Let's join forces — Makoni

HARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC, Simba Makoni’s Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD), and Zanu Ndonga have officially formed a coalition they hope will unseat Zanu PF.

The coalition on Monday appealed to Welshman Ncube and Dumiso Dabengwa to join the anti-President Robert Mugabe grand alliance.

The tripartite coalition said they had 22 more days to recruit other parties which are in support of bringing change to Zimbabwe to back Tsvangirai for the Zimbabwe presidency in the forthcoming watershed vote.

Asked on the progress of wooing Ncube and Dabengwa into the alliance, the trio said they were still consulting and were keen to reach an agreement with the two.

“You will recall that the five of us have been working together from the time of the Constitutional Court about July 31, we have continued to discuss not only the Constitutional Court ruling and the Sadc extraordinary summit but we were hoping to be five at this table today,” Makoni said.

“And this is why we conclude this statement by maintaining our willingness and readiness to work with others including professor Welshman Ncube.

“Let me assure you that leaders of the five parties have been in consultation from the time we met and issued a joint statement co-signed by five leaders on the determination of the Constitutional Court about July 31.”

While Ncube was not taking calls from the Daily News on Monday, he and Dabengwa last week issued a communiqué in which both parties agreed they would not enter into any coalition without the consent of the other, strengthening their bargaining power.

The Tsvangirai-led coalition desperately needs the Matabeleland vote, commanded by the two, in order to unseat Mugabe.

In a joint press statement, Tsvangirai, Makoni and Zanu Ndonga leader Reketai Semwayo, said the coalition had been necessitated by a shared commitment to end the country’s hardships caused by bad governance and therefore rally behind one presidential candidate, Tsvangirai.

They agreed to “support each other in National Assembly and local authority elections, constitute a genuine government of national unity after winning the elections.

“The government of national unity will be based on the free will of the people as opposed to the current forced coalition government created after the subversion of the will of the people in the 2008 presidential election,” read the statement.

The three parties said they were committed to national revival and real transformation captured in key pillars of good governance based on the rule of law; economic revival, growth and employment creation; robust infrastructure developments, modernisation, rural transformation and food security.

Social transformation, devolution of power and international re-engagement, were the other key pillars.

Meanwhile, the MDC leader reiterated that Mugabe’s threats to pull out of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) would be suicidal.

“Let’s hope Mugabe was merely reacting emotionally and not rationally,” Tsvangirai said.

“I don’t foresee a situation in which Zimbabwe can pull out in the face of two million inhabitants in South Africa, in the face of a country which is so dependent on regional support.

“It can only mean one thing, if we had to measure the reaction of president Mugabe that he is the kind of character who would like to burn down with all of us in that building. It’s something that Zanu PF and Mugabe have to think about,” Tsvangirai said.

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Its not difficult to make the right kind of noises given the dearth political leadership & sensibilities in zimbabwe. No matter how you dice or slice it the biggest winner here is Makoni. Bring nothing to the party but leave with most of the prime and choicest cuts

joe - 9 July 2013

The opposition is doing the electorate a great disservice. If Tsvangirai & Ncube were to put their differences aside temporarily for a common purpose then the nation would move forward. However as it stands the winner is ZANU PF. We all know Mugabe is senile and ready to handover power to a younger (ruthless) successor and we will certainly agonize for at least another five years with their retrogressive policies which are collapsing this economy. I would implore both leaders' advisers to engage each other seriously so that one candidate stands against Mugabe and we will not blame any one should ZANU PF persist in this election. As it stands these two great men should just swallow their pride for this nation to move forward. Which devil is better to live with Ncube or Tsvangirai or Mugabe? As it stands ZANU PF is leading by 4 points (ZEC, 76k special votes, divided opposition and Nikuv Project) with nought for the opposition. Now is the time when they are at their weakest to decisively deal with them. No more manipulation of the police force, the millitary and the media. We shall be free from bondage. Independent publishing houses' editors, what is your role? Plead with these men everyday to change their stance. You all have a role to liberate this country through your great work. Make it headline story everyday till election day.

Munzara - 9 July 2013

Even in politics and administration, there is Strategic Planning and both parties (five in all) are heading towards a coalition. I sense the importance and will see the efforts being sealed on the eve of the elections. This time, change is imminent and shock waves are in the offerings.

17Ethicist19 - 9 July 2013

From the both sides of the coin,grand coalition is the answer to uproot mugabe,but as it stands ncube and dabengwa have distanced themselves on racial cleavages which will cost the coalition dearly on the hands of zanupf.it is undisputable that most electorates favour tsvangirai,so ncube should that and join hands with others behind the premier,if he surely wants the octogenarian to be unstooled.ncube is encouraged to act like a professor if he has the people at heart.

Washie - 9 July 2013

Mugabe should be reminded that he is a citizern of this country like everyone else and not Zimbabwe. What can he do without Sadc after all the protection he has enjoyed for a decade. It's high time some people should advice this old man that if it wasn't for Sadc who stood by him after a stollen victory then Zvimba should have been his haven for the past four years.

Shepy Tarzy - 9 July 2013

@ Washie and ilk, You lot feign so much tribal & racial hatred and yet you want the same people you daily insult to help you into power so that you can sideline and insult them again? Whilst i agree that differences should be put aside temporarily for a common purpose i think You need to change strategy before you radicalise even more people than you already are unless that is your intention. Remember what happened to Joshua Nkomo after some deserted him in 1963 & 1980 & many are happy to take the accolades and have him & his comrades written off the history books? Matebeleland & Midlands over the years have largely been doing the heavy lifting with nothing to show for it supporting all sorts of parties (ZUM, MDC-T etc) regardless of the ethnicity of its leadership in the hope of bringing better change in Zim. Before the so called 2nd Chimurenga in the 50s there was no movement that brought people together until Joshua Nkomo's leadership in ANC, NDP culminating in formation of ZAPU. Those parties consolidated disparate groups put in the structures & gave people the courage to fight an unjust regime. When it came to the crunch those who had done the heavy lifting got persecution by those who were voted in because of "right sounding names." However even to this day all aspiring leaders from Matebeleland are derided & called all sorts of names and expected to be subservant to their northern country folk. Its curious that in your eyes any northen leader is described as national and never regional or leading a tribal party.

joe - 9 July 2013

Professor Ncube should just swallow his pride and join hands with MRT who is the face of the opposition in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans need change but Ncube is definitely working against change as he is adamant that he be voted for the country's presidency when he is an elitist with no hands on approach like MRT. Zimbabwe needs selfless leaders thus our last appeal to Ncube to the honourable thing & withdraw his candidature

Chief Charumbira - 9 July 2013

The MDC (T) should also embrace Ncube & the likes of Paul Temba Nyathi, Mzila Ndhovu, David Coltart, Priscilla Mushonga who were founding members of the United MDC. As a Party, the MDC(T) should practice what it preaches because the way it conducted its primary elections left a lot to be desired. No primary elections were conducted for Senatorial and Provincial MP candidates with the party picking some undesirable elements who will definitely bring the party's name into disrepute as they have nothing positive to contribute. Imagine the sidelining of an eminent lawyer like Obert Gutu who was not nominated. As a loyal party cadre, I, however, encourage all & sundry to vote for MDC(T) & bring about a new dispensation.

Chief Charumbira - 9 July 2013

This issue is not about tribalism or point scoring but about the rare chance all Zimbabweans have to unseat the Evil Zanupf party from power. At the moment all Zimbabweans , Ndebele, Shona , Tshangani, Banana etc are under the spell of this Evil party and are in between a rock and a hard place. Does not matter where you come from we are all damned by Mugabe should we refuse to think strategically and see our only hope now to emancipate ourselves. Is Mugaber's oppression less than the tribal issues you all are venting out at this moment of our being called to free ourselves? Which cost is more that the other here? If these parties do not unite this time around , I bet you the old man will waltz through them like a 20 year old. Once upon a time Morgan and Ncube were together as President and secretary general before the split. So it is possible to mend fences and Have Ncube my brother become one of the Vice presidents should the coalition win. He was under Tsvangirai and nothing was wrong. Yes Tsvangirai might be the least educated but that does not matter as he is the most prefered by the masses. Zuma, Munjoma , Kaunda, Khama and many other are not highly educated people but they did manage very successful governments that delivered quality lives to their people. What Good is education if it makes us feel we are the only worthy individuals and the rest of the population are useless. This is exactly what obtains in Zanupf today. Mugabe feels no one is good in his party to win a presidency except himself. Hence he is saying he will contest to win the election on behalf of his party then hand over the big prize to Munangagwa who according to Mugabe is a good presidential person but can not win it on his own standing. This is warped thinking BECAUSE IT PR SUPPOSES THAT Mugabe will live for ever to win elections for Zanupf. This is the demise of Zanupf.

jonah - 9 July 2013

How many members MPs did MKD and Zanu Ndonga register? These 2 dudes don't have anything to calla party. Its two power hungry individuals who want to jump into MDC-T gravy train.

Qiniso - 9 July 2013

I think Ncube should show he loves Zimbabwe by stepping down from the race. MT and Makoni should write to him highlighting the need for him to join their team. ZANU has a bag full of tricks and Ncube should kno that He will never be president, not because he is not capable but because people's hearts are with Tsvangirai. Ncube akamborohwa here ne ZANU, he should just bow!

Unregistered - 10 July 2013


junior - 10 July 2013

A sober non-emotional thought is that Welsh and Dumi are building on the Matabele side whilst Mogi,Simba and Doda remuganga are mobilising this side. Of course as likely partners they must go into this coalition cognisant of likely individual benefits after the match. Our politicians these days do not just work for the people but themselves as well. So, it is a strategy that the two groups seal an alliance just before the election.Provided, they agree on who will be what after the game plan achieves the intended goals. Zimbabwe, it is time for everyone to pray for PEACE AND UNITY of purpose. What is that we want at the end of all this?

kiyoro kiyoro - 11 July 2013

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