Mugabe pleads for Masowe vote


HARARE - President Robert Mugabe on Saturday appealed for votes from the 1.2 million member-strong Johanne Marange Apostolic Church.

Mugabe,  donning white Apostolic garb and appearing at the sect’s annual Passover meeting holding a shepherd’s crook, implored the parishioners in Marange to avert a repeat of the 2008 vote when he lost to Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and his strongest challenger in 33 years of power.

Mugabe, who claims to be a practising Catholic, told the Johanne Marange sect members attending their week-long Passover: “We did wrong in 2008, five years ago.

“We voted wrongly and we voted for those people who want to reverse the land reform programme.

“Tsvangirai says we return land to the whites because they are good farmers. Aaaah this is wrong because they are good at enslaving blacks.

“We say no to the reversing of the land reform programme.

“That’s what we fought for to liberate you and give you independence,” said Mugabe in a rally beamed live on State TV.

For some time now, Zanu PF has been using religion as a political campaign tool, with his rally coming amid the increasing use of faith as an issue in the 2013 general election campaign.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party, which had a rally attended by a bumper crowd in the same province, says it has a God-fearing leadership and opens its meetings and rallies with prayer.

Mugabe once again railed against homosexuality saying this is against the Bible.

The veteran ruler called for the formation of more indigenous-led churches.

The Johanne Marange sect, whose church founder passed away in 1963 leaving 13 widows, is one of the largest growing spiritual groups in Zimbabwe at the moment.

“After independence we said on religion, Zimbabweans are allowed to form their own churches and the government will support them,” Mugabe said.

“We want blacks to take those churches which were for the whites, because blacks in Zimbabwe are educated and can run them.

“The Bible is for us too not for the whites only. The resources are for the blacks and the leadership in Zimbabwe is for the blacks.

“But there are some who are still against that.”

Hailing the Johanne Marange church for building a school in Marange, Mugabe — a teacher by profession — said soon after independence, he called for the building of more schools in the country.

“We helped each other in building more schools and colleges and today we are number one in terms of education in Africa,” he said.

“We are still under illegal sanctions imposed on us by the western allies, but we have managed to build schools.

“We thank you for the unity. We thank you for building a school here in Marange and we will continue supporting you.”

Curiously, Mugabe’s speech did not touch on children being married off at a tender age in the burgeoning Johanne Marange religious sect that insists on marrying virgins.

The church is a principal violator of young girls’ rights.

Efforts to put a stop to child marriages in Johanne Marange sect have been lackadaisical because Mugabe’s Zanu PF is ambivalent to act against the practice for fear of alienating their key constituency, critics say.

Girl rights activists have called for a concerted effort to spur a movement to put an end to child marriage, which is increasingly seen as a crucial part of the cycle of poverty in Zimbabwe .

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Hyenas in sheep clothing. Hatimukei mapostori!! Maroto eZanu kuti kuti masaction achapera ivo vari ivo vakaaunza

MUONI - 14 July 2013

zanu yaora kwekupedzisira mapositora haafe akakunda nyika ino vanopenga

chipinge - 14 July 2013

ZanuPF will never solve anything for our benefit but will continue with name calling especially that of Tony Blair who has long gone as a British Prime minister.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 14 July 2013

Now that we know that Dumiso Dabengwa is the one who crafted the rerun in 2008 which led to killing of people let not attend to his campaigns. He campaigns for the killing of people in 2013 again. As we know it was him who accused MDC for the disappearance of Cain Nkala. Up to this hour we do not know where Ndabanyana's remains are.He was abducted by ZanuPF a party in which Dabengwa and Jonathan Moyo were Poltibro members.Iam also shocked by the blindness and housefly mentality being displayed by Prof Ncube.Some of his members were jailed and tortured which led to Hon Fletcher Diluni losing one of his eye.Only this was orchestrated by Dumiso and company in ZanuPF. The people of Matabeleland tribalism will never bring bread on our table. Dabegwa wants a rerun between Mugabe and Tsvangirai but history has taught us that ZanuPF will kill in order to win the elections. This is the stage Dabengwa advocates for, advocating for the killing of people by Mugabe. To Mr Dumiso Dabengwa with due respect ,I say please grow up! To Prof Ncube its your choice to dine with people who caused the Gukurahundi and disapperance of Ndabanyana.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 14 July 2013


Bojinka - 14 July 2013

Ndiani achirikuda Mugabe&zanupf?? Honestly Mugabe must think mapostori are so stupid to vote for him because he comes along election time wearing white robs.

Stop-a-Thief - 14 July 2013

President Mugabe is on record for saying the Security Chiefs are still in the war mode, 33 years after independents. If Zanu-PF is still fighting the people, who will win? If Dabengwa is fighting the people, who will win? The Mapositoris are not fools, did it not dawn on Zanu-PF that Mugabe was speaking to the VaPostoris with their back to him. Look at the photos!

Gondobwe - 14 July 2013

How can 9700 polling stations handle 6 million people in less than 10 hours. If it happens then this will be a record breaker just a few lines behind the other record of Mugabe standing for Presidency at 89 years and 4 months with a woman half his age and managing only 10 rallies and one religious meeting. Here is the maths for thought for ZEC; 9700 station for 6 million people = 619 votes per polling station for the day = 68 voters per hour for each polling station=1,1 voters per minute NON STOP and this is just an average. STOP THE MADNESS how can a judge stand with a straight face and say she is READY for elections. MAHUMBWE!

Tapiwa - 14 July 2013

Yarova sei chinja yapfekedza Bob magemenzi ...naGiresi Jezebel !!!

Giresi Jezebel - 14 July 2013


Hlongwane Spinach - 15 July 2013

Siyanai nema positori. Havakurudziri chingochani. So they don't have an option apart from ZANU PF. Voting for MDC is against Christianity and their principles coz they will be voting for Homosexuality.

madhaka - 15 July 2013

@ madhaka. uri madhaka zvechokwadi. unofunga kuti mapositori akapusa here sewe.iwe ndiwe ngochani yacho. ukatarisa mai tsvangirai unoona ari murume here. we are voting for policies that have a potential to uplift the masses not enrich the few elite. go and wash madhaka ari kumeso kwako otherwise u end up wodya madhaka iwayo uchingoti ndofira mu zanu

mupostori - 15 July 2013

"Inhamo saka ndakanamata" They sing this song the vapostori. The old man has his own problems that is why he one of the members. MDC- T has given him sleepless nights. Also his health is not good. Mapostori anoponesa. But they can not create miracle votes. Why can't he try others prophets for miracle votes????

MadziFathers - 15 July 2013

Charova sei chando chakwidza kamba mumuti. Is this not the same man who said the vapositori and pastors were false prophets who have wives who are also also prophetesses? I think the M;asowe guys are smarter than he estimates them to be.

Chenjerai Hove - 15 July 2013

Zvinonzi kanawava weZanu hauchafanirwi kufunga,unoita nekutaura zvawanzwa nemashefu kuti uchengetedze mufuku

TOENDEPI - 16 July 2013

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