Live Election Updates

17:05, HARARE -
Police have deployed water cannons at the "Freedom Square", the open space near Rainbow Towers Hotel where Morgan Tsvangirai held his last MDC rally ahead of the July 31 polls. Pic: Annie Mpalume

13:38, HARARE -
SADC Election Observer mission says it would be too early to judge the fairness of the polls arguing they "don’t want to jump to conclusions, but loosing canditates must exercise restraint and take legal action instead of violence."

13:04, HARARE - Zanu PF claims they have achieved a landslide victory in the 2013 harmonised election.

Speaking to journalists at the party's Harare headquaters, Legal and Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa said they were satisfied with the manner in which the elections were conducted and the recommendations by Sadc and African Union observers.

He also urged MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai to start preparing his case and seek recourse from the courts.

13:01, HARARE - The African Union (AU) has produced a damning preliminary statement on the July 31 polls raising a plethora of challenges that bogged the harmonised elections, which President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF are likely to win by a landslide.

In its report the AU noted a myriad of problems such as a polarised media, a high number of assisted voters and also the over printing of ballot papers by the office of the Registrar General.

“The mission continues to express grave concerns about the matter of the voters roll. The Mission notes that the number of ballot papers printed (8.7 million), corresponding to 35 percent above the registered voters, was significantly higher than international best practices (5-10 percent) and raises concerns of accountability of unused ballots,” read part of the AU statement.

Among other thorny issues that the AU raised was the high incidence of assisted voters in a country which has a literacy rate of above 90 percent.

“The Mission notes the occurrence of high number of assisted voters in many polling stations nation-wide. Examples include polling stations in Muzarabani District, Mashonaland Central; at Musengezi, at the time of observation, 97 voters out of 370 were assisted; Kapembere Primary School 77 voters out of 374 were assisted and Bore Primary School 85 voters out of 374 were assisted.

“While the current electoral laws provide for assistance by presiding officers, electoral officers and police officers, the involvement of such officials may influence or restrict the free will of the assisted voter,” the AU said.

12:56, HARARE - Sadc endorses Zimbabwe's 2013 election. Says the poll went on well under the circumstances.

08:56, August 02, HARARE - African Union press conference at 09:00. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission press conference at 10:00. Zanu PF press conference at 11:00.

14:52, HARARE - Sadc's Electoral Commissions Forum has endorsed the 2013 election.

It said despite massive irregularities with the voters roll, the process was free, fair and credible.

Head of the observer mission, Notemba Tjipueja, said although the voters roll was not clean and participating candidates were not availed the register in time, the team still believes the 2013 election credible-saying all participating candidates must accept the result.

“Over and above, the commission recommends that they is need to clean up the voters roll to ensure accuracy and adherence to legal provisions governing the elections that is voters roll and inspection,” she said.

Meanwhile Zimbabwe Electoral Commission says there was a high vote turn out throughout the  country with Manicaland having recorded 290 303 voters out of over 800 000 registered to vote.

12:56, HARARE - Riot police deployed at Harvest House, the MDC headquarters in central Harare.

10:39, HARARE - The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) set to hold a press conference at 11:00AM at the Harare International Conference Centre national command centre.

10:12, HARARE - Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) claims the July 31 poll was manipulated.

The organisation claims one million people were bused into Harare, an unusually high number of assisted voters and voter registration was biased towards rural vote. 

09:07, August 01, HARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC convene an emergency meeting to digest "stunning" results gleaned from polling stations.

18:01, HARARE - With an hour to go before voting ends, millions of people across the country have voted. The queues which appeared in the morning have disappeared. But allegations of massive rigging have blighted an otherwise peaceful poll.

16:15, BULAWAYO – People queue to cast their vote at Stanley Hall in Makokoba.

16:05, HARARE – There is a long queue at Mabvuku Hall as a large number of people are still to cast their vote in the constituency.


15:59, HARARE – Most people in Glen View have been able to cast their ballot way before the 7pm deadline when polling stations close. Few people are now coming in at Glen View 3 Primary School to vote.

15:57, MASVINGO - Village heads in Gutu and Bikita reportedly force marched their subjects to the polling stations and compelled them to vote for Zanu PF.

15:35: HARARE - Voting in Southerton constituency started at slow pace in the constituency as there were two polling stations at the Southerton Primary School.

Long queues emerged and by mid-day polling officers were struggling to clear the people who had lined up since 7am. People are still waiting patiently in queues to cast their ballot before the end of polling at 7pm.

15:00, HARARE - Zec confirms that a number of police officers who did not cast their ballot during the Special Vote exercise found their names cancelled from the voters roll today.

14:55, HARARE - Zec chairperson Makarau says the commission is investigating reports of a high number of assisted voters especially in the rural areas.

14:53, HARARE -
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) press conference now underway at the national command centre at Rainbow Towers.

14:20, HARARE - At least 20 people have been detained at Hatfield police station for allegedly trying to vote using fake registration slips.

13:55, BINDURA – Approximately 283 people had voted by 13:00hrs at Chipadze Secondary School while 36 were turned away.

280 had voted at Chipindura Primary School by the same time. All the long queues present at most polling stations had been cleared by mid-day.

13:42, HARARE - Confusion mars voting in Mbare as most voters fail to locate their correct wards.

Ward demarcations are based on voters’ physical address.

Mbare constituency is divided into three namely; Mbare, Sunningdale and Southerton.

13:40, BULAWAYO - A Zanu PF supporter has been reportedly arrested for campaigning inside a polling station while another party activist was caught manning a polling station alone in rural Gwanda district, Matabeleland South by independent local observers.

Debra Mabunda, the focal media person for  Matabeleland region independent civic society groups monitoring elections, said they are investigating the presence of bogus polling stations after discovering one in Gwanda district this morning.

13:27, CHIKOMBA – Long winding queues at Hokonya Primary School.

13:19, HARARE -
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has vowed to end President Robert Mugabe's 33 year reign saying the massive turnout was a sign that Zimbabweans want to complete the stalled change of 2008.

The MDC leader, who is making a third crack at the presidency, told journalists after casting his vote along with his wife Elizabeth at Mt Pleasant High School around 10 am, that he was touched by the winding queues.

“Today is a historic day for all of us to complete the delayed run-off of 2008. We wish everyone to complete the change,” said Tsvangirai.

As voters waved to the former trade unionist, he became emotional reflecting on the journey he has walked since entering the country’s political space in 1999.

“This is an emotional moment, when you see all these people coming to vote, it is touching,” he said.

Tsvangirai was accompanied by his children and some top MDC officials.

13:12, MARONDERA - Scores of people turned out to cast their vote in Mashonaland West.

A peaceful atmosphere generally characterised the polling stations in the province.

By 11am, 394 people had cast their vote at Mutukwa Primary School, Marondera East constituency, whilst 14 where turned away for various reasons, including having registered in a different constituency.

Marondera urban perhaps had the largest turn out with queues sprouting at polling stations as early as 4am.

13:07, SHURUGWI - 400 cast votes at Msasa Primary School by 12:00. Hundreds still queing.

12:56, HARARE - There are reports that close to 300 first time voters who registered in the final mobile outreach programme have been turned away as their names are not appearing in the voters roll at Glen View 3 Primary School.

A few have been allowed to vote after producing their registration slips.

12:53, HARARE - Most polling centres in Glen View have cleared the long queues that were there in the morning.

12:46, KWEKWE - Zanu PF officials are reportedly taking down voters' names at a polling station at Rutendo Primary School, Redcliff.

12:03, HARARE -
President Robert Mugabe addresses journalists after casting his vote at Mhofu Primary School, Highfield.

12:01, HARARE - President Robert Mugabe says he will serve a full five-year term if he wins.

11:50, HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has cast his vote at Mhofu Primary School, Highfield. He took approximately two minutes in the voting booth.

Mugabe was accompanied by the First family.

11:38, HARARE -
People queue to vote at Crowbrough North sub-office, Harare.

11:27, EPWORTH - Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Rita Makarau says she is so far satisfied with the voting process.

11:25, EPWORTH - High voter turnout at Makomo Primary School and Epworth Community Hall.

11:12, CHINHOYI -
A woman casts her vote at Chaedza Primary School. Pic: Watson Ofumeli

11:07, CHINHOYI -
People queue to vote at Chaedza Primary School. Pic: Watson Ofumeli

11:00, BINDURA
- 121 people had voted at Chipanze B polling station by 8:30 with four assisted.

At Chipanze A, 53 had voted by 8:00 with four assisted. At Makwinja polling station 114 cast their votes by 8:50, with 10 assisted.

10:55, CHITUNGWIZA - Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) observers say they are so far satisfied with the voting process.

10:53, HARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has cast his vote at Mount Pleasant High School. The PM, who was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth, said he was overwhelmed by the high turnout.

10:42, HARARE - At least seven police officers find their names cancelled from the voters' list at Mhofu Primary School in Highfield. Polling agents say they already voted in the special voting exercise.

10:35, BINDURA - Voting yet to start at Rushinga Primary School in Chipadze.

10:30, HARARE -
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and wife Elizabeth cast their ballots at Mount Pleasant High School.

09:20, HARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe expected to cast their ballots this morning in Mount Pleasant and Highfield respectively.

09:09, HARARE - Over 200 people queue to vote at Kuwadzana High 1 School by 07:00AM.

09:07, HARARE - Water canons spotted sweeping down Samora Machel Avenue heading east.

08:59, BINDURA - Slow start to voting, 31 people had cast their ballots at Bindura District Administrator's office by 07:45AM. At Chipindura Primary School 26 had voted by 08:00AM while two were turned away.

08:57, HARARE - Massive turnout at Zimre Park Primary School with more than 200 voters queing as early as 02:00AM.

08:53, ZVISHAVANE - Hundreds brave the chilly weather and turnout to vote at Gresham Primary School. Several people are having a torrid time finding their correct wards.

08:47, HARARE -
People queue to vote in Mbare. Pic Annie Mpalume

08:45, CHINHOYI - Massive voter turnout at Chonhoyi Hall and Chikonohono shopping centre.

08:42, July 31, HURUNGWE - Traditional leaders shepherd their subjects to polling stations.

17:40, HARARE -
President Robert Mugabe addressing the press conference.

17:38, HARARE -
President Robert Mugabe arriving for his press conference at State House. Pic: Annie Mpalume

17:32, BULAWAYO - People are upbeat about voting tomorrow but spent the day going about their normal day-to-day business.

17:27, HARARE - President Robert Mugabe tells press corps that he will graciously step down if he loses tomorrow's election.

17:20, MASVINGO - The day progressed peacefully despite queues at most banks, while the main Mucheke bus terminus was a hive of activity as people jostled to get to their districts where they are registered to vote.

16:57, HARARE - MDC voters' roll chamber application, court session underway.

16:47, CHINHOYI - Chinhoyi and Banket, among other key Mashonaland West political districts, are very quiet despite the hype and electioneering by various political parties. With so many posters, this is the only stark reminder that people will be voting tomorrow.

16:42, HARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party has filed an urgent Electoral Court application to compel the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to furnish it with the voters’ roll in line with the Electoral Act.

In terms of the law, political contestants are entitled to copies of the voters’ roll before the polling day.

In his affidavit MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti said his party’s access to the voters’ roll was critical and indispensable for it to be able to verify the outcome of the elections.

The matter is currently being heard in High Court Judge Joseph Mafusire’s chambers.

16:34, HARARE -  Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC has fiercely clashed with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) over the availability and status of the voters’ roll.

MDC secretary general, Tendai Biti told the Daily News this afternoon that Zec had refused to avail them with an electronic voters’ roll saying they only had hard copies.

“This is absurd and scandalous. How on earth do you have a hard copy without a soft copy. We are no longer in era of using Remington’s type writers. You can only print a hard copy from a soft copy. This is why this election is discredited from the very onset,” said Biti.

16:23, HARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC has postponed its press conference to tomorrow July 31. Time to be advised.

17:03, July 29, HARARE -
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's final MDC rally held at "Freedom Square". Pics: Watson Ofumeli

14:06, JULY 29, HARARE -
Part of the crowd at Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's final MDC rallly.

11:03, JULY 29, HARARE -
MDC supporters sweep down Samora Machel Avenue enroute to mega MDC rally at the 'Freedom Square' next to Rainbow Towers Hotel. Pic: Annie Mpalume

15:06, JULY 28, HARARE -
President Robert Mugabe finishes his address at a Zanu PF rally held at the National Sports Stadium.

12:24, JULY 28, HARARE - MDC deputy chairman Morgan Komichi has been arrested after reporting that ballots cast in the recent two-day special vote were found in a rubbish bin.

10:06, JULY 28, HARARE - Police grant MDC permission to hold rally on Monday July 29, 2013.

13:07, JULY 27, BULAWAYO - President Robert Mugabe addresses a rally at White City Stadium.

12:48, JULY 27, HARARE - Police bars Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC rally set to be held next to Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare on Monday July 29, 2013.

10:13, JULY 24, MUTARE -
State-run bus firm Zupco and a lorry drop off Manicaland residents for President Robert Mugabe's rally in Mutare yesterday. Pic: Bernard Chiketo

16:49, JULY 23, HARARE - Ignatius Chombo, the Zimbabwean Local Government minister, has written off all outstanding water bills nationwide in a move widely viewed as a "vote buying gimmick" by Zanu PF.

14:35, JULY 19, LUPANE - President Robert Mugabe pleads with Matabeleland to vote for Zanu PF, accusing the MDC of contributing to the marginalisation of the region.

In a Matabeleland North star rally today, the 89-year-old leader told thousands of party supporters that Finance Minister Tendai Biti had abused a $500 million (Special Drawing Rights) facility from the International Monetary Fund.

17:30, JULY 18, CHINHOYI - President Robert Mugabe arrived at Chinhoyi University at 13:00hrs where he greeted thousands of supporters from the back of a pick-up truck, as has become the norm.

Mugabe expressed his fear of another government of national unity (GNU).

He also said the US must be absolutely insane to suggest that elections must not be held because MDC parties argued that there have not been security sector reforms.

Mugabe said MDC is free to offer these as contested issues to the electorate.

The 89-year-old leader also lashed out at Marian Chombo questioning why she is still using the Chombo surname.

08:46, JULY 18, HARARE - High Court judge president George Chiweshe has ordered the Attorney General’s office to verify the number of police officers currently on the government payroll before he addresses a special voting impasse today.

14:48, CHITUNGWIZA - President Robert Mugabe praises Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai for preaching against violence as he told thousands of his supporters in Chibuku Stadium to desist from violence.

President Robert Mugabe addressing supporters at a Zanu PF rally at Chibuku Stadium. - Pic: Watson Ofumeli


A crowd of people at President Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF rally at Chibuku Stadium. - Pic: Watson Ofumeli

JULY 16, HARARE - Thousands of police officers fail to vote in the on-going special vote.

15:46: Grace Mugabe ends her speech by promising maize meal to everyone in attendance at the rally and says do not forget to vote for Zanu PF. Sulu Chimbetu is now performing for the crowd.

15:35: Grace Mugabe says Zimbabwe does not want a leader like Tsvangirai who goes after 100 women before he gets married.

15:25: Mugabe ends his speech by saying Tsvangirai is full of British ideologies and Zanu PF will not allow people who are controlled by Britain to rule Zimbabwe. It’s now Grace Mugabe’s turn to speak.

15:22: Mugabe urges his supporters to vote for Zanu PF and show MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai the exit door through the ballot box.

15:18: Mugabe has warned his Zanu PF supporters against violence in the run-up to the July 31 poll. He says your weapon is your vote.

15:14: Mugabe says Zimbabwe needs total empowerment and an end to corruption.

15:10: Mugabe urges Zanu PF leaders and supporters to be united in their battle against the MDC in the July 31 elections. He says if the leaders are not united it will result in a divided Zanu PF.

15:05: Mugabe says Zimbabwe is a country full with a lot of educated people and encourages people to vote for qualified candidates who will be appointed ministers.

15:00: Mugabe says that he will not allow the youths of Zimbabwe to give back land to white people. Even after he is gone he will come back and haunt the country if land was ever returned to the white community.

14:55: Mugabe says there will be no going back on the July 31 poll date. He encourages the Zanu PF youths to vote in their numbers to ensure that the MDC will not win the elections.

14:53: Mugabe says that there was no rampant political violence during the 2008 elections. He says only a few provinces experienced political violence during that period.

14:50: Mugabe castigates the MDC for seeking intervention from Sadc.

14:47: Mugabe accuses Biti of withholding funds from the IMF meant for critical developments projects. Mugabe also claims that he will not go anywhere as the MDC will not govern Zimbabwe.

14:42: Sorry for the delay in bringing you updates from the Zanu PF rally in Marondera. Our reporters were experiencing technical difficulties. President Mugabe is now addressing the crowd.

14:00: Dendera music star Sulu Chimbetu here in Marondera where he will perform at the Zanu PF rally.

13:50: Zanu PF national political commissar, Webster Shamu is now addressing the rally. Shamu says Mugabe is more educated than US president Barack Obama.

13:45: Ray Kaukonde now addressing the crowd and takes a swipe at the MDC-T led Marondera city council over unpaid salaries to workers.

13:39: President Mugabe has taken his place on the podium. Proceedings now starting with the Zimbabwe national anthem.

13:30: Thousands of Zanu PF supporters have gathered at the venue where Mugabe is expected to address the rally soon.

13:20, JULY 15, MARONDERA - President Robert Mugabe has arrived in Marondera for the Zanu PF rally outisde Rudhaka Stadium.


14:34, HARARE - Hundreds of Police officers and soldiers await to vote at Town House under the two-day special voting exercise. Pics: Annie Mpalume

14:09, HARARE - Chaos mars start of two-day special voting exercise for security forces.

12:16, JULY 14, MASVINGO - Daily News' reporter Godfrey Mtimba says thousands of people troop into Mucheke Stadium for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's rally.

JULY 13, HARARE - MDC special vote challenge hearing set down for Monday.

JULY 13, 12:43, MUTARE -
Thousands of people at Sakubva Stadium attending the MDC rally to be addressed by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

JULY 12, HARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC has filed an urgent chamber application in the High Court seeking to postpone postal voting on Sunday amid allegations of electoral fraud. The case is yet to be set down for hearing.

16:51: Ncube ends his speech by urging all Zimbabweans not to vote for a fall revolution giving an example to what is happening in Egypt at the moment.

16:40: Ncube says the MDC is committed to a free and democratic Zimbabwe which will have equality to all Zimbabweans.

16:30: Ncube says a vote for Zanu Pf in the coming elections means a continuation of hunger and poverty. The MDC leader says the forthcoming elections will determine whether Zimbabwe moves forward or backwards

16:25: Ncube says it is not possible for a 90-year-old to rebuild Zimbabwe in apparent reference to Mugabe’s age, who will be one of his rivals in the July 31 presidential election.

16:15: Ncube says Tsvangirai and Mugabe do not have Zimbabweans at heart. The MDC leader says he has got a Team Zimbabwe to lead Zimbabwe.

16:12: Ncube says the forthcoming elections will help deliver a new Zimbabwe that does not have the president Robert Mugabe’s DNA. Ncube goes on to say that the MDC does not have anything personal with Mugabe but the people are tired of his corrupt leadership for the past 33 years.

16:07: Ncube says the MDC is a party that will ensure Zimbabwe will be a new country unlike the one under President Robert Mugabe.

16:00: MDC president Welshman Ncube now addressing the crowd at Madzivire School in Chikomba. Pic: Watson Ofumeli

15:45: MDC national chairman Goodrich Chimbaira now addressing the crowd. Chimbaira says anyone who is going to vote for Mugabe needs to be checked for their sanity. The MDC official also takes a dig at Morgan Tsvangirai’s highly publicised past sexual escapades.

15:12PM: Dabengwa says Zimbabweans have not yet enjoyed the fruits of independence. Zimbabwe needs leaders with people at heart and Zapu will continue to support the MDC to bring change to Zimbabwe even after the elections.

15:07PM: Dabengwa tells rally that Zapu and MDC have been in negotiations since last December. They were cautious before they signed the agreement last Friday. The Zapu leader he hopes their coalition with MDC with help Zimbabwe move forward.

14:59: Dabengwa: At independence as Zapu we went through a lot of things. Gukurahundi started in Matabeleland. We signed the Unity Accord but nothing changed.

14:40: ZAPU president Dumiso Dabengwa welcomes the crowd gathered at Madzivire School for MDC manifesto rally. Dabengwa said he is happy to be in a coalition with Welshman Ncube. Pic: Watson Ofumeli

14:30: Introductions still ongoing. All National Executive Members from the MDC and ZAPU have been introduced to the crowd in attendance.



13:55: MDC leader Welshman Ncube and Dumiso Dabengwa have arrived at the venue and taken up their seats on the podium. Introductions underway as the rally is now in full swing. Pic Watson Ofumeli



13:45: Three buses have just dropped more MDC delegates from various provinces at the venue. Picture: Watson Ofumeli



13:29: MDC followers continue to arrive at Madzivire School for party’s manifesto launch. Delegates now singing and dancing to party songs.  Pic: Watson Ofumeli


12:52: The crowd is slowly increasing with about 350 people at the venue so far. Welshman Ncube expected to address the rally at 15-00hrs.


12:30 – Crowds slowly trickling in to attend the Welshman Ncube led MDC election manifesto rally at Madzivire Secondary School in Chikomba. Pic: Watson Ofumeli

JULY 12: CHIKOMBA - Welsham Ncube led MDC is scheduled to start their 2013 election manifesto rally at Madzivire Secondary School.  

President Robert Mugabe's wife Grace (centre) chats to an elderly ZANU PF supporter during a rally at Zvimbo Secondary school in Chiweshe today. Pic Annie Mpalume

JULY 11: BINDURA - President Robert Mugabe took his campaign trail to Mashonaland central province where he attacked his main rival in the July 31 poll saying he had no right to be supported by Zimbabweans.

Together with his wife, Grace, the couple took turns to insult MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai saying he is “ugly and heartless” hence people in rural areas do not support him.

“Vanhu vanomutiza kuno nekuti akashata pachiso nepamoyo,” Mugabe said.

The 89-year-old Zanu PF presidential aspirant who will battle it out against a 61-year-old Tsvangirai said he is poised for a resounding victory because his ex-majority party has the people at heart.

JULY 10: HARARE - Finance Minister Tendai Biti today announced that the country is still scrounging for poll funding and has approached four Sadc member states for assistance.

Pleading for protection from Zanu PF ministers such as Patrick Chinamasa, Biti said efforts to fundraise about $85 million electoral funding locally, are being stymied by officials from President Robert Mugabe’s party.

The MDC secretary general said, “We need $130 million for polls (of which $45 million has been secured and dispatched) for polls that cover a lot of things with the most expensive component being allowances for agents.”

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Farai Masarapera - 10 July 2013


Papa Nyods - 10 July 2013

Paint it red please.

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please tell us if the registration process is going to be extended

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I like the way report issues

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guys dont waste u tym telling us what we understand, but we expect u as leaders to find solutions coz i thinc u have e capacity to deal with such matters as u are in gvnment

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Murikukopa NewsDay ka imi. But the guys are ahead, you can learn a lesson or two from them

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It looks like there are more officials than supporters at Nyube's rally.

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I suppose va-Cascade is not aware that Daily News was long there before the owners of Newsday even thought they could own newspapers. Keep it up Daily News, the paper for the people.

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Ncubes rally has more bicycles and chairs than people. Ndozvazvinoita if you enter into coalitions to maintain a Mugabe rule.

Deliwe - 13 July 2013

Ncubes legislature had lied to his shef that he was to be welcomed by multitudes in Chikomba and not knowing that area is being swept by the Tsvangirai change whirlwind. Even Zanupf is struggling to hold onto the only Chikomba seat still in their hands after two were snatched from them by Morgan Richard.. Usatambe nemachinja chaiwo iwe.

Sis Dorina - 13 July 2013


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Wasara wasara gore rino pane unokoromoka chete! Makajaira kunyepera vanhu nenhema manje mabatwa maPOLITICIANS. Manga murere pese apa zvino wanikwei momuka kwadoka. Hapana mombe inokorere pasiraha inongofa yakaguta asi yakaonda. Makajaidzwa zvino nhasi mabatwa. Majaira kukokorodza vanhu kumisangano semunokokorodza mombe. Naka hamulume!


tsvangi will never rule zim, nadha ndaramba

ggudo - 15 July 2013

Mugabe says there will be no going back on the July 31 poll date. He encourages the Zanu PF youths to vote in their numbers to ensure that the MDC will not win the elections. The writing is on the Wall for Mugabe. He is Just afraid of MDC winning elections and not so confidant that his evil party will win. Usadherere Save

Joe Banana - 15 July 2013

Not this time, you're going grandpa.

General Pancho Villa - 15 July 2013

grandpa's party. Send them packing.

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I believe tsvangirai does not have the calibra to lead zimbabwe. he will never rule our beloved country

john - 16 July 2013

Ana Ray Kaukonde ngavasaite kunge varikubhadhara vashandi vavo. Workers in his Scotia group of companies are crying bcoz of unpaid salaries, some even going for 3 months without being paid.

Qolisani - 16 July 2013

The wind of change is blowing. Vote for #change, vote for prosperity, vote for jobs, vote for upliftment vote against tyranny, vote against repression, vote MDC-T

Mumwe munhu - 29 July 2013

In Hurungwe East Zimbabwe The current member of Parliament Sarah Mahoka is creating a task force to rig the elections. Yesterday her allies Mr Clever Zinyemba the Councillor for Ward 19 in Hurungwe East,intimidated people to act like they do not know how to vote, so that they will be assisted. Those that will be assisting will be selected by them. They will pretend to be their relative telling them who to choose. Sarah Mahoka is going around telling people in Hurungwe East that those that are suspected are not to be seen on the polling stations, they risk to be removed from the area. She is visiting suspects door by door telling them to announce that they are illiterate in the voting process. People in Hurungwe East are now afraid to vote their chosen candidate. She also told her supporters to go late at the polling stations, were they will be few monitoring processes. She is pretending that her word is coming from the President, this is not true, the President is promoting peace and tolerance. While she is busy threatening people that they will be know if they do not vote for her and dealt with. Please assist this area with a strong observing team and they should teach people not to be intimidated.

ZANELE - 29 July 2013

pamberi na tsvangirai

panganai - 29 July 2013

Whoever told the people that democracy can only come through the ballot lied to the people of Zimbabwe.

Jorodhani Sithole - 2 August 2013

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