Baba Jukwa hits harder

HARARE – Popular secrets-spilling character Baba Jukwa has reached 200 000 followers on Facebook, escalating a push for the removal of President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF from power in the pending polls.

In the run-up to the general elections, the faceless Facebook character is carrying out opinion polls to find out voter preferences for the five presidential candidates confirmed at the Nomination Court last Friday.

These are President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube leader of the smaller MDC, opposition Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa and Kisinoti Mukwazhi.

Baba Jukwa, who claims to be a disgruntled Zanu PF official who broke ranks with the party over grotesque corruption and brutality, is presently mobilising the nation to go out in numbers and register to vote notwithstanding the long queues and chaos that have characterised the soon-to-end mobile voter registration exercise.

“Zimbabwe don’t just be happy here, we need action. Help us in building a better country,” said Baba Jukwa on his Facebook page. “Please go out in numbers and register to vote. We are still welcoming plenty of Vapanduki (rebels from Zanu PF) and we expect more by the end of the day.

“Don’t forget to inbox us names of those victimising you countrywide so we setup a good example to the evil people and its security henchmen.”

At the time of going to press last night, Baba Jukwa, who joined social platform Facebook in March, had surpassed 205 224 ardent followers.

With such a staggering following, Baba Jukwa is dominating discussions, not only among affected Zanu PF officials but also among many ordinary folks who cannot go a day without clicking his page for the “latest” inside detail in Zanu PF.

In a daily blizzard of posts, Baba Jukwa has waged an infuriated information war against Zanu PF.  His seemingly accurate predictions have rattled the rank-and-file in the former ruling party, insiders told the Daily News.

Baba Jukwa, who remains a mystery, has published phone numbers of politicians, police members, intelligence agents and army officers he says are committing heinous sins against civilians and encourages Zimbabweans to phone them.

The growing list of Baba Jukwa followers and the details he churns out has rattled Zanu PF officials with Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere admitting last week that the mole was destabilising his family life.

There is renewed fright that Baba Jukwa’s accurate prediction of Edward Chindori-Chininga’s death is a harbinger of sinister things to come.

Riding on the crest of popularity, Baba Jukwa says he is going to reveal more dirty secrets to add to the list of top officials who he says are in line for assassination from a camp that is up against reformists.

In May, Baba Jukwa claimed to have foretold the sudden death of a top intelligence commander who was declared a national hero.

He claimed the top agent was poisoned by colleagues. He further claims to have foretold a road accident that involved a Zanu PF politburo member.

With the nation now in election gear, Baba Jukwa is unrelenting in churning out what appears to be Zanu PF and government dark secrets.

He claims he heads a grouping of persons from the revolutionary party totalling 30 000 called Vapanduki (rebels) prepared to make sure Zanu PF loses the next elections.

Baba Jukwa is also warning of “shenanigans from Zanu PF to rig elections.”

“All opposition parties must know that my evil party is registering every Zimbabwean with an ID especially those in the ??Diaspora, they went through the immigration office and took names of those outside the country and registered them countrywide and their so-called cell chairpersons will vote on behalf of everyone to give my evil party more numbers,” Baba Jukwa wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday.

But Zanu PF says it is not concerned about Baba Jukwa.

“We are not worried at all about Baba Jukwa because he wants to cause confusion and conflict within the party, but he won’t get it,” Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo said.

But despite feigning composure, sources in Zanu PF say the party has deployed well-oiled machinery that is working round-the-clock to sniff out Baba Jukwa, fearing his destabilising effect could haunt the party ahead of elections that Mugabe wants held at the end of July.

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Jukwa ndizvo, asijiki

team - 3 July 2013

rova ngoma mutawara, tipei maresults eopinion poll yaBaba Jukwa please

shamiso mutasa - 3 July 2013

This the potential that baba Jukwa has and ZANU PF should be know that he means serious business. With a following of about 200 000, if each takes the message to five people who may not need to be on face book and each of those take the message to 3 people each them about three million votes will protest against ZANU PF. Even if your rigging machine is powerful, watch out ZANU PF because you are gone.

Tafirenyika Matsika - 3 July 2013

lee - 3 July 2013

Kanda papfudzi tinange muzinda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trojan Horse - 3 July 2013

Jukwa! Jukwa! Jukwa for President...

Neniwo Mupanduki - 3 July 2013

@200k fans... actual readers/followers could hoover above 500K. Many like me are anonymous

Ndini - 3 July 2013

MDC are you listening? If not, you better get out of your deep slumber and pay attention.Baba Jukwa is thest thing that ever happened to Zimbabwe. Take heed and DO SOMETHING about that diaspora vote.

Johno - 3 July 2013

Chickens are coming to roost.

mukanya - 3 July 2013

Baba vaJukwa ndekuno !.Keep on churning out the evil,heinous ways of the murderous Zanu pf party.

Varombovanhu - 3 July 2013

Registration state Poll

Register - 3 July 2013

Well, well! When you are a party with so much dirty, you have to worry every time you hear of some dirty being uncovered. Your first thought is, is it my dirty!

Wilbert Mukori - 3 July 2013

Aiwa izvi ndezve mumataundi Baba Jukwa endayi kumusha muone chokwadi kuti Baba Chatunga vane surppot.

Doode - 3 July 2013

Aiwa izvi ndezve mumataundi Baba Jukwa endayi kumusha muone chokwadi kuti Baba Chatunga vane surppot.

Doode - 3 July 2013

Aiwa izvi ndezve mumataundi Baba Jukwa endayi kumusha muone chokwadi kuti Baba Chatunga vane surppot.

Doode - 3 July 2013

Kwaipa zvino kunze kuya amai

Thabi - 3 July 2013

Honaika boys hazvisati zvatanga - follow

Smart - 3 July 2013

So far your preferred voting trends as at this time through the survey we launched points to what l have been always warning my party against that the MDC-T candidate Morgan Tsvangirai is at 85%, my party's candidate President Robert Mugabe is a distant trailer at 10% while Welshman Ncube is at 3% and Dumiso Dabengwa and Kisnoti Mukwazhi is at 1% apiece. I totally agree with you that it will be a total whitewash against my party's candidates. And this Zimbabweans are doing to retire the old man. Survey voting continues on our page until the last minutes towards voting. Sibongile Asijiki!!!! Yimi Baba Jukwa 17

Jo - 3 July 2013


tmoney - 4 July 2013

The truth is Zanu Pf icharohwa nezve usiku... They aare going to be caught unawares.. thanks to zbc and social networks

Moyo Vakatakwa - 4 July 2013

kikikiki, face book, any fool can write what he wants, hallucinations are also accommodated. if at all one goes through a sober analysis of baba jukwa, its an open mouth, shut mind desperate posting trying to recover long lost ground, but fortunately because of the literacy level of Zimbabweans, conclusions have since pointed to an idiotic and childish play by MDC-T on face book. kikikik.

reason - 4 July 2013

father jukwa its bho! feed us more

patriot - 4 July 2013

Baba jukwa ndizvo. Ko murikurasika papi muone room?????

Vimbotee - 4 July 2013

Its a year of reckoning! Mudhara ne party yake vacha mhamha Asijiki

hefty - 4 July 2013

dear zimbabweans, pane zvondinetsa. if zanu pf failed to curb the meltdown of our economy before the time of the unity government when it was in full control (esp 2007- 2008) because of economic sanctions, hw then is it going to develop our economy if it wins this election??..since the same people who were targeted by the sanctions then, are the same people who are still at the helm and targeted by the same sanctions........tikasangwara todzokera ku2007. asijiki !!

war - 4 July 2013

War, are you saying our vote should be based on who is under sanctions and who is not for fear of our economy collapsing? What kind of fair election is that?

dave - 5 July 2013

Baba Jukwa is not come you have so much trash to spew about musangano but not a single negative word for MDC and its womanising President? Are you telling me that ZPF is so so bad asi ana tea boy are better? Corruption and nepotism yaitwa ne MDC in the few years they have been in power hamuione kana? Aiwa dont play with our minds zve...uyu ndiChamisa and his friends, merely using a few disgruntled CIOs to feed them with infor yekuisa paFB page yavo.

ZPF - 5 July 2013

my homeboy Kisinoti is a real joke

GONZ - 5 July 2013

if tsvangirai is a womaniser over affairs that happened following his wife's death, what do u say bout mugabe who fathered 2 kids by a married woman while sally lay sick in hospital? a boss who beds his typist is a predator. in the interview with Dali Tambo he admits to womanising when he claims to have told grace he would leave all the other women he was dating. The man is pure evil!

rudadiso - 5 July 2013

B aba Jukwa is actually a former racist. The worse thing is not to reform. It has actually caused havoc to Zimbabwe unlike in South Africa where the the former racists accepted reconciliation thereby setting the tone for a good sociaty. In our case Baba Jukwa tere are winners.

dungas - 6 July 2013

Zanu PF for lyfe , maMDC muchachema ,

BASIL MAKONI - 8 July 2013

Zanu PF for lyfe , maMDC muchachema ,

cHIMUSORO - 8 July 2013

Zanu PF for lyfe , maMDC muchachema ,

cHIMUSORO - 8 July 2013

rova bhora tiende Tsvangirai we need a God driven leadership that puts people ahead than their political parties lets ask for God's intervention lets remember the israelites Zimbabweans

cobra - 8 July 2013

ngatityei Mwari mune zvese zvatingaite

zanundeyekushupika - 9 July 2013

we need young leaders with fresh minds vanoenderana ne generation yazvino kwete harahwa. ko madhara ava asi vavana retirement age kani mupolicy yavo yeparty

robinsen - 9 July 2013

AHHH, ddnt knw, one more for you baba jukwa, bhora mberi

FELLYSHER - 11 July 2013

Of all followers not all are following you, Jukwa is just public stunt he got no effect like i always say "The loudest one The weakest one " Sometimes kunyarara hazvirevi hapana zvekutaura .Munhu hanyengetedzwe nema shoko kunyanya makuhwa asi ne chokwadi !!!!

Cimon - 11 July 2013

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