No privacy for Pokello, Elikem

JOHANNESBURG - If it is privacy that you are looking for, you won’t find it in the Big Brother house.

Not only do you have to deal with Biggie’s prying camera’s 24/7 but you also have to face boundary challenged housemates everyday.

This evening Ruby lovebirds Elikem and Pokello got a quick reminder of this one true fact.

The twosome were enjoying a little quality time in the bathtub together when their fellow Rubies Sulu and Cleo decided to invite themselves in for a little chat.

But instead of pouting about their interrupted private moment, the duo just accepted their fate and welcomed the colourful conversation from their Zambian buddies.

Oh well, they do say if you can’t beat them then join them.

Do you think that you would be able to handle the lack of privacy inside of the Big Brother house if you were a housemate?

The sound of love

Oneal and Feza’s relationship is stronger than ever, from the look of things.

Oneza have had some ups and downs in their courtship but now it seems that whatever differences they may have had have finally been resolved.

Earlier this evening during his diary session, the Ruby lad told Biggie that he feels content in his relationship.

And for most of the night the Ruby lovebirds have spent the evening looking adorable together while merrily chirping harmoniously in song together.

The professional disc jockey and his performer girlfriend were the picture of happiness as they belted out a medley of love songs while the Tswana fellow tenderly brushed her face as the Tanzanian looked up at him adoringly.

Talk about cuteness overload.

So clearly that awkward Rendezvous date that they shared last Saturday in fact helped bring them closer together.

Good for you Oneza.

Are you happy to see Oneza looking so in love? And do you think the happiness will last between them?

Something fishy in the Diamond house

This evening Biggie’s sneaky talking fish made a return to the Big Brother house to share a little secret with Nando but the pretty boy just was not having it.

Previously the talking fish paid Selly an unexpected visit in the house.

The sheer shock and fear of the Ghanaian had hilarious results indeed.

But this time around poor little fishy just did not have the same luck.

The young Tanzanian fellow, who was in the bathroom getting ready for his shower at the time, paid little mind to the unidentified voice even as it whispered: “Nando, I have a secret to tell you”.

He merely peeked his head out of shower for a few seconds like a curious cat and then continued on getting ready for his shower.

Later the sneaky fish then tried to rope in Bassey to whatever little mission it had planned but unfortunately Beverly walked in before it could say much to the Sierra Leonean.

Aww, shame little fishy, better luck next time.

Oneal wants Elikem out of the house

Can you feel the burn? Things are heating up in the Ruby House. Today crafty Tswana fellow, Oneal shared his game plan with Biggie and Elikem is at the centre of it all.

Just yesterday the self-proclaimed deep thinker told Biggie that he can easily “out smart and out think” the Ghanaian and today he echoed those same sentiments and elaborated a bit more on his plans for the young actor.

“My plan is to get rid of him from the house,” confessed the Ruby lad during his Diary session this afternoon.

The radio personality was quick to clarify that he has nothing personal against Elikem or his girl Pokello.

But as he put it, he just refuses to be intimidated by people because of the region that they come from.

The talkative Ruby also shared that him saving Elikem from evictions last week was all part of his master plan.

He said: “I wanted to keep him in the house and I wanted him to know that I am keeping him in the house so that he lets his guard down. As soon as he lets his guard down that is when I will strike.”

Woo child!

During his Diary session yesterday, he said that the 24-year-old Accra guy had gone around saying that he is the smartest person in The Chase and that he will be smarter than the 33-year-old when he is that age, which is what started this whole plot against Elikem.

Today he revealed that it was his woman Feza that Elikem had apparently said this to.

“When somebody makes such comments about you to someone that you are close to it’s game on,” he concluded.
Are you excited to see where Oneal’s plot will lead; Yes or No?

Sulu explains swapping Angelo

Today Sulu defended his “Save and Replace” decision telling Biggie, “I had to do what I had to do”.

Yesterday the new HoH learned very quickly what a great burden power can be when he had to pick one housemate to save from eviction and one housemate to replace that person with.

In the end he chose to throw his buddy Angelo under the bus in order to save his other buddy Elikem.

The Zambian said that he knows that his decision may come across as backstabbing because at this point some of the Chasemates are friends with each other. But he clarified that there was no malice behind his choice. “I based my decision on how I relate to each and every person,” he told Biggie.

He further explained that he knows that had he not chosen anyone then he too would have been put up for possible eviction and that is a risk that he is not willing to take.

“I had to do what I had to do”

Angelo, Annabel, Bassey, Dillish and Pokello are up for possible eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite housemate in the game.


Comments (2)

am voting for Pokello to stay ,SULU will mee you next week i bet u are gone

danchiwawa - 19 July 2013

Stupid people do stupid things. Does pokello and this idiot have families or partners who would marry or are married to them? What they are doing in public is what is happening or being done by their partners. We are enjoying their partners too because they too don't have respect for their partners

Danish Washuna - 19 July 2013

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