Stop Mugabe, says Tsvangirai

MARONDERA – Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai launched his party’s manifesto in Marondera on Sunday, passionately appealing to Zimbabweans to stop President Robert Mugabe from pulling the country out of Sadc and bringing back the Zimbabwe dollar.

The MDC leader spoke to thousands of party supporters at a colourful manifesto launch in Mashonaland East — a province still nursing wounds of the 2008 post-poll violence.

Mugabe has threatened to pull Zimbabwe out of the 15-member regional grouping Sadc, apparently angry at the bloc’s insistence on the implementation of electoral reforms before elections set for July 31.

Tsvangirai said the country cannot afford to pull out of Sadc.

“In the impeding elections, the people of Zimbabwe have an opportunity to resist isolation of the country. We cannot do that in a global village,” said Tsvangirai, who also promised to create one million jobs in the first five years after assuming power.

“Internationally, we brought the country out of isolation. Even though our political counterparts seem hell-bent on driving Zimbabwe away from the family of nations, the people of Zimbabwe have a chance in this election to resist attempts at driving this country into miserable isolation.”

Mugabe last week caused a diplomatic storm after he described Zuma’s international advisor Lindiwe Zulu as a “stupid and idiotic street woman.”

“Let me take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and appreciation to the people and leaders of Sadc,” he said.

“We are grateful to Sadc and especially that young lady Lindiwe Zulu.”

Zulu is part of Zuma’s facilitation team.

“We are faced with an election without reforms and against a leopard that has remained faithful to its spots,” said Tsvangirai.

He expressed hope that even if Zanu PF attempts to rig forthcoming polls, the will of people would be decisive.

The former trade unionist pledged to create jobs and boost manufacturing and mining industries.

He also promised to devolve power, introduce free healthcare within the first 100 days of his presidency and to scrap maternity healthcare fees for women.

The 61-year-old said he would only bring back the Zimbabwean dollar if there was economic stability. Tsvangirai spoke after Mugabe told his supporters last Friday that plans are underway to bring the shelved Zim-dollar.

The premier, who was forced into an acrimonious coalition with Mugabe in 2009 after disputed presidential elections in 2008, said the MDC joined the unity government to rescue Zimbabweans from competing with wild animals for food after an economic collapse wrought by a populist Zanu PF administration.

The MDC leader, who has been pushing the drip irrigation concept in remote areas such as Binga, says the main thrust of his government would be to modernise marginalised rural areas, improve access to health, electricity and improve agricultural productivity.

After Zanu PF’s resistance to a land audit over the past four years, Tsvangirai says his government is going to establish a land commission to address  the issue of multiple land ownership.

“An MDC government will introduce loans and grants to tertiary college students and depoliticise food assistance,” he said.

“We place immense value in our sons and daughters in the Diaspora. Many of them fled political turmoil. We have a plan to bring them back,” said Tsvangirai to rapturous applause.

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The Rudhaka launch of MDC manifesto was not appealing. MDC failed to remove their sanctions, and now they promise to do Europe, who imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe on the instigation of MDC is also economically bleeding profusely. Europe and America, the funders of MDC-T also need financial help from China and Germany........shame on you MDC thugs. Now that your financiers also need financial help from China, where are you going to get these moneys? This is pure lie, and people can't be taken for a ride this time around

Chaminuka - 8 July 2013

The MDC never said they will be selective in choosing development partners. Remember Tsvangirai went to China and told the Chinese in their own backyard that an MDC Government will want mutually beneficial business arrangements, not the Zanu PF style of mortgaging the diamonds for military colleges and other non-critical facilities

Benjamin Chitate - 8 July 2013

why not give Mr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai a chance he is such a brave and visionary leader unlike Mugabe a dictator.

tsviriyo - 8 July 2013


mlimisi - 8 July 2013

Chaminuka you are very stupid

TK - 8 July 2013

Chaminuka,Germany is in Europe silly. Madyirapanze - 8 July 2013

Chaminuka, how do you expect people to take you seriously when your basic grade school knowledge of geography is found wanting. You are trying to divide the world that the MDC interacts into two but Tsvangirai did not at all say he doesnt need the Chinese. It is your grandpa who cries sanctions but he is the same person that said keep your England and i will keep my Zimbabwe. Binary thinking is dangerous and apparently it is awash in the Zanu Pf mob.

not superstitious at all - 8 July 2013

Also it seems that bob is now using Israelis for rigging. But a little while ago he was calling them hard hearted jews. Short memories indeed.

Furedi - 8 July 2013


Madzibaba Appiah - 9 July 2013

Mugabe threatens to pull out of SADC, also pulled out of the Common Wealth, also said keep your England, called names to Bush and Blair. But when smart sanctions are imposed you say SAVE begged for them. Haaaaa to hell with ZANUpf......

mabhunu muchapera - 9 July 2013

Chaminuka chimuka uone chiyedza mwana wevhu.

Charles - 9 July 2013

@ Chaminuka,you are really an idiot,shame on you bastard. It does not surprise me to know that to date you still support a political party of old granies as young as you are,shame on you.Go to hell.An in case you did not know this,Tsvangirai will win by 85%.

igwe - 9 July 2013

chimuregerai chaminuka iduzvi.

ntetemeza - 9 July 2013

Ana Chaminuka. Unoramba uchisupporta kamundara kanorwara neAids hauwone hakachisina mazuva. Mkadzi aihura hevvy. Kumeso kucheneruka kudai maziso kuita white idenda. Kanotonga chii, kane vision yei pachii. What does he want to do when he failed for the last 30 yrs. Ngakatibvire apa. Kabaiyiwa ne dementia. Zanu pf hainyare kutora munhu wemunursing home kuita leader. The party is confused ndosaka Diesel nganga akavapusissa kwazvo. Madhara mabharanzi

TOLOZA - 9 July 2013

VanaChaminuka vanoda dzidziso havana chavanoziva. Izvozvi chimudhara chake Mugabe chinongovhumuka kuti choda kubuda muSADC iriyo yakachiita kuti chirambe chirimuoffice chakadyiwa naTsvangs pachena ndiani unozochidzosera muoffice kana chikabuda muSADC

Gerald mlambo - 9 July 2013

Q. IS IT TRUE THAT TSVANGIRAYI WILL BE ABLE TO CREATE 1 000 000 JOBS IF ELECTED AS PRESIDENT? A. This is a FALSE Promise. Recently, the president of South Africa Jacob ZUMA whilst hosting the United States President Barrack OBAMA revealed that the 600 United States Companies already established in South Africa was employing about 150 000 people. Even if United Kingdom, France and South AFRICA itself manage to employ another 450 000, the figure will be 600 000 still below 1 million. How can a small country like ZIMBABWE employ 1 000 000 000 people when the strongest supper power failed to reach such a target in the largest second world country in Africa? All that will mean is that the Americans and British will have completely taken over the economy for the benefit of their own countries. These are TSVANGIRAYI's local and western friends' weapons of mass deception as depicted in the Holy Bible by Doctor TAFATAONA MAHOSO.

L. MATANGE - 20 July 2013

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