Angry region confers on Mugabe insults

HARARE – There was a frenzy of diplomatic caucusing within Sadc on Saturday as the region sought ways to respond to President Robert Mugabe’s insults primarily directed at South Africa, as well as the growing perception that the political climate in Zimbabwe is deteriorating rapidly.

The Daily News on Sunday learnt last night that a number of telephone calls had been exchanged, first within the membership of Sadc’s Organ for Politics, Defence and Security, and later on with the office of the chairperson of Sadc itself, Mozambican President Armando Emilio Guebuza.

This followed Mugabe’s vitriolic attack on Sadc and the South Africans in particular during the launch of Zanu PF’s election manifesto at Zimbabwe Grounds on Friday.

Mugabe not only threatened to pull Zimbabwe out of Sadc at the rally, but also tore into South African President Jacob Zuma’s trusted international relations advisor, Lindiwe Zulu, who is also one of the facilitators to Harare’s political crisis — describing her as “an ordinary, stupid and idiotic street woman.”

Zulu’s crime appeared to be her recent suggestion that Zimbabwe should have postponed its forthcoming elections to pave the way for the implementation of agreed, but outstanding media and security sector reforms.

A diplomat based in Maputo said regional leaders, particularly the South Africans, had been riled by Mugabe’s “reckless utterances”.

“It is very surprising that president Mugabe chose to behave this way after what we all thought was a good recent regional summit on Zimbabwe here in Maputo. What is he (Mugabe) trying to achieve?

“Unfortunately, he has managed to upset even his few backers in the region, but more importantly the South Africans who have been at the centre of trying to honestly assist our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe.

“This is why there has been this flurry of consultations to try and understand what is happening and how the region can respond appropriately,” he said.

However, a South African official said as angry as they were, it was important that both Pretoria and Sadc didn’t allow “the predictable lapses of a mature and desperate citizen to take the whole of Zimbabwe down with him,” — in apparent reference to Mugabe.

“Make no mistake, we are very angry. But JZ (Zuma) wants a measured response so that ordinary Zimbabweans are not negatively affected by the folly of some of their leaders.

“What is important is that the coming elections are peaceful, free and fair so that there is no repeat of the anarchy of 2008, which would not help anybody in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Sadc,” he said.

Zulu refused to comment on Mugabe’s insults against her when she was contacted by the Daily News on Sunday’s sister paper, the Daily News, on Friday.

“I have no comment. I don’t think commenting on that will solve the situation,” she said.

However, an SA government official who requested anonymity said Pretoria was “appalled” to hear that Mugabe had “stooped this low to attack both Sadc and one of our officials at his rally today (Friday)”.

“If he did indeed, let this old man be warned that we are all capable of acting very badly. After all, it was Sadc and South Africa who made sure that he is able to enjoy the status of being acknowledged around the world as the president of Zimbabwe.

“So, like the laughing stock that he is making of himself, he is effectively biting the hand that feeds him.

“He clearly has become oblivious to the fact that whether he wins or loses, Sadc and South Africa will still be here and that he will probably still need our assistance.

An analyst described Mugabe’s utterances as “ill-advised and unpresidential”, whatever his personal views of Zulu were.

“It is very likely that as a direct result of this poor behaviour and choice of words by President Mugabe that relations between South Africa and Zimbabwe will plummet over a fairly frivolous issue.

“If this analysis is correct, this will have a deleterious effect not just on Mugabe, Zanu PF and the government, but also on all Zimbabweans given South Africa’s political and economic standing within Sadc and the international community.

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SADC leaders got what they deserve from Mugabe - a spite in their faces. Zimbabweans endured Mugabe's denigrations for 33 years and SADC didn't believe it. SA still fights to protect Mugabe by not publishing the 2008 report on violence in Zimbabwe. This is Mugabe at his best.

Gondobwe - 7 July 2013

QUOTE “Make no mistake, we are very angry. But JZ (Zuma) wants a measured response so that ordinary Zimbabweans are not negatively affected by the folly of some of their leaders. Comeon JZ, What are you waiting for?We are already disadvantaged for more than 2million youths and alien have been disenfranchised from the voting due to limited reg time and limited registration centres.

Pardington - 7 July 2013

The best Zuma and sadc can do is to illegitimize such a skewed and biased election. Recently ZBC was demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars just to cover Tsvangirais rally yet Mugabe was offered for free. The election already is a sham

Sis Roza - 7 July 2013

Zuma wont do a thing believe me. The only SA President for the ppl of Zimbabwe was the infamous J.Vorster who in 1980 closed all boarders to force Ian Smith to agree to black majority rule. The rest are just a quorum of timid mercenaries benefiting from the status quo.

Mandla - 7 July 2013

SADC got their just deserts. Talk of African solution for African problems is just 'high sounding nothing.' Mugabe listens to no one and its good he has really shown the middle finger to SADC to show his true colours

Hasu - 7 July 2013

The worthless Daily News claims that the region confers on Mugabe insults. What region and which leader or government in the region would discuss the issue with gutter newspaper called the Daily News. Not even the Zimbabwe government mouth piece the Herald is consulted or fed with such information. The truth of the matter is that 90 per cent of fair minded Zimbabweans do not take the Daily News seriously. This also goes for the Herald. In short, the Daily News and the Herald are different sides of the same coin. MAZUDA. Worthless coins.

Rabison Nyundo - 7 July 2013

Mugabe killed Zimbabwe for love of power. He and he alone, in his mind, is the Zimbabwe and Africa. He tried to take over the Commonwealth and when he failed, he "pulled out" when he knew he was about to be booted out. Now, he wants to own SADC, urinate on it and claim the big boy of SADC. Lets wait and see. SADC can close the borders and also ban their airspace from access by Mugabe. Then we will see if he can last a week.

Mambo Ndiani - 7 July 2013

mugabe is SADC and SADC is mugabe. so dont expect much becoz no one has got the courage to challenge mugabe.

nokiya ndiyani - 7 July 2013

An exaggerated news item. Zulu was off-side, she exhibits the confidence in front of Zuma and the whole SADC like someone who slept with Zuma.

Mweni Tafara - 7 July 2013

Cde Rabison Nyundo, so why do you expend so much time, energy & emotions surfing the "worthless" Daily News, if you believe what you wrote? Zvarwadzaka? KKKKKKKKK

Jonso Musorodamba - 7 July 2013


EYE OPENER - 7 July 2013

Where is Nkosazana Zuma? your silence is too deafening

chibatamoto - 7 July 2013

This reporter is daydreaming, he can go to tell with Lindiwe Zulu and the Showerhead Zuma

tinto@mdc - 7 July 2013

The old man is spitting in the face of South Africans and yet they recently donated some helicopters to him. I think Zuma deserves it because he never listened from the word go, "Ukarera imbwa nomukaka mangwana inofuma yokuruma". Zuro ndizuro, Zuma refused to release a report on the army's shenanigans during '08 run off and this is what he gets in return. If I was Zuma I was going to release that report pronto!!!!

Shonganiso - 7 July 2013

Lindiwe Zulu was out of order, end of story. How can she behave like her boss is the authority in Zimbabwe. Ndiko kudheerera kusina basa kwaaida kuita ikoko. Akagadzirirwa size yake chaiyo

Abel - 7 July 2013

This is a stupid stiory. Zulu has no SADC mandate to deal with Zimbabwe. It is Jacob Zuma who is...check the work...a facilitator. That role does not mean some form of supervisory role. Its exactly that it means.

george bachinche - 7 July 2013

Mugabe does not know that Madagascar is in the sea and does not need its goods to pass through any SADC country. So anybody who votes ZanuPf is a fool. This is a man who will cry out for support to butcher his own people and when told not to do so pull out his friendship. He has taken Zimbabwe away from the rest of the world and we cannot afford that. let us all go out in large numbers and vote out this man and make sure he is gone for sure. May the Good Lord help us.

wamaromo - 8 July 2013

“If he did indeed, let this old man be warned that we are all capable of acting very badly. After all, it was Sadc and South Africa who made sure that he is able to enjoy the status of being acknowledged around the world as the president of Zimbabwe. Now to all zanpoids they must know that he was not even supposed to be the president of Zimbabwe, now the folly of this leader is going to affect us. Wjo now can be called idiotic and stupid. Kumwe kuchemberawo futi kunozonyanya, reducing himself to a village embecile.

maita - 8 July 2013

people of zimbabwe with relatives in South Africa do you see what the first secretary fo this thug organisation has done? Expose them to retaliations from the South Africans. Akuda kuurayisa vana nedu manje. Ovapwanyira makambani voenda havo kundotsvaga basa uk South Africa akutuka South Africa yacho futi. This is too much. Chikerema once told us that akakura akadaro neku makura kwose, aiketa mombe dzake kana rave dzoro rake.

wamaromo - 8 July 2013

I think the anger in President Mugabe's remarks is not good for the region. I however also think that South Africans should not think Mugabe or the MDC exist because of their individual national efforts or philanthropism. Because South Africa was also born through sterling sacrifices from the region. So SA should not over grand stand. SA Should lead the region because of their strong economy but should know when to advance and when to stop. It is important. SA is facilitator but not micro-manager of Zimbabwean affairs. MDC and other parties should also learn to exert pressure on each other and create ways to be heard and not start with third party solutions. They can actually be ruinous. South Africa should not try and get a Permanet seat at the UN by promoting a Western position on Zimbabwe just as Tanzania should be urged to pursue its quest for more aid from the USA without compromising anyone in the region.

kundai Madzvamuse - 8 July 2013

Hapana nezvenyaya apa, if at all they conferred kwatova ku geda geda kwavo. Bob is SADC, and they know it all, once he withdraws Angola, Namibia, DRC, Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania will follow suit. kuno ngosara Zuma na Khama chete kikikiki.

reason - 8 July 2013

Maybe Zulu/Zuma have joined the 'regime change agenda' band wagon. They must have done something which threatens this country's sovereignity. Hope they are not flirting with the British or the Americans.

Masimba - 8 July 2013

Hey, Zuma was tasked to mediate not to rule Zimbabwe. Lindiwe Zulu should never have commented publicly on the matter, but should have said what she wanted to say to Zuma, who has official capacity. I think she was trying to influence things by her public utterances and was trully stupid and idiotic to think people would not see it.

Makunyende - 8 July 2013

Does anyone still remember the words of James Chikerema when he said as children when ever they had an argument with Mugabe, he would separate his cattle from the rest and herd them all alone. First it was the commonwealth, Now SADC, next World. Can someone stop this madman of Gadhara before he isolates us from mankind. We know its painful to leave a young wife behind but please dont drag everyone with you into your grave.

tsoka - 8 July 2013

The SADC failed from taming Mugabe. He is now behaving like a Tikoloshi that the owners can no longer handle. He is turning against the very people that sustained his rulership for a long time when ordinary Zimbabweans were being battered and beaten. Feel the pinch of the lunatic too.

Jeqe Ngwenya - 8 July 2013

For so long Ms Lindiwe Zulu has behaved like the Governor General of Zimbabwe, dispensing her personal views about the political situation in Zimbabwe without due regard to the complexities of the political problems in Zimbabwe. What she got on Friday, she has had it coming for a long time. She comes off as an overly hyper-excitable political novice trying to punch above her category in the hope of gaining performance evaluation points. SADC appointed one facilitator for the Zimbabwe crises, the South African President, Jacob Zuma, it's most unfortunate that the South Africans now want to behave like this responsibility was given to the whole country. Ms Zulu and her team are not facilitators, they work for Zuma. It's rather uninitiated for them to start behaving like their role is sanctioned by SADC, it's not. In any case why should the facilitator need a spokesperson? To talk to who? About what issues? Zuma should report directly to SADC and stop this nonsense of sending small girls to do an elder's task. If he has no capacity, he does not need to force himself on the situation. Zimbabweans will find each other eventually. A forced settlement won't solve the political problem, it will merely delay it. Asi Ms Zulu vaka promisva kukandwa muKutsheni? Tina blaz vasina chinono panyaya idzodzo.

farai - 8 July 2013

If neither ZANU-PF nor MDC (in it's various permutations) asked for the 4 week extension, where the hell did Ms Zulu get it from? Confusion arises when in a complex linear problem an unknown variable is introduced. Fact is Zuma failed to provide conclusive facilitation. ZanuPF has outstanding issues, MDC has outstanding issues and the facilitator has only been here once or twice, if at all, since he assumed his role! The man is clearly challenged what with Nkandlagate, Guptagate, Vezogate, Shitgate, Mandelagate all desperately seeking leadership. JZ is too preoccupied with his harem and clearly not capable of comprehending complex global political machinations. South Africa under Mbeki was a breeding place for African ideas and solutions now all it breeds is village scandals. They want to lead Africa? God save us all.

farai - 8 July 2013

Mwana waBona iyeye, but if pulls out of SADC his friends gets fewer isn't it. Let's wait and see

mbwetete - 23 June 2017

Hanzi munhu kana akurisa, pfungwa dzake dzinoita sedze pwere. Ichokwadi ndazviona ndoga Bob ava kufunga semazuva ekufudza mombe naChikerema, paaiti kana arohwa naJimmy okokorodza mombe dzake oenda pake oga. Zvino nhasi akabuda muCommonwealth, ndokuti Africa wose ngaibude muUN ava kutaura zvekubuda muSADC. Varume batsirai hama isango bude bude.

chatu - 23 June 2017

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