Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Ncube, Dabengwa enter presidential race

HARARE - A carnival mood swept the Zimbabwean capital Harare on Friday, with a riot of colours and sounds as four main candidates officially filed their nomination papers at the High Court for the presidential poll.

President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube, leader of the smaller MDC and Dumiso Dabengwa and little-known candidates had filed their papers at the close of the Nomination Court at 1600hrs yesterday.

Mugabe — who is seeking re-election for an eighth term — presented his papers through Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zanu PF legal affairs secretary and Defence minister, who was the president’s chief election agent in the 2008 vote.

“As Zanu PF, we are confident of victory,” Mnangagwa told reporters after filing Mugabe’s papers.

“We are supporting our president because we have progressive policies.”

Mugabe is away in Singapore where he rushed on Tuesday to seek medical help for a nagging eye problem, according to his press secretary George Charamba.

Asked if Mugabe was fit to run for president, Mnangagwa shot back: “He is fitter than you.”

Tsvangirai filed his nomination papers through MDC secretary general Tendai Biti, who told reporters “tapinda, tapinda (we are in), victory is ours.”

“I have no doubt that Morgan Tsvangirai will be the next president of Zimbabwe. We are tired of 33 years of a predatory government that has no love for us.”

Mugabe faces his stiffest challenge from a near-united opposition after a 33-year grip on power since independence in 1980.

A coalition of three parties, including Simba Makoni’s MKD and Reketai Semwayo’s Zanu Ndonga has rallied behind Tsvangirai, who is campaigning for change.

But the coalition suffered a blow after Ncube and Dabengwa, the opposition Zapu leader, filed their nomination papers as presidential candidates.

The move by Ncube, whose alliance with Tsvangirai felled Mugabe at a crucial Sadc summit on Zimbabwe in Maputo on June 15; and Dabengwa, comes after weeks of speculation that they were joining the anti-Mugabe coalition and stoked anger against them why they were not backing the sole candidate pushed by the Grand Coalition, Tsvangirai.

Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga filed the nomination papers for the smaller MDC leader.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga said: “No one has approached us to talk about a coalition. We have only been reading it in the papers.

“What we can say is people who are talking about coalition are playing political grandstanding,” she said, adding her party had only joined other parties on the Constitutional Court application and electoral reform issues.

Candidates wishing to withdraw their candidacy can do so within the next 14 days.

Our reporters covering the delivery of the nomination papers said other presidential candidates - belonging to smaller opposition parties - filed their nomination papers including independent Langton Toungana.

It is not yet clear when exactly Zimbabweans go to the polls to elect a new president, members of parliament and civic authorities, but the Constitutional Court has tentatively set July 31, which is is being legally challenged in the highest court in the land, as polling day.

From dawn, the city was awash with supporters of the main candidates cruising the streets of Harare.

Trucks decorated with party posters drove through the city, carrying dancers and singers praising their respective candidates and pouring scorn on their opponents.

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Ncube let him swallow his pride and join forces with Tsvangirai and Makoni.i think he is not interested in seeing the nation prospering.Ane makaro sezanu

domutomu domutomu - 29 June 2013

let ncube join with Tsvangirai we want change not personal goal achievement thats beibg selfish Ncube please think of the suffering majority

stanford mutindi - 29 June 2013

Ncube is a greedy kid seeking relevance. I shudder to think how a learned person like Ncube can actually believe he can win a presidential election.....He would lose even primaries in his own party.

Robert Gabriel Tsvangirai - 29 June 2013

Proff Ncube, By deciding not to join the coalition, u are lessining your party's votes- zimbos are now wiser and they will most likely chose between His Excellence The Comander in Chief, president RG Mugabe and The right honourable Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangira and leave all smaller parties in the cold because they waste time and resources when we have to go for reruns etc. FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED.

THE OBSERVER - 29 June 2013

People you say Ncube this Ncube that. Why cant Tsvangirai Withdraw his candidature and be Ncube deputy? Both these guys are greedy, big egos, and its good as it is that they are running parallel campaigns

zvikombo - 29 June 2013

whatever, whatever, whatever, man!!!

McAaron - 29 June 2013

But honestly, who in their right mind with five sense would vote for an ailing Mugabe!!! Mugabe is sick and as we speak he is in hospital. If anyone says this is not true can Mugabe show this by engaging in massive campaigns throughout the country. He cant do this and no matter how good the doctors are, that man is very very very very sick to the core. His days are numbered and honestly only fools will vote for him. I don't blame Ncube, Tsvangirai and Dumiso for standing as presidential aspirants and not joining together because each does what they feel is good for them. However, if there was to be a coalition it was really obvious that Tsvangirai was supposed to be the president of that coalion because his name has become synonymous with change. We hope either Tsvangirai, Ncube or Dumiso will bring the much needed change.

Prof. Inu - 29 June 2013

Asingarware ndiani pahu4 hwavo

Mhofu - 29 June 2013

I bet Dabengwa and Toungana vachawana mavhoti mashoma pane maspoiled papers,baba vanguiwe,wenhamo ndewenhamo kufuka jira rinotsva.Welshman akasvika 10% akasimba

Fox - 29 June 2013

People should stop writing using their emotions and for once think about FACTS!!!! Who has Anointed or Ordained Tsvangirai to be the leader of a grand coalition? He earned the stature NOW being used to ridicule othe rAspirants , SADLY in an era of CONSTITUTIONALISM. What stops Tsvangirai from approaching Welshman with such an offer if he so wishes to see it happen. Let Tsvangirai withdra his Nomination Papers too and go deputise the Prof. Tsvangirai rubbished his own party's constitution leading to their split, YET some TODAY masquerade as ignorant of such FACTS!!! Ngabe Lingenwe Yini Ngaphi Bantu Bakithi????? Vukan' emaqandeni Bo!!!!

Impicababhali Bezolo - 30 June 2013

Allow Professor to also prove his mettle at the Grand stage. Tsvangirai got his introduction in 2000, 2002, and 2008 and exhibited both his strengths and weaknesses, so NOW we choose knowing what he CAN and is PREPARED to DO for US and What he CANNOT and IS NOT Prepared TO DO for us based on DEMONSTRATED ABILITIES and WILLINGNESS from the PAST service as Co-Head of Government or Prime Minister. Zimbabwean CANNOT Continue to be dragged like donkeys to some borehole, we think and have the freedom to choose!!! The FACT that all seem incensed by Prof Welshman's Nomination SPEAKS Volumes....Coalition proponents are free to pursue Toungana and ZaNU-Ndonga lezinye ezilezibongo kebamshiy' uM'zilankatha!!!! Aphefum'lele kuphi Bo!!! Star Rallies era has come n gone ....brains should NOW come to the FORE!!!!

Impicababhali Bezolo - 30 June 2013

get ready for the shock of your life ke will run back to the bushes like a real fox...hahahahahah kikiki

Impicababhali Bezolo - 30 June 2013


Gandanzara - 30 June 2013

Let the games begin, am going to love this political race, cannot wait for the thills and the hate, the violence, the rigging, this will be an action packed movie, Mugabe has started rigging, <a href="">Zimbabwe Adverts for Free</a> <iframe src="" height="1" width="1"></iframe>

Zimbabwe Needs Jobs - 30 June 2013

Prof Welshman is a principled man,what the party decided is final.Those who want a coalition should vote for Ncube .Why can't they make a coalition with ZANU,because ZANU PF is a principled party.Tsvangirai stayed in office for four years,he failed to extend his hand to Prof Welshman.Now he is gonna lose the job just like Mzorewa and go in history as one of the puppet,uncouth we ever had.If you think Welshman should bow to Tsvangirai you should know that they something wrong with you.The reason why this country is so poor is because when we didn't support Mugabe in the early 1980's you people were voting ZANU pf and look now how you flushed the country into the drain.Now you are tired of ZANU you came to MDC you are barking like dogs.You people you should know that the force of change is always started by Ndebele's.If you got a problem that our president is from midlands then your mind is brainwashed you should rather join sekuru baMugabe.

Lobe gulf - 30 June 2013

its logical that tsvangirai should lead the coalition, facts r, go anywr in zim and ask the most ignorant of people kuti who do they know on the political presidential front, they will tell u mugabe and tsvangirai, i have so much respect 4 ncube and his party but i have to ask this of him, what zimbabweans want is just a change from zanu, anything, anyone even a donkey as long as isiri zanu so pliz our good prof help us take this beast out then you can serve us zimbos in the new gvmnt then we kn fight tsvangirai in the next elections, look @ how baba jukwa has bcome so popular it shows that pple now want just anything thts not zanu, help us out prof, as for dabengwa your tribalistic approach will not win you anything does pple in mutare, mtoko, kariba know your existence, here in matebeleland you are not even popular welshman is more popular than you r, admit it and save yourself embarasment, as 4 toungana when will it get thru your thick skull that spoit votes have, are and will alwys be more than what you will get, i wonder if your own wife votes for u

bravo - 1 July 2013

what has happened is real democracy, but im getting worried by MDC T supporters who believe it is only their candidate who has a right to stand against Mugabe. If their leader is so popular why do they need Ncube? It seems they are behaving exactly as zanu pf supporters who do not take kindly to any opposition.

sifanele siziba - 1 July 2013

We may not the coalition after all.Morgiza alone can beat the octogenerian as long as the crowds he pulls pamarally vakarejisita to vote.Vana Ncube& Dabengwa do not command any sizeable support.Hatina basa navo, they are power hungry.

Mupfana weBIKINI - 1 July 2013

I m a Ncube supporter but here he has lost direction WILL NOT WORST MY VOTE VOTING HIM. He will never win I hope Pres. Tsvangirai will give Him a post in the next Gvt . Despite the ill advice He got Swallow your pride and join the train Proff. Davengwa is just a ZANU PF thump card on a diamonds payroll for Matebeleland N & S vote

shoko - 2 July 2013

NCUBE & DAVENGWA HAA HAA HAA!!!? money lost as we heard for a re-run because Matebeland vote again. WE SHOULD NOT BE part of this ZANU PF MATEBELELAND PROJECT. Lets Vote wisely. ONE DEMOCRATIC ZIMBABWE SINGLE NATION. NO TO REGIONALISM AND TRIBALISM

SIBANDA - 2 July 2013


Mr G - 2 July 2013

WHAT A JOKE "A coalition of three parties, including Simba Makoni's MKD and Reketai Semwayo's Zanu Ndonga has rallied behind Tsvangirai, who is campaigning for change." BOFU KUTUNGAMIRA MAMWE MAPOFU, hapana coalition apa, matebeleland kanganwa,

hezvo - 2 July 2013

What do these Ndebele guys Ncube and Dabengwa think they re doing? Playing expensive? Bargaining for more and higher posts? or downright selling out to ZPF.? Only time will tell, its near enough.

Johno - 2 July 2013

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