Tsvangirai yet to approach us: Ncube

HARARE – Welshman Ncube, leader of the smaller MDC, says he is yet to be approached by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC about an anti-President Robert Mugabe coalition for the July 31 make-or-break vote.

Ncube — who is in an electoral pact with Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa — said he is yet to receive Tsvangirai’s emissaries to discuss the grand coalition, adding he will never oppose an alliance with any like-minded people to bring about a real and genuine change to the people of Zimbabwe.

“To Mr Tsvangirai I say, for once and for the sake of Zimbabwe, chimbosiyai (leave) politics of deception and for once, tell the people of Zimbabwe the truth around the issue of a coalition,” Ncube said.

“Tell the people that you have never approached the MDC in this regard because you don’t know how to handle your internal political dynamics,” he added.

Ncube said just like in 2008, his party was not opposed to a coalition with the Tsvangirai-led MDC to mount a united front against Mugabe, but said Tsvangirai’s MDC national council kept on shifting goal posts until the pact collapsed.

“Like what they believed in 2008, they again suffer under the same misguided illusion that they will make it alone,” Ncube said.

“Manje masamba achitonyanya kusiyana (It’s even more difficult now). It’s no longer business as usual. MDC yakura (The MDC is now big). Be guided accordingly.”

Tsvangirai’s MDC claims there have been overtures to reunite with the smaller MDC faction but it was scuttled by Ncube, ostensibly because he exaggerated his importance and demanded all seats in Matabeleland. But Ncube rubbished those claims.

“Some people have mastered the art of deception,” he said.

“The only time there was ever a discussion of a coalition was before the 2008 election. There has since then never been an approach to us.

“So anyone who claims that post-2008, we have been approached and made any demands, reasonable or unreasonable demands is a liar.”

Ncube said even during the pre-2008 talks, he never made any demands to anyone.

The law professor said in the scuttled 2008 pact, Tsvangirai’s MDC was given 80 percent of the seats across the country in the agreement and Tsvangirai was going to be their presidential candidate.

Ncube said Tsvangirai’s national council kept on making new demands until the talks collapsed.

“They wanted some seats in Matabeleland where we had sitting Members of Parliament,” Ncube said.

“We came back to the national council and said they have made new demands and our national council said the goal posts are going to change forever, no thanks, we have accepted their original demands that’s it. If they don’t want, it’s up to them.”

Ncube said the MDC was trying to obfuscate the real issues around the collapse of the 2008 poll pact when it is them who foiled the deal.

He ruled out chances of reunification with Tsvangirai saying there were now sharp differences that could not be easily resolved and he cited violence.

Political analysts say the failure by the Zanu PF opponents, to work together or back one candidate for the past five years, increases the chances of Mugabe winning the forthcoming election.

While the spotlight is on Tsvangirai’s challenge to Mugabe in the looming election in Zimbabwe, there are other three candidates waiting in the wings.

Most of them, dismissed by many political analysts as presidential no-hopers, are running low-level campaigns far from the limelight.

Some of the candidates have failed to refute charges that they are there with Mugabe’s blessing to split the opposition vote or bolster an image of multiparty democracy.

The few pre-election polls show that only Tsvangirai, a former trade unionist and leader of the MDC, has a real chance of unseating Mugabe in the forthcoming watershed election.

While observers want all the opposition leaders to rally behind Tsvangirai, egos are the biggest stumbling block to the coalition.

Tsvangirai and Ncube are both ambitious men who belong to the same generation of political gladiators who have broken with a more hard-line “old guard.”

“People should accept that just as much as we cannot have a coalition with Zanu PF, we are so different in parties and we are equally different from the MDC-T and we should just accept that. It’s as plain as that,” Ncube said.

Ncube said the larger MDC has been discredited by immorality, violence, corruption and nepotism and their failed tactics of boycotting elections.

In his remarkable 33-year rule of the southern African country, Mugabe has controversially won seven elections, due to a fragmented and disorganised opposition.

He also survived a 2008 electoral defeat by Tsvangirai, after seeing off public anger spawned by a flagging economy.

The two MDCs suffered badly in 2008 after losing close to two dozen parliamentary seats because of split votes.

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I think Ncube should learn from 2008 that people voted for the true MDC and that if he does not decide now it may be over for him in politics.

Educated Fools - 24 July 2013

Why should MDC-T approch you. Why don't you take the first move. You are facing political oblivion Ncube. Tsvangirai, just leave him like that. Makorokoto Simba wakaona chiedza. AWA BABA AWA SIYA WAKADARO.

Boterekwa - 25 July 2013

Ncube is so fond of negotiaing in the media. Who said Tsvangirai must approach Ncube, why not the other way ? In one breath Ncube denies he ever demanded all Matebeleland seats, yet goes on the lay the same claim he is denying.

Tafadzwa - 25 July 2013

Ncube please just shut up and let the people decide. But remember in a few days you will be in the dust bin of political history.

Hondo - 25 July 2013

NCUBE you are not serious about change in Zimbabwe, izvi zviri pachena

unity is number1 - 25 July 2013


Gumborehohwa - 25 July 2013

Ncube does not realise that his Mdc votes wch belonged to Mdc-T becoz the voters esp in rural areas couldnt differentiate between MDC-Mutambara And MDC_tsvangirai.so if u think u hav support base u will be shocked.the logos are now clear and pple now understand.u may regreat tommorrow

MHIRIZHONGA - 25 July 2013

who told you learned prof. that people voted for you in 2008? by the the presidential candidate was Mtambara. maybe people were fond of Mtambara than you. check your back carefully prof. you might be growing a fake tail.

silvanos - 25 July 2013

we will make sure that ncube remains in the political field because he represents our hope as people of matabeleland. tsvangirai should work on his mashonaland people because they are the ones who always vote for mugabe not amandebele!!!!!

Black Crow - 25 July 2013

Vote for Ncube = Vote for Mugabe

Nkosi Mambo - 25 July 2013

but I think this same paper carried a headline which said "NO TO COALITION OF CONVENIENCE": NCUBE. Im confused.

kikiki - 25 July 2013

Ncube must realise that the epople of zimbabwe want change and not tsvangirayi or ncube. so if the vote for change is going to be split and in the process benefit zanu-pf both tsvangirayi and cnube will be judged harshly. swallow your pride and for the sake of change unite dont tell us that tsvangirayi party is violent when we know that they have suffered more under state sponsored terror and ncube has noone killed in his party. dont tell us that you differ in policies when znaupf and zapu united for the sake of zimbabweans who were being killed iand discriminated on the bais of tribe. so if someone says I cant be vice president and you want the same position you cannot compromise...this is all hogwash and politicians need to respect our intelligence please .... i rest my case becasue this indignant debate will not take us anywhere guys.

Siyabonga - 25 July 2013

It is a mistake for you guys to call MDC Ncube small because the party has grown so tremendously. What are you saying about the following issues 1. The fake MDC T and Makoni coalition that has split Mdc t in Manicaland. Recently MDC T leadership in Manicaland with the support of Biti boycotted Tsvangirai's rallies due to his dictatorship of imposing candidates from the fake coalition. Ncube is right that Tsvangirai can not handle his internal dynamics when it comes to coalitions. 2. How can you dream of Tsvangirai winning presidential election after you have seen him addressing less than 100 people in rural Mashonaland. He went on to cancel a number of rallies because his campaign team told him that people did not turn up in the rally venues. You will say they were afraid but the truth is they don't support MDC T. we told you that your strong hold is only in Harare. 3. MDC T supporters attacking and injuring ZANU PF supporters in Ephiworth in Harare, so Ncube is right when he says that MDC T is violent and unprincipled. 4. why do you want to make Tsvangirai a senior prefect in an coalition yet it is beyond the shadow of any doubt that he needs others if he were to win elections. This time around as evidenced by low turn out in your rallies you are going to lose dismally and we don't want to hear you making useless noise that we was robbed. 5. Tsvangirai has no manifesto. Seemingly his manifesto is for him and his supporters to insult Ncube every day forcing him to join them. In Gweru he ended up stealing MDC N and ZANU PF manifestos. This is a shame and embarrassment. This time around please be good losers, accept the results because you have seen for yourselves that you don't have any meaningful support.

chindori chinyika - 25 July 2013

tribalistic ncube wants to be pesuaded...to hell you selfish tribalist..come 31 you are history jus like mutambara and bobo..

tahiti - 25 July 2013

Ncube is a ZANU PF both in character and his deeds. He does not want change. So to Dr Tsvangirai i say leave this learned for nothing Prof other wise he will spoil our party.

splendour - 25 July 2013

Its a sad stance really that Ncube is choosing given we really do not need a split Presidential vote this time around.But on the issue of Regional politics..thumbs up ncube,only if you could be more bolder on this issue.Why in any case would you want to worry abt winning seats in Mashonaland when you can win all seats in the Majestic Matabeleland??I still hope for a grand coalition on the Presidential candidate and a scenario where Ncube wins all other seats in our Great Mat-Land

mat-son - 25 July 2013

Ncube does not deserve to be a leader he is a tribalist.We shall see how many people are going to vote for his foolish party.He is just greed

josh - 25 July 2013

Guys, guys, lets be real and run away from unrealistic, theoratical imaginations. Ncube is critical at this juncture if ever MDC-t need to win this election. the number of seats they won in 2008 parliamentary elections speak volumes to real analysts. why do you think tsvangirayi is the master in this game?????? maybe its optical illusion. study the formation of MDC carefully who among the chief founders is still in the rank and files of MDSHit. Priscila, Welshman, Gibson, Job, Gabriel Chaibva just to mention a few. this shows how ndc is disintergrating day year in year out because tsvangirai do not have the cementing intelligence to make his party one and strong. thats why tichiti the times are gone now we need a leader who is learned the least learned though at least he can analyse and come up with better policies for the party. by thinking you are very important more than others and failing to swallow your pride, tsvangirayi you are giving Robert Gabriel ammunition. he is going to win smart. mark my words

peter chit - 25 July 2013

MDC T is always using blackmail. They falsely promise people that they want to remove Mugabe and those who don't vote fro them are defeating their cause. This is rubbish, because people vote and will vote for projects and empowerment not false promises from MDC T. Tsvangirai is saying that he has friends in the West, how ever as a dull man he is not realising that almost all Western economies are experiencing a melt down. These countries are even failing to assist each other due to the hardships that they are experiencing economically. How then are they going to give this Tsvangirai millions of jobs. This Tsvangirai of yours is clueless for sure. This is the man who was saying gays and lesbians have rights in order to please his so called immoral friends . Due to his dullness he even forgot that Zimbabwe is a conservative and Christian Nation. Tsvangirai has a child with a Nyathi girl and he is refusing to take the birth certificate for that child. He first of all refused to support the child and he was forced to. Then you mean to tell me that such an irresponsible and disrespectful man can lead our great nation? Never! He must be disqualified through the ballot. The green revolution is the people's revolution. It is a revolution for all Zimbabweans. Vote for the green President, Senators, MPs and Councilors.

thula sizwe - 25 July 2013

Prof Ncube is too arrogant to an extent that he can not swallow his pride by just hiding behind a finger, he is aware that the real battle is between two political parties but just want to divide votes and we know that he benefited from the Zanu Pf ,got a farm ,mining claims in chiyadzwa. He do not want a Tsvangirai victory because he thinks a deg reed person is a capable leader. To be honest with you people or masses want someone who has got vision and can deliver.

kuziva mbuya huudzwa - 25 July 2013

I would like Tsvangirai to win,Mugabe to go,but I also like democracy to prevail.I don't for one see why people should be angry with someone who does not want coalition.If mugabe wins because more people voted for him and the rest are split between NCube and Tsvangirai then means the rest of zimbabwe is not decided.what should stop Tsvangirai or Ncube to convince the population that they are right candidates.So whoever thinks needs the other to win the election should approach the other.From their talk none of theses two gentleman has approached the other and if we are genuine and think we need a coalition lets encourage our particular leaders to make the official move.a coalition can never be made at a rally.

Muchinez - 25 July 2013

In life, you can never be liked by all people. ONLY money is liked by all people. There are some people who are mad when they see people ullulating for Mugabe, others are mad when they see you ullulating for Tsvangirai, more others are mad when they see you ullulating for Ncube. Its life. You can not force people to rally behind Tsvangirai. It will never happen.

Nkalanga - 25 July 2013

Those who are failing to see that Tsvangirai is violent dictator like Mugabe have no eyes. They are the very people who will be insulting others forcing them to join them in order to remove Tsvangirai. These are the same people who voted for ZANU PF, now they are saying Ncube help us to remove our monster ZANU PF, we can't do it on our own. I need MDC T supporters to tell me what they are saying about MDC T split in Manicaland. As we talk the provincial executive in Mashonaland is opposed to Tsvangirai's fake coalition and imposition of candidates. As the case is MDC T has multiple candidates running for one seat in Manicaland and other provinces in our country. Then you MDC T supporters do you call that national leadership? Do you call that a winning strategy? Do you also blame Ncube for those fatal failures of yours? .

chindori chinyika - 25 July 2013

Tsvangirai does not have support on the ground, that is a fact. Thus why he wants to be voted by borrowed voters. Don't be deceived by his rallies in urban areas because more constituencies are in rural areas where he doesn't have support. Welshman Ncube has more support through out the country than Tsvangirai. If you are saying no, then I challenge you to check the numbers attending Mawelsh's rallies in both urban and rural areas, and also check the numbers attending Tsvangirai's rallies in rural areas. Pictures don't lie. If you are objective you will agree that both candidates attract large numbers in urban areas, and you will also agree that Welshman is attracting large numbers in rural areas of our country while Tsvangirai has low figures of up to zero in rural areas, because he ended up cancelling many rallies in rural areas after he was told that no supporters turned up to the venues of those rallies. Taking that into account no sane Zimbabwean should say Tsvangirai must lead any coalition. Ncube is the man of the moment. All Zimbabweans are singing Devolution is our revolution. What a manifesto! This is a gold medal manifesto I tell you. Believe me come August when results are announced Tsvangirai and his supporters who don't even learn from their mistakes will be singing their usual song that they were taught by their Western masters, We were rigged!!

chindori chinyika - 25 July 2013

if you are not for us , you are against us! anyone not for Tsvangirayi is against MT-so Ncube Mugame and the hopeless candindates who can not be voted for even by their spouses are against real change. But yu know what, change is upon us and there is no use trying to STOP it. Tsvangirayi chitonga, Tsvangirai Moto unopisa! Together we will complete the change that we have started.

Tatanga - 25 July 2013

Ncube will never win even if he compete as a councilor in rural area. Never will true Zimbabweans loose their vote. You want Tsvangirai to come to you but you know it clearly that he commands the majority ,why can you go to him? Remember you always loose in your area from the time you come out of MDC real

Cloudy - 25 July 2013

that is the reason why the opposition will never rule zimbabwe.They squable over petty issues thereby splitting the vote.This was the time to unite for one purpose. I shudder to think what will happen if mdc gets into power

charles moyo - 25 July 2013

Please do not put the title Prof into shame.Simple arithmetic tells yu that u dont hv any support to make u even the third best votes.Arrogance is what yu want. The common MDC enemy is ZANU and humility should have saved yo ass after 31July. Yu r shameful. You want to split votes for the sake of ZANU. But u r lost, More is winning n u r going to fold yo tail in humility

butthole ncube - 25 July 2013

This Ncube guy is too arrogant. Why is he waiting for Tsvangirai to approach him if he is really serious about the coalition. He is only good at tribal politics, no wonder why Morgan called him a village politician. History will judge you Mr Prof.

tototo - 25 July 2013

ncube why are coming out now. it shows that you really dont care about what will happen to the people in the coming 5 /10 years as long as you can rule after that. if you really cared you could have approached tsvangirai yourself. you had a fight but it does not mean you cannot correct things . i once said that in one of your meetings when gibson sibanda was still alive you are making children suffer because of your fight as parents. the song says the dogs and the cats have forgiven each other why not us. tsvangirai has his own weaknesses but he is not like mugabe. you are lying on that one sir and your pride is taking you that way and the people of zimbabwe may suffer another 5/10 year or forever because of you. lucky you have a a2 farm.

sammy - 25 July 2013

ncube go to hell

dennis mukotose - 25 July 2013

Your paper is right when it refers to NCUBE'S mdc AS THE SMALLER, because the other one has proved to be a very very big puppet. At least Ncube can read and write that is why he is smaller it in terms of puppetry, but he happens to be a bigger party than any of the opposition parties to ZPF.

reason - 25 July 2013

ncube go to hell

chawada leo - 25 July 2013

Ncube thanks but not thanks I think it is too late for MDc to approach you, if you want Mugabe then let it be want him. MDC-T will approach us voters and we will vote them if we want. You ruled out any coalition with Morgan because he is not learned yet you were just invited to join MDC yourself and suddenly you became a viper in their midst. Stay with your club and Tsvangirai will stay with the Party.

wamaromo - 25 July 2013

reason use brains when you are here my friend don't come here to pee.You still have a word called puppet in your vocabulary, it is a word which lost its value long ago, ask ZanuPf what they are to China, friends not puppets kikiki, so MDC can make friends with the West that does not make them puppets except if you say ZanuPF are puppets of China, that is why China gets raw materials and bring in toys to the country.

maita - 25 July 2013

Please Prof Ncube swallow your pride all we need as Zimbabweas is to remove Zanu PF from power so lets bury our difference for a common course. this us and them dectonomy will not take us any where but will only give Zanu PF more ground to maneuver

forest - 25 July 2013

All those who want to remove Mugabe must go to rural Mashonaland where Tsvangirai rallies register zero turn out and campaign. Otherwise the more you continue insulting Ncube the more you lose votes and the more Ncube gain votes because the more rational Zimbabweans realise that MDC T is abusive and Ncube is principled. No one has answered me amongst you arrogant and impaired Tsvangirai supporters. You are failing to manage a fake coalition in Manicaland, do you think you are capable of handling a grand coalition that is more diverse and dynamic, or you just want Ncube's vote to quench your lust for power and you don't care about the rest. As it is you are not supposed to be insulting Ncube but you are supposed to be managing the MDC T split in Manicaland. Time is not on your side. Another question apart from the split in Manicaland is how do you intend to address an embarrassing low to zero turn out in your rallies in Mashonaland. You guys if you are clever you will better start mourning you embarrassing defeat in advance because all the indicators are you are a disjointed and confused political group without leadership.

chindori chinyika - 25 July 2013

You worshiped Mugabe, now you are want to worship Tsvangirai. So you need everyone to be by your side. Sorry, thus not possible. We desire a democratic society not to create another Dictator. Welsh is the Man

viera - 25 July 2013

We as Ncube supporters are not worried about MDC T business. We don't want our Ncube to join hands with a dirty MDC. The reason why we support Ncube is that he is progressive, principled and different from Tsvangirai, so we don't want Ncube to make himself dirty by joining this dirty Tsvangirai and his blind supporters full of hate and tribalism.

thula sizwe - 25 July 2013

Why don't you make the first move....if you believ in a caolition you must act! How can you wait to be invited? Everything has to start with Tsvangirai?

DZOKA - 25 July 2013

Ncube you are right Morgan ignored Proff for a long time bedding with Arthur. Prof tried but noone listened. Now its the same professor who is a problem. Mugabe is well organised no doubt about that he needs a united front but pride dzaana morgan will gurantee him another term. Morgan its never too late swallow yor pride in the next four days or cry for five years. I will not regret a Mugabe victory because has organised mafia than all the rest. Dont say I didnt warn you.

murungu - 25 July 2013

Khuphe you failed as a Deputy Prime Minister to save Bulawayo industries from being relocated to Harare. People from Bulawayo voted for you in 2008, what did you do for them? nothing! Otherwise you instructed your boy friend Tsvangirai to go around impregnating and refusing to get birth certificates for his child. Bulawayo people learnt it the hard way when tsvangirai left them out of his cabinet and told them that they are uneducated. A vote for you and Tsvangirai is a wasted vote. Go and sort out the split of your party in Manicaland and zero turnouts in your rallies in Mashonaland.

chindori chinyika - 25 July 2013

Mr Ncube is misleading his followers on this matter coz there too many versions of the same story being told by other leaders from the same party. The real agenda behind all this was summed up by Mr Dabengwa so do not hide behind silly excuses. Remember we once told your new friend that even if he was to contest against a donkey we still would not vote for him.

jinda ravashe - 25 July 2013

Voting for MDC-N is wasting one's vote becauseNcube doesnot have any chances of unseating BOB.Lets all vote MDC-T and finish it all this time!

Mupfana weBikini - 25 July 2013

I think it is a noble idea to form a coalition and cede some seats to MDC-N for the sake of progress. Otherwise divided we fall. It is better to give more seats to the MDC-N than lose them to Zanu PF

charles charingeno - 25 July 2013

All those who think Ncube is the proble or is arrogant are just but emotional people who want to see change at whatever cost. Ncube is correcting what Morgan has been saying in his rallies and he is right to say if Morgan want coalition then h should approach them not the other way. Ncube is not interested in coalition but he is prepared if it makes sense. If you thin Ncube's polilitical carrer is over then wait and see after elections. He is not winning the presidential but his MPS will be a sizeable number and this time around there is no chance for Morgan to bribe. There was no confusion in 2008, people who voted for Ncube's MPS wanted to vote for them, why did this not happen in Mashonaland, because Shonas will never vote a Ndebele that's why vilifying Ncube.

Madlezibabayo - 25 July 2013


Izvozvi So - 25 July 2013

This time around Ncube is also going to win seats in Mashonaland. His good performance will be spread through out the country. MDC split in Manicaland and their manifesto of fielding two candidates in one constituency show that they are political dwarfs who will pay dearly when election results are announced. Problems and a serious crisis in the MDC T camp is making both supporters and leaders to be lunatics who have panicked to the extent of insulting everyone who is not supporting them. They are thirst for Ncube votes like vampires thirst for human blood. Both MDC T supporters and the so called leadership have reached the highest level of lunacy and they are behaving like a dog that has rabbies that goes around biting everyone. Due to their levels of lunacy they have started beating up ZANU PF supporters. I thought ZANUPF was the most violent party, but seemingly MDC T is working hard to beat ZANU PF in their game of violence, dictatorship and vote rigging.

chindori chinyika - 25 July 2013

Pamberi naNcube. We wont vote an immoral corrupt nepotistic imbecile

Hezvoko - 25 July 2013

There is something seriously wrong with Professors in Zimbabwe. Prof Moyo, Prof Ncube, Prof Mutambara , . Misoro yacho inoita kunge yakazvarwa nemunhu one plus content yacho as well. How i miss Prof Masipula Sithole. (MHDSRIP). rIGHT Ncube zve IMMORALITY Don't Even go there. You are one of the worst womanizers there is out there. Right now how many wives/girlfriends do you have. Iti pwe tikupe ma details avo plus how many kids they have with you. As for MDC-T initaiting contact with you for a Grand Coalition i am sure the MDC-T BYO Rally gave you goosebumps. Chimira uone next week. You will be condemned to the dustbinm of history. Even ikanzi RUN OFF we will not beg for you. We will beg with Voters in MATEBELELAND . Don';t be mistaken by South African based people's support in online sites and you think you have a chance. The fact that You Ncube and Dabengwa can NOT even agree on who shud stand as the Presidential candidate in your marriage of inconvience suggests how power hungry you are. Lets go for it and meet you NEXT WEDNESDAY

Cde Zvanguzvauya - 25 July 2013

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