Mugabe can't be trusted to lead Zim - Mawere

HARARE – Businessperson Mutumwa Mawere says President Robert Mugabe cannot be trusted to lead Zimbabwe for the next five years.

“Don’t trust anybody, people trusted president Mugabe and today they are poor,” he told a news conference at the Meikles Hotel on Friday.

He said Mugabe did not have a clue of what is happening in Zimbabwe as he is trying to recycle bad ideas.

“His world views are wrong, that I can take shares from here and there, then you become okay, if the views are wrong they don’t require age. You can’t recycle bad ideas and hope they will become good ideas,” Mawere said.

He said Mugabe continued to abuse the State media in a bid to hide his short-comings.

“Because he controls the State, he gets coverage visibility. Everything that he says is reported and everything that anyone says is reported negatively, that is the tendency,” he said.

“Incumbents are very difficult to fight, not because they have support but because people don’t know the truth. People are gullible because we don’t know the other side of the truth.”

Mawere, who recently regained his citizenship after a protracted legal battle at the Constitutional Court, said people needed to fight for their voting right, so as to determine their future.

“I am going to vote because I am now eligible, I took my passport today, and people who need change must work for it,” he said.

“With citizenship comes the obligation, a right to vote, to make sure I don’t blame other people for their choice. After the election, it will be too late to say why president Robert Mugabe became a president when I had a right to stop it.”

He said he had to mount a test case to ascertain the country’s citizenship laws for the benefit of future generations.

“By testing the right of citizenship on me, now you understand what the citizenship laws are, will would have never known that. I had to go to the Con-Court to establish that I am a Zimbabwean. Active citizenship gives outcome, if you’re not active you get the leadership you deserve and if you’re silent, you will not get a better outcome and history has defined that. I was fighting to assert the right to citizenship,” Mawere said.

“That is why I went to court because the Constitution said we want people like you to be citizens then here I am, I go to (Registrar General Tobaiwa) Mudede and he says no, you can’t get a passport, an ID but because we’re nation of law, here is the Zimbabwean passport. And we’re making what?

"The Constitution to have a meaning, I would have expected people like president Mugabe to say no, Mudede don’t do that, we have this new Constitution amendment number 20, how can you stop Mawere, if he wants to register he’s just one vote, why are you afraid of him?”

Reaffirming his support for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s candidature in the July 31 watershed election, Mawere said Mugabe’s bookish ways had failed to solve the country’s problems. 

“Right now the country is going down while you have a smart leader, you have president Mugabe with nice speeches, after all the nice speeches people are still hungry, so I don’t have a president who is smart,” Mawere said.

“I am just saying 33 years, if I had a magic plan I would have shown some signs of what?

Right now if you go to Dubai, people go to shop there, 33 years ago there was nothing, it was just camels.”

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Mawere has an axe to grind with Mugabe and ZANU(PF) over the Shabani mines which was taken from him. The truth is that Mawere benefitted from ZANU(PF) government programmes. It is only after it was discovered that he was siphoning all profits to banks in South Africa and other tax havens that the Zimbabwe government decided to take decisive action. He should just keep quiet and grow fat of ill- gotten fortune. Mawere, as a South African citizen, should prepare to participate in the parliamentary election next year. MAWERE CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO LEAD ANY ZIIMBABWEAN POLITICAL PARTY HAS A DOUBLE IDENTITY. INYOKA INONZI TSUKUKUVIRI - A TWO HEADED SNAKE.

Rabison Nyundo - 13 July 2013

Mutumwa is a citizen of Zimbabwe who has got his right to air his voice Let hm exercise it Surely after 33 years what new from his Excellency can he deliver Let the President rest guys I has enough respect for him as a national heroe who is counted upon many in Africa Even though my vote is a secret it wont go to a party whose Legal Affairs Minister is Patrick Chinamasa

Nyikavaranda - 13 July 2013

Plz leave Mawere alone & let him express his views as it is his democratic right to do so. Having an axe to grind with ZANU (PF) does not take away his right to actively participate in the nation's affairs. We all fought for total freedom which guarantees all citizens the unfettered right to express themselves so leave Dziva alone ndapota. As a member of the royal Charumbira chieftainship, I will fight against all forms of injustices that may be perpetrated against innocent citizens

Chief Charumbira - 13 July 2013

Mawere you said it all. Mugabe izuru rakapinda nyoka. What is it that he is going to do in 5 yrs that he failed to do in 33yrs. Zvimwe zvinhu zvinongoda common sense. These zanoids are just after protecting their ill gotten wealth. nothing else. They know if Morgan becomes President he wont fold his arms when it is common konwledge that the likes of mpofu,chombo,chihuri,chiwenga infact all these old,tired & useless zanu thiefs. U are right Mawere when talked about Dubai. I worked there for 3 years. Ndoinonzi development manje iyoyo. just a few years ago it was desert. because of their which they manage well they turned a desert into a first world country. What about us with our diamond. Our diamond turned to mpofu a billionare, owning most properties in Victoria falls, buying a bank for himself. what about other crooks in zanu pf. Now they want to hide nekuti we are farmers thats where are wealth is coming from. If they are successful farmers why are we importing food from other countries. Hama dzangu to vote for zanu pfutseke is simply to allow these maroons to milk our God given resources for another 5yrs. wake up guys and vote out these evil pple.

baba juks - 13 July 2013

All the farms were pillaged' equipment sold' cows sold hey now hakuna production hanzi ecause banks aren't giving us loans, my foot'.Iyezvino Mpofu is so rich from diamond deals this should be stopped. MDC shuld at every rally mention Mpofu's riches that he got from stealing our diamonds

musa - 13 July 2013

Mawere you benefited from ZANU PF's initiatives, nhasi wakutiudza kuti hee murivarombo hee Mugabe hee ZANU.

just - 13 July 2013

I am not a fan of Mawere politics but I would support his views against Zanu-PF corruption, economic pillage, brutality, and Mudede's bid to deny him his citizenship. Mawere has freedom of expression, just like anybody else. If SMM mines were not pillaged, many Zimbabweans would be employed today, thus reducing poverty among families.

Gondobwe - 13 July 2013

Mutumwa Mawere akaona chiyedza saka chakaipa chiyi?

Benard Dube - 13 July 2013

Eh Mutumwa akaona chiedza sekuona chiedza kwakaita Simba Makoni. Yanga yakaipei? Simba ava kuzoita Second Vice President Republic of Zimbabwe imo muna August imomu!

Chimbi Manwa - 13 July 2013

Wel cme back home Mawere. It is gratifying that you have nw seen the light. Tsvangirai ndizvo.

Thomas - 13 July 2013

Ndiani achirikuda Mugabe&zanupf??

Stop-a-Thief - 13 July 2013

Zvimwe zvinhu zvinopedza power.It is like a man who has failed to impregnate if wife in 10 years and says he will do it in 10days.This is what I call indicating right snd turning left

Fox - 14 July 2013

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