Makoni backs Tsvangirai

OPPOSITION leader Simba Makoni has withdrawn from the presidential race, throwing his weight behind a grand coalition seeking to end President Robert Mugabe’s 33-year rule.

The coalition will be led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The former Finance minister, who now leads Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD), told a news conference yesterday that he was withdrawing from the presidential race to mount a united front against Mugabe and Zanu PF.

He said he was prepared to serve the nation in any capacity in the post-Government of National Unity (GNU) era.

“I am happy to advise the nation that the National Management Committee (NMC) of MKD resolved on Tuesday  June 25, 2013 not to field a presidential candidate, in the forthcoming elections,” he said adding “we took this decision in order to pave the way for agreement on a single presidential candidate for all those yearning for change in national leadership at the highest level.”

Tsvangirai, who in 2008 nearly ended Mugabe’s hegemony had it not been for a fractured opposition, is widely regarded as the front runner to lead the coalition, not only because of the legislative strength of his party but also because of his popularity.

Clad in a green jersey and apparently in buoyant mood, the ex-Zanu PF politburo member said he is prepared to work under a coalition government led by Tsvangirai, adding he would not have withdrawn his presidential bid if he was not prepared to work with other leaders.

“I am fully-committed to back the one candidate who is chosen by the grand coalition,” Makoni told reporters.

“If I was not prepared to back that person, I wouldn’t have made this statement.”

Asked if there was buy-in from other parties to the idea of a coalition and if they will agree on the candidate in time for the Nomination Court, Makoni retorted: “Chances are 10 out of 10. We are constantly in meetings, we are having one right now.”

The Nomination Court closes today at 4pm.

While Makoni has openly rallied behind the coalition, other parties such as Zanu Ndonga have already indicated they would back Tsvangirai in the pending crucial elections, with yet another erstwhile Zanu PF stalwart Dumiso Dabengwa, who now leads a revived Zapu, saying grand coalition talks are ongoing and at an advanced stage.

“If it is decided to have a coalition it should be inclusive, we would like to see all parties involved, awarded top posts,” Dabengwa told reporters on Wednesday.

Using the MDC maxim “real change”, Makoni talked up putting national interest before egos.

“In preparing ourselves for the likelihood of elections this year, we reaffirm our commitment to put the national interest above our party of individual members’ interest,” Makoni said.

“We also agreed to apply our separate and collective energies to the cause of cooperation.”

After Mugabe unilaterally declared that elections would be held on July 31, five parties that included the governing MDC formations, MKD, Zapu and Zanu Ndonga collectively took a stance vowing not to be frogmarched into an election without the full implementation of agreed reforms.

In turn, the Sadc extraordinary meeting that was held in Maputo, Mozambique, on June 15, used the letter as the basis for rejecting Mugabe’s bid to railroad the country into an early poll without implementing security sector and media reforms.

The strengthening coalition that is gathering momentum on the eve of watershed elections is likely to rattle Mugabe’s Zanu PF which held chaotic primary elections for three days as infighting took centre stage, with several disenchanted candidates threatening to stand as independent candidates.

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Beautiful website, Daily News. This is excellent work. Thanks for giving your readers space for comments. Keep on telling it like it is. Keep it up!

Nkosi Mambo - 28 June 2013

That is good not the Herald

kesh madamombe - 28 June 2013

User friendly website.Dailnews thank you.

mushandi - 28 June 2013

I hope these guys will through away their egos for the sake of the nation.

Mikekilo - 28 June 2013

Nice website and faster as well. You may now need to update your news quicker. Herald does it around midnight and this doesnt affect their sales at all. Also there is an advert at the foot of your home page. I think that is tarnishing the otherwise good layout of this new look

mafikizolo - 28 June 2013

Now that you are in the groove, dont look back. This is an excellent layout and readers comments was that missing ingredient. Well done! As for Dr. Makoni, kudos to you good sir, now really get into your groove and start seriously recruiting from the other party and lets see your catch of the day..this is what clever politicians do they read the mood of MAIN STREET. Do not listen to what anybody says about your move..Zimbabwe needs you sir!

gutter poet - 28 June 2013

Doctor Simba, maratidza simba sezita renyu. personally l am so pleased with this level of political maturity. you have seen the importance of rescue on the people of our beloved country than the rescue of your political carrier...encourage the other guyz to follow suit doc. tel them its not about Tsvangirai...its about burning down the temple that habours political shenanigans of Zanu pf as bishops. we are sick of these thieves and murderers in Zanu. they MUST GO !

war - 28 June 2013

Well done Dr Makoni, you might have just redeemed yourself there because.....Vanhu Havachada zanupf!!

Stop-a-Thief - 28 June 2013

It is much faster than before. It is now my first choice for news Tell it like it is . Kudos to the management.

Mavara Azarevhu - 29 June 2013

awesome website....

ten2ten - 29 June 2013

this is serious

pakaipa - 29 June 2013

I like it. Good website.

tan - 29 June 2013

Thanx daily for the user friendly website,this is good.About the grand coalition,this is good for the change we have always been wishing to have in life.keep it up Doctor.

simba - 29 June 2013

Dr. Makoni, I am one of your supporters and I voted for you in the last elections. You have just proved that you are miles ahead of the rest of the politicians in this country and justified why 8% of us voted for you. We will wait for your call and will throw our weight behind the candidate supported by the coalition. Zanu PF you lost the only credible candidate when you lost Dr Simba Makoni, you failed to evolve with time and you will be punished for that. Zimbabwe will never be the same again after the forthcoming elections the people are ready to move on, it is crystal clear.

mkd - 29 June 2013

Makoni is now our 'valient cousin and worthy gentleman'. What is left are the Welshmans of this world! Pliz we don't wan't a repeat of 2008 were votes were splited as some people were tricked to vote Simba. The main chellenge has been and will remain in Byo were people will vote for a candidate who is not known at all in areas like Uzumba Maramba Kufunga, Mudzi, Dotito, Hauna etc. The real challenge is that these psuedo candidates like Ncube, when they are in Byo behave as if they are known on a national level and as you know majority of the Ndebeles here seldom travel past the Shangani river and it becomes easy for Welshman to lie that he is also popular beyond Shangani river. People have only to choices on the presidential vote: Either Morgan or staying at home on the day of voting! Its nonsense to doubt the commitment of one who has managed to rally the people against the most brutal regime in human history!

Ngazvibhuyiwe - 29 June 2013

thanks for the new web.

quintilion - 29 June 2013

thanks simba. you the hero for the people.

SAMMY - 29 June 2013

For us so far away, it's great to see a really good newspaper from home and an excellent website. Well done.

Mary van Heerden - 29 June 2013

DR MAKONI, You have made us proud, Nyati. You are now part of the grand vision. Mugabeism must be out. One term for Tsavangirayi. Next term MAKONI the intelligent one, to take Zimbabwe to Mars!

Gandanzara - 30 June 2013

This Shona thing of running Zimbabwe has put us in shit.Mugabe turned the Zimbabwe into a village.Tsvangirai thinks the MDC was for him.You people you should start to think beyond and realize what's going on in successful pun tries .

Lobengula - 30 June 2013

If you people want progress you should start to realize that Shona or Ndebele is the same.So if you think Tsvangirai is a Shona then I must vote for him you probably got Zanuism.

Lobengula - 30 June 2013

Ever since I was born I never voted for ZANU but most of you come fro ZaNu even Tsvangirai.thats why you say tapanduka,so you now want coalition so as to spoil our goodness.never not this tyme.

lobengula - 30 June 2013

Makoni must start campaigning izvozvi so that we believe him.HE must also be visible everywhere- Mbare, MKOBA, Chikanga etc achiudza vanhu vake kuti ,"VOTE MORGIZA for PRESIDENT"

Mupfana weBIKINI - 1 July 2013

Dr Makoni l salute you sir ,though l am thousands of kilometers away from my mother land lm still proud of MY Zimbabwe because of our political leaders we have today who put country before self not these Zanupf thugs .Please remember these words from Obama ,'We as leaders occupy these spaces temporarily and we don't get so deluded that we think the fact of our country doesn't depend on how long we stay in office'', l thank you.

Brian - 1 July 2013

Thanks for this space.You are far ahead of The Herald which has become a party organ.What a shame.

wastsomba - 1 July 2013

This is no time to squabble over Shona or Ndebele .Zimbabwe is bigger than the ethnic groups that make its population.At this moment we should not care which part of the country you come from.Let us seize this great idea of a grand coalition against those who have masterminded our suffering for such a long time.Those who are thieving are both Ndebele and Shona.So whoever you are: Tonga,Nambia ,Chewa,Ndebele,Shona etc,the chance is now. Thanks doc Makoni for your political maturity.Its NOW or NEVER.

wastsomba - 1 July 2013

Vana LOBENGULA chii chamozivawo, cant u say anything without saying shona or ndebele ndosaka makatengesa nyika nekuda sugar hhmm hmm, regai daily news itipire dzozipa kudai, thanks Daily News and Simba Kuvanhu, kikikiikiki hahahaada

FELLYSHER - 2 July 2013

Thank you Dr Simba Makoni I salute You....

Tich - 2 July 2013

why start politics if you dont have what it takes to go all the way. when the going gets tough you start running.

tipei maserious - 2 July 2013

Good work Simba. Zimbabwe needs people like you.

james - 3 July 2013

thank you daily news for the excellent web.

muchaneta - 3 July 2013

zanu pf inochiona chete gore rino iro rino iri risati rapera

sjambok - 3 July 2013

Zimbabwean dont be fooled by what the whites are promising you.Its nothing, all we have earned for the past years will mean nothing.They are eyeing for our farms and the recently discovered mines.they just want to boost they crumbling economies.pliz Zimbabwe dont forget hw we suffered under the colonial will never stop unless we as Zimbabweans support our Leader.Morgan Tsvagirai he would have made a good Leader if he showed less support to the whites.All our farms will go back to the hands of whites.and we dont want a situation whereby they will control our economy and bully us.Juss ask yourself why are they not lifting sanctions?.Be united as one family to show the west that they are many channels and means of surviving.making their expectations into total nightmare.thank you Brother and Sister of the soil.Viva Zimbabwe Viva.................................

nyakasikana - 4 July 2013

Why is it that rhodies, almost all whites in Zimbabwe, Australia, EU & USA support MDC? Is it because they are lovers of democracy or that their are lovers of self? If MDC comes to power will all these white people do anything for me a black man? Is it a coincidence or there is an agenda at play here?

Dave - 4 July 2013

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