Don't blame BBA for immorality

HARARE - What  is this hullabaloo about Big Brother and morals? Hallo; open your eyes and take a reality check.

I have noted with raised eyebrows how people judge Big Brother Africa contestants on how immoral and unAfrican they are.

First of all BBA was never about morals, that is why it is rated 18+, so that young people under that age (who are gullible) can be spared from being influenced to behave like adults.

For eight years, BBA has been screening, with more and more people subscribing to DStv to watch the show.

I wonder why, no! in fact I don’t…I get them, they are after entertainment.

On this one, you should get me right, I am not saying I endorse whatever kind of behaviour I watch on the show, but I’m just saying it is ridiculous for people to expect this reality show to morally mentor your teenagers and infants, No you are wrong!

This is also a wake up call to you all; BBA is reflecting what the African society has become.

Denying that lifestyle and culture evolve is like thinking inside the box.

Yes some might say the contestants are doing it for the money, but guess what,? even in real life right now, they are so many people who because of money have abandoned principles they had set for themselves and indulged in some guilty pleasures.

The show also reflects on the variations of character in society. Not all housemates are getting laid, or getting stoned to the point they are unaware of what’s going on.

The show actually makes you judge for yourself where you stand.

Doing it in the dark or behind closed doors does not make it a lesser evil. One columnist asked : “Why do we keep shifting blames when we discover a rot in the Society?”

It is what it is and what it has become, it is actually worse than portrayed on BBA.

People walk around with nude pictures in their phones and watch pornographic videos with their friends, but now that they have seen it on BBA, it becomes wrong,? oh please spare us.

Why blame TV shows for society’s immorality? Girls are dating married men everywhere so much that it has ceased to be a culturally wrong.

Even in the 90s during the days of the popular drama Paraffin, the late character Paraffin told a married woman he wanted that she had been left out and that it had become fashionable for those married to have either a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Yes so what if Bolt and Betty like other fellow BBA contestants were satisfying their sexual pleasures everyday, how many unmarried couples in Africa right now are engaging in such acts? Not on satellite television does not make it right.

I liked Betty; she was a sweet girl and I was sad to see her leave. I chose to look beyond her intimate acts with Bolt.

As I know it, the DStv remote control has got scrolling options, so If you don’t condone something then do not waste your time indulging in the BBA entertainment. Watch National Geographic instead.

So apparently Selly gave it to Nando the first day she moved to the Diamond House, if you think she acted out of character, do not vote for her. Simple.

Like myself, Selly does not have my vote, not because she ended Nando’s hunger but because she failed to impress me.

Most people need a reality check. How many people do not keep secrets to their relationships?

In this case, BBA has also revealed that relationships in Africa are characterised by lots of Infidelities.

‘‘A housemate with a steady and strong relationship will go into the BBA House and engage in premarital sex.

‘‘It shows we lack self-discipline as Africans. Don’t blame BBA, rather we should blame BBA do not have any obligation to enhance the Moral Faculties in Africa,” a popular entertainment journalist wrote and I agree.

“Ask yourself; are you living a good life? Are you living a life worthy of emulation? Will children look up to you and act right?” You have been asked.

Maybe next I should talk about country representation or why one should not be crucified for not voting for their country representative(s).

Why should I be forced to vote for Hakeem or Pokello, when I feel I relate more to Dillish?

After all “they” claim Dillish is Zimbabwean, but that is a story for another day.

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Why are you roosting for immorality?

Jorodhani Sithole - 1 July 2013

enda unofa!!! Nonsense

Cmo - 1 July 2013

Well spoken we all have skeletons in our closets. Like it or leave it. (Don't watch when u catch a pain) Sorry

Aronael Renlin - 2 July 2013

Gosh, this is one angry writer! First of all, she should cool down. Calm the boot down! Your article is too opinionated and it lacks objectivity altogether. BBA has been on for some time, yes, but the first seasons actually didn't have all this disgusting material in it. Do you remember that Gaitano was running lead until he had sexual relations with Abby and that cost him first place to Cherise? Now, it's the opposite - the kinkier and dirtier, the better. Or are you blind to that? So what if it's what African society has become? Does that mean we parade and support it? Why can't something be condemned simply because it's bad? Daily news is rally scraping the very bottom of the barrel for such shallow articles, huh?

Jordan - 2 July 2013

Pathetic article. lacks objectivity. this, folks, is how NOT to write an opinion article

Chewa - 3 July 2013

I agree with you... as much as people want to deny society's rot, this is how it has become... and also the writer never said she is suppoting immorality but sometimes people need to to take a reality check, this is what your sons and daughters are doing.

Jill - 3 July 2013

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