South Africans hit back at Mugabe insults

HARARE – South Africans reacted sharply to comments made by President Robert Mugabe during the launch of Zanu PF’s election manifesto at Zimbabwe Grounds Friday.

The country’s octogenarian leader not only inexplicably threatened to pull Zimbabwe out of Sadc at the rally, he also tore into South African President Jacob Zuma’s trusted international relations advisor, Lindiwe Zulu, who is also one of the facilitators to Harare’s political crisis — describing her as “an ordinary, stupid and idiotic street woman” for allegedly meddling in Zimbabwe’s affairs.

Zulu’s crime appears to be her recent suggestion that Zimbabwe should have postponed its forthcoming elections to pave the way for the implementation of agreed, but outstanding media and security reforms.

Zulu refused to comment when contacted by the Daily News.

“I have no comment. I don’t think commenting on that will solve the situation,” said Zulu.

However, an SA government official who requested anonymity said last night that Pretoria was “appalled” to hear that Mugabe had “stooped this low to attack both Sadc and one of our officials at his rally today (yesterday)”.

“If he did indeed, let this old man be warned that we are all capable of acting very badly. After all, it was Sadc and South Africa who made sure that he is ble to enjoy the status of being acknowledged around the world as the president of Zimbabwe.

“So, like the laughing stock and mampara (fool) that he is making of himself, he is effectively biting the hand that feeds him.

“He clearly has become oblivious to the fact that whether he wins or loses, Sadc and South Africa will still be here and that he will probably still need our assistance.

“We expected this kind of unnecessary and destructive vitriol from the likes of (Jonathan) Moyo, not from the State president of Zimbabwe, whom all of us have gone to great lengths to prop up.

“But if that’s his wish, then good luck to him,” the angry official said.

An analyst last night described Mugabe’s ?utterances as “ill-advised and unpresidential”, whatever his personal views of Zulu were.

“It is very likely that as a direct result of this poor behaviour and choice of words by president Mugabe that relations between South Africa and Zimbabwe     will plummet over a fairly frivolous issue.

“If this analysis is correct, this will have a deleterious effect not just on Mugabe, Zanu PF and the government, but also on all Zimbabweans given South Africa’s political and economic standing within Sadc and the international community.

“What makes Mugabe’s appalling statement even more shocking is that president Zuma very clearly and publicly boxed in Mugabe’s and Zimbabwe’s corner when he recently met President Obama in Pretoria, by calling for the lifting of sanctions and the normalisation of relations with Harare.

“So, why shoot oneself in the foot?” Johannesburg-based Shepherd Mntungwa asked.

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Serves SADC right. In 2008 the regional orgsnisation let Zimbos down. They should have insisted on a presidential rerun under the supervision of SADC. and the AU. Now Matibili is showing you the middle fingure. But Zuma and SA can make him toe the line by releasing the damning report on the '03 election violence.

Mig29 Mikoyan - 6 July 2013

Now they see Mugabe for what he is. DICTATOR, listens to no voice of reason and he thinks he knows it all and thinks he OWNS Zimbabwe. Hopefully it makes them more objective in the monitoring of elections, starting with the voters' roll.

Gift-Of-The-Gab Maromo - 6 July 2013

Like what he did in Maputo, Mugabe acts like a nice diplomat earning a lot of respect from those who don't know him but once he lands in Zim soils his aging syndrome kicks in, Save us SADC. We are going to another election without being offered the opportunity to vote.

Debra - 6 July 2013

Please Zimbos, forgive this great greatpa. All this is probably a result of advanced dementia. Kkkkkkk!

Jonso Musorodamba - 6 July 2013

Dont even see the farce zvekurally zvinongosarira kurally mati maonei vamwe muchatukirwa vana mai nemaploiticians amunodai kuda.

baba tino - 6 July 2013

Mugabe is a politician period.Its a fact that Zulu was playing into Mugabe's trap for a long time and Robert was simply waiting for an opportune time.She deserves it.

Mhofu - 6 July 2013

Ini ndanyara hangu, kutsveruka pachimanyika. However, anyone who doubted what progressive Zimbabweans used to say and argue for is forced to revise their position. Mugabe and Zanu pf behave as if they own Zimbabwe. Imagine threatening to pull out of SADC, a body that legitimised him! It is clear SADC has been propping a leader who cannot and should never have been allowed to be part of the transitional government. Zimbabweans rejected him in 2008 and SADC should have acknowledged the verdict handed down by the people. Now that Mugabe has challenged and humiliated SADC, what is the regional body going to do? I hope South Africans will not also stoop low and ill-treat ordinary Zimbabweans because of the sins of an illegitimate leader.

Mukanya - 6 July 2013

YES, these are good news in years, Well done Mr President this is Bhora Musango, you have reached your climax by insulting South Africans believe the latest from protoria is that they will be sending Cosatu and the ANCYL to block the Beitbridge boarder and SA will will not accept any outcome where you win. HAHAHA. You are finished withdraw from SADC we are watching you, JZ is prepared to send his troops to deal with you , first it would be sanctions then the SNDF would jet in to kill you and your generals, Remember Zuma is equaly cruel like you . we now leaving in interesting times . Bye BYE Mugabe.

tererai - 6 July 2013

is he not the same oldman who used to say i only listen to AU and SADC bcoz they seem to consider him before not knowing the devil in him....its tooo late SADC you are the one who gave him the onther life when he was about to die

ginda - 6 July 2013

Mugabe shamelessly forgets history. It was South Africa which forced Smith to talk to nationalists by threatening to close the border. It can also be the same South Africa which can cause Mugabe's demise by just closing the border for two days.

Chenjerai Hove - 6 July 2013

Zimbabwe has become a real joke with Zanu(PF) fielding such a demented old man for re-election. Mugabe does not even know who is helping or destroying him. He stupidly pulled our country out of the Commonwealth without realizing what that means: our sportsmen/women cannot enter C/wealth games, our students cannot apply for C/wealth scholarships, our writers cannot enter the C/wealth literary prizes, all this and more simply because of decaying ego. Now he is insulting Lindiwe Zulu who is working so hard for us, and wants to pull out of SADC. When will this foolish man be stopped from harming us?

Chenjerai Hove - 6 July 2013

I applaud RGM. Noone in SADC, I say NOONE deserves his little bit of respect, infact they dont deserve anyone's respect. If they think they deserve it, well they shall get it elsewhere PERIOD.

Nough Respect - 6 July 2013

@Chenjerai Hove, I think you are lying dude. You cannot say its SA who forced Smith to talk to nationalists. SA was still under Apartheid how could they have forced Smith? Please check your history. Mugabe is right, what has Lindiwe Zulu has to do with Zimbabwe? Why is she not worried about Poo protesters in Cape Town? This idea that South Africans are better compared to Zimbabweans has gone too far. How can someone who sleeps in in tin being considered better than a Zimbabweans. You will hear an idiot saying why are Zimbabweans in SA, if you are one of them, maybe you can answer the question why whites are in Africa when Africa is way behind where they come from. Freedom of speech is enshrined in the Zim and SA constitution let the old man say what he feels like saying.

Mugabe's son - 6 July 2013

South African government is not foolish to fail to distinguish an official statement from a political statement made at a political rally. Your devilish wish will never materialize .

makotsi - 6 July 2013

Let us remember this nation is for our children' children. Let us not play cheap at the cost of the future and our general population.

bhora musango - 6 July 2013

We must see the big picture here. Mugabe is actually poking his finger in SADC's face because he doesn't want it to monitor the elections or interfere if the army imposes itself if Mugabe loses the elections. SADC yakarera imbwa nemukaka nhasi yovaruma. The language that Mugabe uses at rallies against his opponents is unacceptable. Mugabe is old please yet Ncube and Dabengwa pact gives him victory on a silver plate!

Gondobwe - 6 July 2013

The Presisent is right what makes the idiot,stupid street lady think she is above our constitutional court.South Africans are suffering with their land and minerals in the hands of the white pigs why dont she work on improving their lives.Kana akadyamari over Zim achairutsa kkkkkkkkk hit harder mudhara

morgan - 6 July 2013

@mugabes son. You just too young to know Zimbabwean history. or maybe you are just too intoxicated by Zanu propaganda to know real Zimbabwean history. We were granted independence by South Africas President Vorster and Americas Kissenger. Ian Smith was under world sanctions and his lifeline was South Africa only. Not only did the President Vorster threaten to close his boarder but he further used his planes stationed at the Rhodesian/Zambian boarder to attack Smith camps just to prove enough is enough. Eventually Smith backtracked from his 'not in a thousand statement'. Google this and learn....

MaMoyo - 6 July 2013

Waita hako mamoyo Kune vanongorotomoka propaganda dzemusangano vasingazivi kuti kune history chaiyo iri documented. Vakuru vekare vakataura pavakati kusaziva kwakafanana nekufa.

Mukanya - 6 July 2013

Muasanyeperana. Smith was never forced by South Africa to give us rusununguko. remember the bombings in Ashdown Park were done by South Africa. Zulu is surely unlearned and a white man's tool just like the prime minister. People want to move forward resuscitate the industry by putting the correct minister who can support the industry.

chokwadi - 6 July 2013

Its too littlre too late for SA to realise who they are dealing with. Bob is good at playing othres and dumping them thereafter. He has used Zimbos several times promising us heaven on earth, once voted he closes his door and enjoys only enjoys with his relatives and friends. his was 85, 90, 95 and 2000. Zimbos woke up and never voted this guy and he has been rigging all the time. Last election he was saved by SADC and SA and he can now see their usefulness is over he does not care anymore. Hunhu hwababa ivava hwakaora vanoshandisa wamwe even Morgan has been rode several times kuti zvavo zviite.

Xpera - 6 July 2013

vanhu kana vakuda kuenda ngavaende vachitisiya in a good place nt kuti siya tisisina shamwari 1st it wz e west nw u wnt 2 turn SADC against us taramba garai henyu nema China enyu

uhuru - 6 July 2013

Mugabe's son you were obviously not born and so you got no idea what South Africa did to Ian Smith. You are also clueless if you think Zimbabweans are better off than South Africans. just because you are rich does not mean all Zimbabweans are rich. The fact that millions of Zimbos are refuges in South Africa bears testimony as to which country is better and which people are better off.

Chipkiri - 6 July 2013

thumbs up to zulu. she and the south african people should be happy because instead of seeing mugabe's remarks as an insult, they ought to see the remark as an admission by the same mugabe that zulu did a good job. lindile is a great woman...she squezzed mugabe's 'balls' and he surely felt the squeeze.

burning spear - 7 July 2013

Backstab - big time! Serves Zuma right for supporting the 2008 elections! Still holhing my breath waiting for the offical SA report!

Gem - 7 July 2013

Regional events like the independence of Angola and Mozambique. 2. The Soweto Uprisings and the advent of television and lastly the Rhodesian war itself were all push factors that forced SAs John Vorster to turn his back on Ian Smith thereby granting us independence. It is true that SA not only threatened to close their Rhodesian boarder but also withdrew both economic and military support by withdrawing his army which was manning the Zambian boarder. It was not always war as what Ztv want us to know

Sox - 7 July 2013

ko lindiwe anotukirwei. she is just doing her job

kanengoni - 7 July 2013

Chenjerai Hove, I assume you are the respected Hove we know. What makes you think we need the Border more than the South Africans? How much trade of SA into Africa goes through that border? So if the border is closed, who is more likely to cry? Stick to your literature dude, izvi does not seem to be your thing.

Abel - 7 July 2013

The utterances by the First Secretary of Zanu PF, President of Zimbabwe, one of Africa's revolutionaries, founder of SADC is regrettable and unfortunate. Whatever prompted it should have been addressed in another forum or in another manner. SADC should not be deterred but must finish the job at hand which is only 17 days away.

Kambiri - 8 July 2013

When Zimbabweans were telling the world [South Africa, AU and SADC included] that here we have a monster, they all thought we were nuts and they took a leopard for a pet. These are the results. The leopard is now showing its true colours. I love this. kikikiki

Zvichapera Chete - 8 July 2013

@mugabe's son, @chokwadi and @morgan I invite you guys to come and complete the change that we have started. You should feel the wind of change blowing...this wind will not stop blowing untill the oldman is knocked off his patch!!! then your childred are assured of a good future with jobs, food and a caring governemt not a governement full of crinies and thieves like the Zanu governement.

Tatanga - 8 July 2013

SADC ne S.A havasati vanyatsa kumuziva mudhara. Mudhara ma1 chaiwo, ko ndisekuru vangu chaivo ka, ndinonyatso vaziva. Ingwe abudiswa muchizarira anga ave kuda kudya munhu wani! The leopard is truely showing its true colors and you ain't yet seen or heard anything. S.A and SADC , what about the UNWTO which just around the corner? Mudhara doesn't even care that it can be simply moved to Zambia alone. He is used to that, may be you are forgetting what happened to the never to come back again 2010 World Cup unorwadziwa ukazvirega wena. Zvemuno zvave zvekungo siira kuna Mwari nokuti isu vene vazvo takundika.

Tava - 9 July 2013

Whatever next withdraw from AU and UN. Please pity him, he is just an old man. What i dont get are those still incharge of their faculties who support these kind of foolishly undiplomatic utterances and provocation as heroism on the octogenarian part. You are best advised to find other things to feel good about than starting wars you cant finish, take that chip off your shoulders and build something with it. Its ironic that the same SADC which proped him and gave him a fig leaf of legitimacy & a 5yr over stay which he is insulting. When Tsvangirai was running for his life in 2008 hiding in Western embassies after the runoff zanuoids were saying he is unpatriotic why did he not seek refuge in any of the SADC missions etc.

joe - 9 July 2013

Hey siyanayi nemurume wemadegree eviolence uyu...kikikiki

Nono - 10 July 2013


WAMUDHARA - 10 July 2013

we are not going to watch for ever our country has to learn from history France once tried it then it was splendid isolation but they later joined the international community. now zimbos must rejoin the commonwealth ofcourse after we ente new Zimbabwe minus sekuru. We helped Mozambique join commonwealth then jump out what a miss? progressive forces lets rebuild our beloved Zim on solid ground. the time has come 31 July we will forever remember this day for GOD HAS REMEMBERED US WE WILL NOT BE THE SAME PPLE AFTER THIS DAY IF WE USE OUR RIGHT TO VOTE MDC-T INTO POWER.

maeresera - 11 July 2013

maeresera, joe, nono: non what you wrote contributes nothing to debate of our current political situation . You take these issues so lightly to a point you can really take this as a joke. maeresera: Zimbabwe"s abandon of Commonwealth was really justified. Friendship can only exist if you and you friend have mutual respect for each other. joe: You privileged to be literate, to enjoy freedom and on top of that to have the means to access internet. Please provide useful debate.

dungas - 11 July 2013

maeresera, joe, nono: non what you wrote contributes nothing to debate of our current political situation . You take these issues so lightly to a point you can really take this as a joke. maeresera: Zimbabwe"s abandon of Commonwealth was really justified. Friendship can only exist if you and you friend have mutual respect for each other. joe: You privileged to be literate, to enjoy freedom and on top of that to have the means to access internet. Please provide useful debate.

dungas - 11 July 2013

maeresera, joe, nono: non what you wrote contributes nothing to debate of our current political situation . You take these issues so lightly to a point you can really take this as a joke. maeresera: Zimbabwe"s abandon of Commonwealth was really justified. Friendship can only exist if you and you friend have mutual respect for each other. joe: You privileged to be literate, to enjoy freedom and on top of that to have the means to access internet. Please provide useful debate.

dungas - 11 July 2013

It is unreasonable to waste time exchanging words,thanx to the South African government for your help to all Zimbabweans....i really appreciate.God bless Africa...

wezhira - 11 July 2013

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