCT SCARES AWAY PEOPLE FROM ITS RALLIES.

reason - 25 July 2013

its very true that the majority of manicaland boys and girls joined the armed struggle and the truth is that the majority of them are suffering they never ever enjoyed the benefits of independence

mutengesi - 25 July 2013

kwasare madays less kuti tiite vote.This time if this old man gets more than 5 constituencies mozonditaurirawo

Wasu - 25 July 2013

The one thing that seems to escape some of the political players is that an election is NOT a war!!!!! In some countries some politicians who want to reaffirm whether their policies are in sync with the voters is that they call an early an election is simply seeking VALIDATION by political political players of support by the has nothing to do with blood, gore and grilled death!!! For people who boast that they are the most educated in Africa this is embarrassing..This education should present its face on the street as we are seeing in Tunisia..contrast Tunisia, Lbya and Egypt, then you will see that is for real that Tunisians are indeed educated, because they started the revolution but do you see them behaving like their idiotic neighbours??? It is their education putting the sea between them and their neighbours that make them sparkle. Now contrast our own Zimbabwe with South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique and the first thing you reach for is a handkerchief to mop your eyes imagining what happened to a country that showed so much promise reduced to the ugliest place in the region? It is sad sad sad ...

gutter poet - 25 July 2013

He will get his dissapointment come 31st people of manicaland are very clear and clever and they are not easily fooled or lured . They attend but they will wont vote for him. People did so to avert a possible attack or for security reasons.

MNK - 26 July 2013

I was born and bred in Mutare. Manicaland as a province was the first to make ZanuPF know that it was nolonger welcome as a party. Manicaland voted to Zanu Ndonga, ZUM and more recently MDC-T candidates in recent times. The province will again lead by example, putting ALL its votes into an MDC-T overwhelming win. Ndisu anhu acho.

never dhliwayo - 26 July 2013

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