Bulawayo roots for Tsvangirai

BULAWAYO - Prime Minister and MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai has scoffed at allegations that his party will return the country into the hands of white colonialists if they assume power.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (left) addresses a rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo on Saturday.

Zanu PF has campaigned on a platform of vilifying the MDC as a puppet of the West bent on “selling out the country to former colonisers”.  Addressing a bumper crowd at a colourful rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo yesterday Tsvangirai said Zimbabwe would never be for sale.

The tens of thousands who attended yesterday’s rally made a statement that they will root for Tsvangirai.

“The thing we can never sell out is the sovereignty of this country. It is the patriotism that unites us all; that Zimbabwe cannot be privatised by an individual. Zimbabwe is not for sale to anyone inside and outside the country,” he said.

“Let us not be confused by people who are saying we want to sell this country. We are all committed to a better country.

Tsvangirai said it was Zanu PF’s record of destroying the economy which his party opposed.

“Mugabe‘s legacy is not about his liberation war credentials but his record in government where he has failed the people of Zimbabwe; where he has brutalised the people; where his supporters has created an economy which has collapsed and where he has created a country which was a bread basket of this region into a basket case. That’s what we judge him for,” Tsvangirai said.

Tsvangirai who also paid tribute to fallen heroes from Matabeleland such as Joshua Nkomo, Nikita Mangena, Lookout Masuku and others who fought during the liberation war said Zimbabwe has reached a most decisive moment in its history.

“The people of Zimbabwe have a choice between the promise of the future and the reminder of the past,” Tsvangirai said while reminding the people of the 2008 economic crisis that brought the country on to its knees.

He said by entering into the government of national unity MDC did not only save the people of Zimbabwe from a serious crisis but also rescued Zanu PF from its own crisis.

He likened Zanu PF to people of “yesterday who cannot solve today’s problems.”

“They don’t have a clue how to solve the problems they created for this country”.

Tsvangirai said it was time the people gave MDC exclusive responsibility as they could do better without Zanu PF citing endemic corruption and decline in service delivery system which he promised to deal with.

“We have a State which cares for a few and ignores the majority. We want to change a government culture of scaring people and not caring for the people. We need a state where a government does not abuse its people.”

The MDC leader pledged to revive the ailing industry as well as many other basic service delivery systems in the country.

“We are concerned about the devolution whereby we say the regions should be able to sustain themselves. About 80 percent of the people said they wanted devolution but it was more acute in this region because of marginalisation,” he said.

The premier said it was part of their grand plan to ensure that resource allocation was done in a fair manner whereby provinces are going to benefit from the resources in their area.

“I want to say the new Constitution has provided us with an instrument of ensuring that we define our priorities in terms of developing this region,” he added.

About the post-independence disturbances that took place in Matabeleland region, Tsvangirai told his supporters that victims would be compensated.

“Talking of the scars left by Gukurahundi, we all talk about it but no action is taken on it. As part of the MDC’s plan we say the Gukurahundi victims must be compensated by the State.

“Otherwise, the scars will remain with us forever and ever. There must be national reconciliation that will actually insist on the truth being told. Because if we don’t do that there will be no justice and without justice there is no healing to talk about,” he said.

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Those who still doubt the 85% landslide for Morgan should just watch and learn. Byo is for MDC.T. Sorry Ncube and the tribal associate

Ngodzo - 21 July 2013

The best gvt to solve the Gukurahundi question is a MT gvt not the RGM or WN one. many ppl in Mashonaland view WNs attempt to rise in power as a threat to future peace and stability.

Bute - 21 July 2013

Having so many people at rallies means nothing. The majority have no clothes to wear and the rush at an opportunity to get free t"shirts , caps and other regalia. It is also the same people who are attending both ZANU(PF) and MDC rallies and they have over 5 t'shirts each from the two parties which they put on for convenience. The actaul people who will decide the fate of Zimbabwe on 31 July are not attending these rallies so Mr Tsvangirai and his MDT Party must not pat themselves on the back. We do not read much in these numbers .

Jona Mangisi - 21 July 2013

Why is it that, all the people with liberation credentials have absolutely zero leadership credentials? When they get into power , all they do is steal state funds and go into diamond mining and and get very very rich and steal all the money from diamond mining and buy luxury car after luxury car, and go overseas for treatment when they are ill and send their children overseas for better education and take all the white owned farms for themselves? Why do people with liberation credentials copy Smith's government by arresting and torturing MDC T opposition politicians and politcal activists , getting CIO to torture political opponents , just like Smith used to do to Afrcan political activists who did not want white rule? Why does all people with liberation credentials become colonised by China and give the Chinese big chunks of diamond mines in exchange for weapons for protection, by building a millitary school in the town of Goromonzi ?Zimbabweans are watching their diamonds taken away to China to feed Chinese children, while poor Zimbabwean children die of malnutrition. Why do all the people with liberation credentials become Chinese puppets and call the Chinese to block independent TV and radio stations?

Dollar - 21 July 2013

This picture is not a true reflection of multitudes who attended this symbolic rally. There were actually more people outside than inside the venue. Morgan virtually lightened the city more than what IBosso ngenkani can do. Move to more fellow Matebeles.

Mayibabo - 21 July 2013

Jona, do u know basic perfomance indicators of anything that are not biased, dont be so emotional when it comes to analysis, at least these people have not been frog marched or bused for over 200km. These came by will.

nzvombo - 21 July 2013

Tarisa kushwitira kwakaita chimutrouser chaBiti, zvivanhu izvi zviri kudya zvichiguta nhai. Zvisinei tokuvhoterai tione kuti munotipa zvipi. Hanzi nevamwe Morgan is More nhai.

ChimedzahMapfumo - 21 July 2013

MT ndzivo-he is the only leader who is capable of reconciling the various tribes in the country. We should all go & vote come 31 July 2013.

Chief Charumbira - 21 July 2013

@Jona, wake up zuva rabuda..

Virus Detected - 21 July 2013

Come election day. Zanu PF will win. Vote Zanu PF

Alice Mutero - 21 July 2013

Alice Mutero! Chisingaperi chinoshura, it is God only without end. CDE Mugabe is out of the STATE HOUSE 31/ 7/ 13. He is losing even here in MASH WEST. He should rest anywhere. Peace Peace Peace Hazvidi hasha maZANU PF fanatics just accept it. ZIMBABWEAN ARE SPEAKING.

Gumborehohwa - 22 July 2013


di truth - 22 July 2013

taura hako nzvombo.mdchaitakure vanhu from all over,and by force for that matter.people comeon their own,not frog marched.at mdc rallies,you dont see vana vechikoro as part of the crowd but grown up people who are eager for change.warwadziwa ne crowd ende you are to see more.to hell with your zanuphobia.why do you force people to close their market stalls and small businesses so that they go and attend rallies?shame on you.

hamuka dennis - 22 July 2013

@jonas mangena you seem to lack one good thing,that is political insight.one are you one sided?the zanu pf newspaper once spoke about zpf already bagging votes and the zanu tv always speak about the so called crowds.have you ever comment on these?the zanu tv will never screen these clips were they thought they had large crowds,but we are not moved by that.the reality is ,out of the two which one forces people to attend rallies?if they are not force marched by the so revolutionary party,you will get the shock of your life and zanu tv will have nothing to screen.zanuphobia nonsense.

GUMBO DAVIS - 22 July 2013

Like I said before,the MDC T a party for excellency will win by 85% and rest will be shared by the smaller parties such as zanupf and mdc ncube.

josefa chinotimba - 22 July 2013

We,the vapanduki together with our Police force who are already vapanduki,will vote overwhelmingly for MDC T on 31 July,as we want to make sure that MDC T wins by 85% and over.

josefa chinotimba - 22 July 2013

Real change is coming guys... its around the corner. If not soon but sooner or later...!

zuruvi - 22 July 2013

Morgan once warned us that we are going to go hungry, and that we are going to suffer greatly and guess what!! there were queues everywhere for anything that one wanted to buy.; from a GSM sim card, a packet of 2kg sugar, a loaf of bread, a pint of beer, 2lt Chibuku, 5kg mealie meal, 500grams of Salt, 5litres of Petrol or Diesel and just to withdraw bus fare from the bank. And they said everything is taa taa...Then MDC rescued us from all this evil, and they even asked why?? Its time we all make a uniformed decision a go for change. We need to move on and with a new movement. If we make the same mistake again... we are going to keep on suffering and they are going to keep on making that diamond money, looting more companies and laughing all the way to their foreign bank outside Zimbabwe....as well as having their children go to the most expensive colleges and universities money can buy..... not in Zim of course....

Zuruvi - 22 July 2013

Bute you say:'The best gvt to solve the Gukurahundi question is a MT gvt not the RGM or WN one. many ppl in Mashonaland view WNs attempt to rise in power as a threat to future peace and stability'. What is the Gukurahundi question? Why do people in Mashonaland view 's attempt to rise in [sic] power a threat to future peace and stability? What are people of Mashonaland guilt of? Why is Tsvangirai not a threat. Bute are you saying 'Thou shall not be a Ndebele leader in Zim'?

Qhubani Tsela - 22 July 2013

People in Zimbabwe are still way back,no wonder its one of the poorest countries in Southern Africa and all over the world.Tsvangirai campaigned for sanctions,he even asked South Africa to cut electricity and fuel.Now some fools think he rescued Zimbabwe ,what a shame,no wonder I would vote for Professor Welshman .

Sandile - 22 July 2013

@QUBANI Setting everything aside, You have to understand that Shonas are 85% of the population to understand the dynamics of Zim politics. Rise from within the majority for ppl to earn trust from you not to come from the extreme right. You create polarity if at all you are powerful enough to gain recognition.

Hanzupenzi - 22 July 2013

Gukurahundi is discussible only if and when Mugabe is out of power. And him being 90, the best time to remove him is now. After that who will you question over the atrocities, when the perpetrator is dead and gone. On the other hand Welshman is an evil double crosser and user for he is defeating the very noble cause through perpetuating Mugabes 33yr rule

Pardington - 22 July 2013

Gukurahundi is discussible only if and when Mugabe is out of power. And him being 90, the best time to remove him is now. After that who will you question over the atrocities, when the perpetrator is dead and gone. On the other hand Welshman is an evil double crosser and user for he is defeating the very noble cause through perpetuating Mugabes 33yr rule

Doughnut - 22 July 2013

Most Mthwakazi people dont like Tswangirayi. It is just that many see him as the only powerful instrument to remove the Gukurahundi, Mugabe. Tswangirayi does not speak Ndebele or any other Mthwakazi language and he never tries. Mugabe is even better on that score. Many a times, he and his party supporters exhibit Gukurahundi tendencies!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 23 July 2013

@Hanzupenzi. In a proper democracy, being 85% by population should not mean anything. This does not mean good ideas on how the country is to develop will necessarily come from 85%. The 85% can all be fools, so what then? What dynamics are you talking about? outright Shona tribalism, you call it dynamics as if there is anything intelligent about it, are you mad? This majority mentality you all now love to boast about is Gukurahundism, brought into Zim's politics by Mugabe and his tribalistic ilk . You have all swallowed it hook line and sinker. If your theory were to hold, then Barack Obama would have never won elections in the US, because Black people are a minority!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 23 July 2013

Shona tribalists and Gukurahundists should stop talking on behalf of each and every innocent voiceless Shona. The Chikomba rally clearly showed all and sundry that not all Shonas are tribalists, but alas everyday we get bombarded by people claiming to speak for all Shona people. Please leave people to vote according to their conciences - this is how democracy works!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 23 July 2013

We need a better new begginng@ new zim

bie - 23 July 2013

this time around hazvikoni

justice - 24 July 2013

le us be honesty, we can only make it if we join hands with mdc mr davengwa. think twice

khumalo - 24 July 2013

Tsangilayi yisikoko yindoda kumugabe he has never abandoned the pple;s project of removing Africa 's last dictator from power peacefully come 31 july zim 's new independence day aneembo agujaatanaa tobanaa zimbabwe

Diibulaanyika - 24 July 2013

shonas claim to be educated sure okusemareseva abo lababantu or jus look at their high density suburbs bazala goremwana goremwana ngubani ofunduleyo, We knw you employ each other on trbal lines in colleges a ndebele doesnt get a place be it whereverwe know ths manje god is for us all our chn are in good schools be it SA Namibia Bots siyeza lowo mgodoyi ungasuka esihlalweni all the troubles that we experienced are in harare yifast track heyi ndoda lizamkhupha kuphela umuntu wenu lo you silly zanoids

sikhathele bo.... - 25 July 2013

Look at Idiots talking about Gugurahundi, you guys dont kno what hapnd and its a sin to boast about that, i will kill yu if yu boast about Gugurahundi. ForfuckSakes....

Mfana Ka sobhuku - 26 July 2013

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