Mugabe's selective memory - Mawere

HARARE - In an article published in the Herald on Saturday, July 20, 2013, titled: “President pledges to resuscitate ailing industries”; President Robert Mugabe who addressed a star rally at Somholo Stadium in Lupane is reported as having lamented that Zimbabweans had been robbed of proper leadership during the last five years because of a dysfunctional government that he led.

It is common cause that the industrial decay in Bulawayo did not start with the advent of the inclusive government but one can legitimately conclude that the voting patterns in Matabeleland since the entry of the MDC into the political community of Zimbabwe has reflected a general sense of exclusion by the people living in the region.

Mugabe who has been at the helm of all the post-colonial administrations appears to have a selective and self-serving memory.

He continues to make the point that the inclusive government has been dysfunctional as if to suggest that a Zanu PF-led government would have fared better in running the government alone.

Only a five-year-old person would not know what it was like before birth but for all the eligible voters who will have the opportunity to express their will on July 31, 2013, the version proffered by Mugabe appears not to be backed by reality and honesty.

The fact that the economy appropriately described by Gideon Gono as a “casino economy” was on its knees and the government had lost legitimacy is an open secret as is my vote.

Supermarket shelves were empty and factories were closing and the few that were operating were short of working capital and the Zimbabwean currency was not worth the paper used to print it.

It is difficult for one to understand the kind of world that Mugabe has been living in that permits him to conclude that if elected; industries that were on their knees even before the GPA will be resuscitated.

He blames his coalition partners for throwing spanners into so-called State programmes clearly oblivious of the fact that the State was broke and the dollarisation was unavoidable even under a Zanu PF administration exposing the extent to which the State had already been undermined by bad economic policies.

A state can only mirror what is happening in the real economy.

Before the emergency of the inclusive government, the gloom and doom that characterised the economic climate was self-evident.

A person who takes responsibility for past failures normally deserves a second chance and not a seventh chance.

It is evident that in Mugabe’s make believe world, he is blameless and so are the people who are in the wagon that he has been pulling for the last 33 years.

Mugabe’s circle will never have the incentive to tell him what time it is.

Surely, it cannot be time to hallucinate about the future of 13 million innocent people.

He made the point that: “We have moved together with the MDCs and people are now able to judge their performance and personality. You now know ukuthi ngabantu abanjani. Things have been going down and down, especially in Bulawayo.”

In making the above statement, Mugabe must have known that the buck for any success or failure ought to stop at him and over the last five years, there is no doubt in any rational mind as to who was in control of all the organs of state.

There is no doubt that the personality and character of the inclusive government is reflective of Mugabe’s own backward-looking, partisan and inflexible personality.

Whenever Mugabe goes on leave, cabinet also takes leave and it has been generally the case that anything that he approves of carries the day.

With respect to the performance of the government, any fair person will say that, were it not for the inclusive government, the country would be worse off.

There is no suggestion from Mugabe as to precisely what, if any, he would have done differently had he been in total control of the government.  

Even Mugabe would admit that the passengers in his wagon have contributed to the collapse of the economy.

It is significant that Mugabe observed that: “People have suffered enough and we want to give them a government that will correct the wrongs done in the last five years” and in so doing exposed his ignorance about the real causes of the Zimbabwean economic and political quagmire.

The people of Zimbabwe have been drifting with no defined flight path and each year of independence that was expected to deliver the promise of a better life for all has turned out to be a nightmare and this was the case before the inclusive government and will definitely be the case if Mugabe is re-elected.

In making the above observation, it is clear that the president associates all the wrong things with his political enemies forgetting that the people he trusts most are in reality his worst enemies.

In fact, the so-called wrong things have protected the people from the actions of a predatory state.

I have no doubt that the people of Mashava and Zvishavane know better that their predicament is solely a product of the Zanu PF element in the inclusive government and if they vote with their brains they have no choice but to do the right thing on Election Day.

Mugabe also made the point that: “Although Zimbabwe got $500 million under the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) towards boosting the economy, the funds have not been accounted for by Finance minister Tendai Biti” as if to suggest that he abdicated from his responsibilities as the Head of Government.

If, indeed, Biti stole $500 million as implied by the statement, then surely in the interests of the nation, Mugabe must know better how to have responded to the alleged theft than to use the elections to assassinate the character of his own colleague in cabinet.

The constitution gives Mugabe powers to act as well as to allow Biti to be afforded the same protections that are enshrined in the constitution yet in this case; it would appear that the Father of the Nation is the judge, jury and executioner.

It is also striking that to the extent that there is an allegation of theft; Mugabe appears to be helpless against Biti and this, if anything, suggests that Biti has done a good job in reigning in the president from abusing the SDR funds because in the Zanu PF fashion, the money would have been directed towards projects and programmes that serve the personal interests of the few that make it on Mugabe’s wagon.

Mugabe also made the point that: “We had said part of the money must be used to resuscitate companies in Bulawayo, but Biti said he would give only $20 million, which was not enough.

“The rest of the $500 million, we do not know where it went to;” as if to suggest that the state collapsed under his watch to allow ministers to do as they wish.

Observations have been made that ministers under the watch of an 89-year-old gatekeeper have now been so creative as to allow for the creation of fiefdoms in the State while the Chief Magistrate dwells in fantasy.

Biti continues to make his case about the missing diamond revenues and yet his boss would not want to be part of any conversation that puts a Zanu PF minister under the spotlight.

With respect to civil servants who have watched helplessly as their quality of life has diminished even before the emergence of the inclusive government, Mugabe whose propensity to blame political enemies for anything is legendary had this to say: “Promises given to civil servants have not been fulfilled and this is not the Government worth living for.

“So this is what has been happening;” confirming the view that he is really out of touch with reality.

He then proceeded to make the point that: “Even our farmers have not been getting Government assistance with inputs and farm implements, businesspeople also cannot get money. The same is the case in our hospitals and schools, which are struggling.” Mugabe must know and appreciate the limits of a bankrupt and isolated state.

Such a state cannot be expected to be a Salvation Army to farmers and institutions of State.

The income that the state needs has to come from a source.

The principal culprit in preventing funds from being generated and accessed is the very same person who asks the questions.

The world has already spoken that it is ready to re-embrace Zimbabwe in the Commonwealth of Nations only when a credible, free and fair election is conducted and it does not take a genius to know that the expectation is that the elections can only be free and fair if Mugabe loses.

What is being said loudly is that Zimbabweans have the obligation to do the right thing otherwise the economic woes that the country faces will not end.

The president then went on to say that Zanu PF had since crafted plans for raising capital towards revitalising the economy and improving service delivery as espoused in its election manifesto.

If credible plans existed to turn the fortunes of the economy around, then surely such plans would not need to wait for 33 long years to be implemented.

The president would do better by looking himself in the mirror and ask the question whether the world is wrong in concluding that the major problem is with the man in the mirror.

The man has failed to change himself in 33 years and if it is the case that the man does not see any need to change, then surely it is up to 6 million Zimbabweans to remove the mirror and do justice to what needs to be done on July 31, 2013 to herald a new error of responsibility and accountability.

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Well written and well said i like the fact that you used facts rather than insults. it does not make sense that ZANU PF can today tell us they have a plan. A plan to do what?. i really respect the office and the person of our President, right now if he has any honor its the time he called a dead horse a dead horse not a resting bull. This election is not about MDC or ZANU its about creating a door for change in our future as the country. As such i believe ZANU should stand aside, they have tried and they have failed let someone try. 33 years is a life time its not a joke. I thank you!

Chris - 22 July 2013

Facts versus fantasy and falsehood. Thanks Mutumwa, its time Zimbabweans get the freedom that these old men claim to have fought for. 33 yrs on they cannot be saying "takaifira nyika iyi" when someone born in 1980 is old enough to part of govt or even lead the country. Come on give us a break!

Vimbotee - 22 July 2013

Facts versus fantasy and falsehood. Thanks Mutumwa, its time Zimbabweans get the freedom that these old men claim to have fought for. 33 yrs on they cannot be saying "takaifira nyika iyi" when someone born in 1980 is old enough to part of govt or even lead the country. Come on give us a break!

Vimbotee - 22 July 2013

Facts versus fantasy and falsehood. Thanks Mutumwa, its time Zimbabweans get the freedom that these old men claim to have fought for. 33 yrs on they cannot be saying "takaifira nyika iyi" when someone born in 1980 is old enough to part of govt or even lead the country. Come on give us a break!

Vimbotee - 22 July 2013

This is well written but I wonder if Mugambe will have to read the article. I think the page will be removed by his guys before they hand him the newspaper copy.

Nyorodo - 22 July 2013

What memory?

Oliver wekaMutare - 22 July 2013

In 33yrs, Zimbabwe could have had four (4) presidents.

chipolopolo - 22 July 2013

Typical literature from a crook. At one time or the other you were full of praise for ZPF, before you fled to SA, where you claimed to be a South African and not Zimbabwean.

reason - 22 July 2013

Well said. Zimbabweans have to start taking responsibility of their well being as well. Zanu PF has a dismal record of governance and violence. Lets start a new democratic chapter with a new political dispensation. We owe it to ourselves. Mugabe and Zanu are a spent force that lived to expectations.

connie - 22 July 2013

Mugabe and Zanu PF are a spent force that never lived to expectations

connie - 22 July 2013

the pseudo charecter called reason is the only idiot who has not seen the light.

bhobhojani - 22 July 2013

This posit is ahystorical and selective. It would have been helpful to view this from the angle of the political economy. False arguments about what could have happened, do not take into account the fact that impreial powers have a designation for third world countries that needs rigorous interrogation.

Farai - 22 July 2013

@Farai- perhaps you could start this interrogation and lets take things from there, outside this we are going nowhere. This imperialist this , imperialist that while high, sounding and making for good poetry does not begin the interrogation you refer to, I am hey lets hear your take on this interrogation.

gutter poet - 22 July 2013

Taura hako Mawere and someone who claims to be normal Thinks ZANU PF WILL LEAD THIS USD ECONOMY (ivo vajaira kungoti shortage of foreign currency this that). THEY CAN'T PERIOD. PROVED BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. bread price 1980 19.5c, 1987 50c, 1996 $5, 2009 $1.3X10 to the power 72. Unotohwa vachiti CHINAMASA WAUNZA DOLLAR GOD FORBID "GROCERY MONEY." Zimbabweans lets unite in unity to save this country GO VOTE FOR CHANGE. WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE ENTER POPULATION BEING WORLD BURGERS AGAIN. WE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS ZPF ADMINISTRATION. INCLUSIVE GOVT IS A SUCCESS ANYWHERE THANX TO MDC. IMAGINE 2008/9 WHERE WILL WE BE TODAY. GOD BLESS ZIMBABWE.

Zim One - 22 July 2013

The ills of the GPA:- -in the mid 90s, the GPA introduced the ESAP which hurt our economy even worse. -late 90s the GPA forced the treasurer y to pay out 50 gramma to the war vets, which payments were not budgeted for in the first place. -The GPA has ever been talking of the Mat-Zambezi water project, come election time. -GPA forced Dr Gono to introduce bearer checks and printing "money" like he was printing newspapers. list is endless guys. EISH!! THIS GPA has caused so much damage to our once vibrant economy. TO HELL WITH THIS GPA MONSTER. If zanu pf was in control since independence, things would have not been this bad.

Zvichapera Chete - 22 July 2013

Farai interogate what Mutumwa has said. We all know how things started to be bad and we all know as the economy was shrinking zanupf leaders were bulging. They grew bigger, divorced their backward wives and remarried, bought cars like underwear, grabbed properties all in the name of Mugabe. They built posh houses as the country burnt, then to those who were affected by their extravagancy, they labelled tsvina so they carried out a murambatsvina, Tibaijuka came and condemned it even after they took her to the most expensive hotel she still condemned this. (Lindiwe Zulu don't worry you are not alone ask Tibhaijuka). Before that he had cleansed the ndebels with who he called zvitsiga in Chitungwiza and they became hundi and he carried out a gukurahundi. These terms were coined by him. Then diamonds were discovered in Marange, like vultures they descended on the Marange people anihilated them and with the help of their friends the Chinese they looted our national resources, Before that they had even abandoned chasing fuel from Kuwait and Libya trusting Rotina mavhunga's fuel from the Chinhoyi mountains. The whites were to blame and we drove them off the farms and had gotchie gotchie of their dairy mombes, helped us to the irrigation pipes and pumps and sold them at siya-so, we then doled each other prime land and then dished what we did not want to our foot soldiers who to this day thank their heavens for giving them Mugabe yet they deserved more if this was done properly. They had already done with Ziscosteel with other converting manufacturing industries into bars and kitchens ask employees of Stewards and Lloyds, David Wghitehead, kadoma Mills they made sure they are gone so did Conetextiles, Cold Storage abbatooirs became torture chambers because mombe tange tagocha kumapurazi kudhara.

wamaromo - 22 July 2013

We dried up Bulawayo so that all companies close or come nearer us in Harare. After we were doen with the mabhunus in farms we went for the industry and miners, We had to loot sme money from Zimplats, Mimosas, Bikita Minerals whilst we protect our Chinese anjin and Mbada diamonds because this is our source of our opulance. As for our youth we give them t-shirts and caps and remind them of indeginise and empower. yes by allowing them to smuggle mabhero through Mutare teachers College or as they go to see the gallant forces we left in Mozambique we are empowering them. we also allow them to hang on to kombis calling Mbare mbare as long he has our t-shorts he is happy to allow us to continue withour loot we are done with the,m. Yes for our endles rallies we had to use ZUPCO fine it is now run down we can now fall back to our haulage trucks, by the way the army is made up of the top guys, we feed those well and it makes the juniors patriotic. This GNU did not work well because we used to get USD in large sums without a sweat rom the road port by sending our youths with cardbox of our trillion dollar notes now the GNU stopped this and this was bad according to the gospel of Madzibaba Mugabe with Taguta in attendance. To get the usa we would just print something resembling money and throw it in the street. Those with kids in the diaspora were awash with usa dollars so we had to create a situation to get the dollars from them. Thisis the Zimbabwe in Mugabe's vision as a visionary leader, this is the principled stand of zanupf since he is a principled man, this is the patriotic Zimbabwe since he is the only patriot. RGMugabe, head of state and GNU, commander of the evil forces and first secretary of the looting party ZanuPF.

wamaromo - 22 July 2013

Farai, historical facts are not false arguments. Zanu has a track record of sloganeering and not delivering socio-economic benefits to Zimbabweans. The only false argument is the blatant lie that Zimbabwe's economic problems are because of some imaginary imperialists. Remember the unbudgeted for largesse that was doled out to the so called war veterans...that is when the rot started. It had nothing to do with imperialists. Remember the ill advised venture into an undeclared war in the DRC, paid for by an uninformed citizenry of Zimbabwe. What about the massive looting of state resources. Where did Obert Mpofu earn the millions of dollars that he is using to buy cities. We can go on factually demonstrating the rot that was caused by a cluless President Mugabe. Farai, grow up my friend.

connie - 22 July 2013

Good Mawere, ZANU PF has nothing to offer guys. If they failed in the past what have changed now which cause them to think they can do better. We no they give excuse of sunctions, western will keep their measures in place. So what ZANU WILL DO, NOTHING WE KNOW. There is something strange in Zimbabwe as more pple suffer, hospitals closed many in ZANU BECOME SO REACH why?

student - 22 July 2013

Morgan once warned us that we are going to go hungry, and that we are going to suffer greatly and guess what!! there were queues everywhere for anything that one wanted to buy.; from a GSM sim card, a packet of 2kg sugar, a loaf of bread, a pint of beer, 2lt Chibuku, 5kg mealie meal, 500grams of Salt, 5litres of Petrol or Diesel and just to withdraw bus fare from the bank. And they said everything is taa taa...Then MDC rescued us from all this evil, and they even asked why?? Its time we all make a uniformed decision a go for change. We need to move on and with a new movement. If we make the same mistake again... we are going to keep on suffering and they are going to keep on making that diamond money, looting more companies and laughing all the way to their foreign bank outside well as having their children go to the most expensive colleges and universities money can buy..... not in Zim of course....

Zuruvi - 22 July 2013

So Biti steals half a billion dollars and the President does'nt know where it went! Who does Mugabe think he is talking to?Does it need any more clarification to know what Mugabe thinks of us?

Johno - 23 July 2013

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