Tsvangirai yet to approach us: Ncube

HARARE – Welshman Ncube, leader of the smaller MDC, says he is yet to be approached by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC about an anti-President Robert Mugabe coalition for the July 31 make-or-break vote.

Ncube — who is in an electoral pact with Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa — said he is yet to receive Tsvangirai’s emissaries to discuss the grand coalition, adding he will never oppose an alliance with any like-minded people to bring about a real and genuine change to the people of Zimbabwe.

“To Mr Tsvangirai I say, for once and for the sake of Zimbabwe, chimbosiyai (leave) politics of deception and for once, tell the people of Zimbabwe the truth around the issue of a coalition,” Ncube said.

“Tell the people that you have never approached the MDC in this regard because you don’t know how to handle your internal political dynamics,” he added.

Ncube said just like in 2008, his party was not opposed to a coalition with the Tsvangirai-led MDC to mount a united front against Mugabe, but said Tsvangirai’s MDC national council kept on shifting goal posts until the pact collapsed.

“Like what they believed in 2008, they again suffer under the same misguided illusion that they will make it alone,” Ncube said.

“Manje masamba achitonyanya kusiyana (It’s even more difficult now). It’s no longer business as usual. MDC yakura (The MDC is now big). Be guided accordingly.”

Tsvangirai’s MDC claims there have been overtures to reunite with the smaller MDC faction but it was scuttled by Ncube, ostensibly because he exaggerated his importance and demanded all seats in Matabeleland. But Ncube rubbished those claims.

“Some people have mastered the art of deception,” he said.

“The only time there was ever a discussion of a coalition was before the 2008 election. There has since then never been an approach to us.

“So anyone who claims that post-2008, we have been approached and made any demands, reasonable or unreasonable demands is a liar.”

Ncube said even during the pre-2008 talks, he never made any demands to anyone.

The law professor said in the scuttled 2008 pact, Tsvangirai’s MDC was given 80 percent of the seats across the country in the agreement and Tsvangirai was going to be their presidential candidate.

Ncube said Tsvangirai’s national council kept on making new demands until the talks collapsed.

“They wanted some seats in Matabeleland where we had sitting Members of Parliament,” Ncube said.

“We came back to the national council and said they have made new demands and our national council said the goal posts are going to change forever, no thanks, we have accepted their original demands that’s it. If they don’t want, it’s up to them.”

Ncube said the MDC was trying to obfuscate the real issues around the collapse of the 2008 poll pact when it is them who foiled the deal.

He ruled out chances of reunification with Tsvangirai saying there were now sharp differences that could not be easily resolved and he cited violence.

Political analysts say the failure by the Zanu PF opponents, to work together or back one candidate for the past five years, increases the chances of Mugabe winning the forthcoming election.

While the spotlight is on Tsvangirai’s challenge to Mugabe in the looming election in Zimbabwe, there are other three candidates waiting in the wings.

Most of them, dismissed by many political analysts as presidential no-hopers, are running low-level campaigns far from the limelight.

Some of the candidates have failed to refute charges that they are there with Mugabe’s blessing to split the opposition vote or bolster an image of multiparty democracy.

The few pre-election polls show that only Tsvangirai, a former trade unionist and leader of the MDC, has a real chance of unseating Mugabe in the forthcoming watershed election.

While observers want all the opposition leaders to rally behind Tsvangirai, egos are the biggest stumbling block to the coalition.

Tsvangirai and Ncube are both ambitious men who belong to the same generation of political gladiators who have broken with a more hard-line “old guard.”

“People should accept that just as much as we cannot have a coalition with Zanu PF, we are so different in parties and we are equally different from the MDC-T and we should just accept that. It’s as plain as that,” Ncube said.

Ncube said the larger MDC has been discredited by immorality, violence, corruption and nepotism and their failed tactics of boycotting elections.

In his remarkable 33-year rule of the southern African country, Mugabe has controversially won seven elections, due to a fragmented and disorganised opposition.

He also survived a 2008 electoral defeat by Tsvangirai, after seeing off public anger spawned by a flagging economy.

The two MDCs suffered badly in 2008 after losing close to two dozen parliamentary seats because of split votes.

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Gumborehohwa - 25 July 2013

the running dogs of zanu pf who keep posting nonsense on this page under false names like reason,chindori chinyika e.t.c must be reminded that its 6 days to go to doomsday.

bhobhojani - 25 July 2013

the running dogs of zanu pf who keep posting nonsense on this page under false names like reason,chindori chinyika e.t.c must be reminded that its 6 days to go to doomsday.

bhobhojani - 25 July 2013

welshman u make me angry??? wanzwa... u make vana vvedu vasade kuita maprofessor... u ar the dumpest professor i kno... WHY DO YU HATE TSVANGIRAI AND ZIMBABWEANS>>>>>>>> swallo yo pride its not yet too late... call a press conference and tell vanhu yu doing for zimbabweans and not tsvangirai

demob - 25 July 2013

People of Matebeleland you need to appreciate that in as much as you need a leader from your side, Ncebe is a sellout bought by zanupf. secondly if oppsition does not win, Mugabe remember is old Mnangagwa will take over and then you can talk to him about devolution. Food for thought

frorence - 25 July 2013

You cde zvanguzvangu, I stay in Bulawayo thing have changed this time around. Tsvangirai usually address big numbers in Bulawayo. However in 2008 despite the fact that he addressed a star rally in Bulawayo he failed to turn that into votes, because his party won through low numbers due to vote apathy. In 2008 people in Bulawayo boycotted elections, but this time around Mawelsh has trilled them, we can't wair for 31 july so that we vote Mawelsh in our numbers and silence all of you once and for all. On 31 you will stop talking on our behalf as if you are our spokes persons. We will vote convincingly for Mawelsh. That Tsvangirai rally at White city doesn't worry us because we know reality on the ground. Tsvangirai does not have our support don't fool yourself. Our parents, brothers and sisters in South Africa are also phoning and telling us not to make the mistake that we made in 2008 when we voted Tsvangirai and he went on to make us fools and political condoms.

thula sizwe - 25 July 2013

lets unite to establish Tsvangison on the throne so that we establish a democracy were people in mat can freely air their views. if we dont imagine who is taking over from Mugabe, and imagine what zimbabwe will be like. Most of you who are posting in favour of Ncube are in SA just like Ncube's children you dont know whats best for zim

ASIBAMBANENI - 25 July 2013

Bhobhojani and Gumborehohwa, why do you label and insult instead of reasoning. It is a fact that your MDC T party has split in Manicaland and has zero turn out in Mashonaland, has fielded 2 candidates in many constituencies through out the country. That is a fact and it points to the undisputable fact that you will lose these elections. No amount of lies, hate and propaganda like ZANU PF will save you. Your tails are between your legs. You are so frastrated to the extent that you insult everyone and you are saying that everyone must give you their vote or else they are traitors who support ZANU PF. It reminds me of ZANU PF saying all those who do not support it are enemies of the state who support imperialists who colonised us. Now here you are saying that everyone who doesn't support MDC T is a traitor who suppoRt ZANU PF. What a similarity between MDC T and ZANU PF. You accuse me of supporting ZANU not MDC N, because you wrongly think that MDC N is only supported by our Ndebele brothers. Tribalism has made you blind, MDC N is supported by all Zimbabweans in all 10 Provinces of Zimbabwe. Viva Green Revolution. Cowards are scared. Devolution is our Revolution.

chindori chinyika - 25 July 2013

Wena ASIBAMBANENI ungumthengisi uyezwa, ubosutha kuhle amagundwane akho lodadewenu UThoko Khuphe litshiyane lathi. Ufuna sifake umaphikitiye esihlalweni yena engazange asenzele lutho engu Prime Minister. Wayetshona ephekela umalumakhe uMgabe itiye nsukuzonke, namuhla usesifuna sekwenzenjani. Awuboni wena ukuthi okungumuntu kwenu lokhu kuyadelela kufuna ukusisebenzisa kuqeda lapho ma sekusesikhundleni kusilaxazele le! Vulamehlo ubone. Basisenzisa ngesikhathi sika Nkomo, lanamuhla ufuna basisebenzise futhi baze bacine besebenzisa labantwabethu. idevolution is the best for us. Sebenzisa ingqondo ungacabangi njengomuntu osuthi amagundwane lamaxoxo.

thula sizwe - 25 July 2013

Thula sizwe you can say what ever you want, but if you let Mugabe win you will regret because Mnangagwa will take over , he will call the shots and your ncube can even be silenced forever. Watch the space

Asibambaneni - 25 July 2013

l think Ncube saw the truth of the matter after the Byo star rally. Nhai Prof why do you think you should be approach now when you have been saying no to a marriage of conveinience. 31 achasvika chete ndopauchona kuti hausi tsotsi

justice - 25 July 2013

ASIBAMBANENI tell me the difference between Mnangagwa and Tsvangirai in as far as our cause and that of Zimbabweans is concerned. Mind you Tsvangirai was groomed by Mnangagwa as a ZANU PF youth militia and he was deployed by Mnangagwa to burn homes in Matabeleland during gukurahundi in the 80s. Don't be cheated by being promised ice cream and sweets like a kid. We want sustainable development through devolution of power to the people. Both Mgabe and Tsvangirai support centralisation a creature that has tomented us for the past 33 years. I am recruiting you to tell others to pass an important message that we must all vote for Ncube in order to be empowered. This mentality of portraying us as second class citizens must be put to an end on the 31st of july. Why are we supporting the DEvolution revolution? We are doing it for our children. We have been marginilised for a long time. Tsvangirai will never help us mark my words, mgabe will never help us he instead killed us. Then our fate is in our hands. If we miss it we will always be izikhothamathe zamatshabi. Tell it to others that our Revolution is Devolution. Awuboni omakhelwane eSouth Africa bahleli kahle because of devolution.

thula sizwe - 25 July 2013

Those who are talking about a Tsvangirai rally in Bulawayo must also talk about MDC T split in Manicaland, MDC T fielding two candidates in sevaral constituencies around the country, MDC T zero turn out in Tsvangirai rallies in Mashonaland. Don't forget that Ncube has been and will continue to address bigger rallies through out the country. Green Revolution means life.

chindori chinyika - 25 July 2013

VaChindori Chinyika you right sorry for failing to understand what I meant You just write to cause division to us democrats mdc & mdc-T. If you want to join mdc-n we say welcome 'masiya vakadii vachiri kuZanu PF. Vapei t-shirt ye green asi muchejere kukurura.

Gumborehohwa - 25 July 2013

Brother Gumborehohwa we are all Zimbabweans and we have a right to debate and express our views and opinions. Anyone is free to choose the party to belong to. I have chosen the green revolution because I differ with ZANU and MDC T belief that everyone who doesn't support them is an enemy and a traitor. These elections for the first time will give Zimbabweans a broad and informed choice and the results will make my country a multiparty state. Viva Green Revolution. In Science green means life.

chindori chinyika - 25 July 2013

iwe Ncube nyarara mhani!!! ukuchemeyi manje ipapo; shinga semurume mhani umedze pride yehuprofessor uende kwakaenda vamwe vanaMakoni zvakanaka; asi kana waona kuti hauzvikwanisi chimira wega hanti wakaendesa zita rako kunomination here? saka tongomirira zve 31 July hanti yatosvika here; eheka tochizongoona kuti uchine chiiko chaungazoramba uchiwawata nacho; just wait and see hantika?

Engineer - 25 July 2013

This guy's a front. He's on the Zanu PF payroll. His reasons are frivolous and immature. Saka are you saying that Zanu Pf is better than MDC-T? He attacks Tsvangirayi all the time. Mugabe and Zanu PF are the enemy not the other way round. Baba Jukwa was right that this guy got paid and will never join the coalition.

Prince - 25 July 2013

Ncube should not be deceived. Many ppl including me confused the 2 mdcs in the ballot box in 2008. Now I shall look for the palm with a face and im home and dry

Debbie - 25 July 2013

Please Mr Editor we are sick and tired of this Ncube attention seeking antics. Whilst Ncube would like Tsvangirayi to go down on his hands and knees and beg him to be friends again perhaps the Professor should have now have noticed the general mood of the public concerning the removal of a dictator.This does not need a rocket scientist.Its a shame that Welshman woud like to be treated like Royalty,God help us, even before he has been elected President .What about if he moves into the State House?But like one commentator observed Tsvangirayi's downfall will not increase Welshman's popularity but he might end up being people's enemy number one for contering people's hopes and aspirations.Look at Dabengwa now, he is now an outcast ,after his reckless statements.Noone respects him anymore.

Squarebasher - 25 July 2013

Do your get togethers because mucha mama chete this year. ZANU Yamuka gore rino. We do not want this type of idiocy in Zimbabwe. Let electorates vote for whoever they want based on their understanding of manifestos and policies. What will you do for Zimbabwe and how ? You only have to look at Egypt to nderstand that removing someone from power does not result in a blossoming economy. People will take to the streets. Africans are always blinded by politicians because they never ask questions that matter. How will you make our lives better? Is it really possible?

Joey - 25 July 2013

VICTORY POEM PART 7:: Hekani waro hombarume… Ngatisimudze minwe… Hamuwone hazvisi cool… Kutongwa naVasekuru… Gore rino anochiwona… Kuchemera mai vake Bona… Simukai tinovhota… MaZanu abva adhota…

Stop-a-Thief - 25 July 2013

Zimbabwe's political leadership is not a preserve of the Shona people only. Its that simple - the Green Team will not shift; will not relent. You can through as much mud as you want, that will not change anything, excepting pushing you Blood Pressure and stress levels up and up until you collapse!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 26 July 2013

Zimbabwe's political leadership is not a preserve of the Shona people only. Its that simple - the Green Team will not shift an inch - we will not relent. You can throw as much mud as you want, that will not change anything, excepting pushing your Blood Pressure and stress levels up and up until you collapse!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 26 July 2013

Zimbabwe's political leadership is not a preserve of the Shona people only. Its that simple - the Green Team will not shift an inch - we will not relent. You can throw as much mud as you want, that will not change anything, excepting pushing your Blood Pressure and stress levels up and up until you collapse!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 26 July 2013

please whoever killed this Chindori Chinyika guy must appease his spirit coz he is being reckless with his vengeance. He has no idea who the good guys are. tose tingatopera

ragga - 26 July 2013

Tsvangirai colluded with ZANU PF during the GPA, why does he want a coalition with MDC now ???

Abashed - 27 July 2013

MDC T needs MDC N more as MDC N have nothing to lose, if MDC T does not win this time Tsvangirai's political career is over, so MDC T must approach MDC N.

Cassius Zinyane - 27 July 2013

enough of this ncube and save that. cant u see my country that u are all playing in the hands of gushungo. stop this and unite and finish this gushungo once and for all. cry zimbabwe:

zorodzai - 28 July 2013

I think mataura zvakwana. Lets all go and vote for our choices.

kiyoro kiyoro - 29 July 2013

i suggest we Ndebeles vote for Ncube MPs and then vote for Tsvangirai, Tsvangirai is not as bad a despot as Mugabe, we will freely air our views. Tsvangirai will know that 5 years is a very short period of time and he will not be as autocratic as Mugabe.

asimambaneni - 29 July 2013

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