Nieebgate: Moyo loses the plot

HARARE - It is not so long ago when the Daily News observed that serial political flip-flopper Jonathan Moyo - who only the desperate can trust - has been wailing more than the bereaved and behaving as though the same group has no voice or feelings of their own.

 It was also not so long ago that the gross and unacceptable indigenisation blunders, and corruption - which we believe have been stopped through our modest contribution as well before some people made away with their “loot” - were exposed and that any serious political party, be it Zanu PF, the main MDC formations, Job Sikhala’s MDC99, Mavambo, would entertain or sanction such kind of behaviour unless it takes people for granted and wants to lose elections.

Attempts, therefore, by Zimbabwe’s celebrated political flip-flopper to locate the whole Nieebgate affair as a media campaign against Zanu PF are as misplaced and far-fetched as Moyo’s own “authoritative statement” that President Robert Mugabe would lose an election to a donkey.

In the fervent belief that the Nieebgate issue is a national affair, which must concern all well-meaning citizens of this resource-rich nation, the Daily News has called for a thorough investigation into this matter in order to deal with some of those issues that vintage Moyo - in his long winded state media piece yesterday - claimed had been fabricated.

To its credit, the Daily News has even published documents, including Brainworks Capital Management (BCM)’s fee structure, but the self-righteous politician thinks otherwise.

For instance, a Nieeb mandate letter relating to the $45 million potential income which BCM stood to benefit “on successful completion” of the Zimbabwe Platinum Mines (Zimplats) transaction was published and not a creation of the Daily News, yet the self-styled master of spin is wont to create another picture.

While individuals such as Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono have found themselves in the crossfire and being savaged for allegedly leaking “sensitive information to the Daily News", the hapless fellow also finds himself accused of running the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc)’s affairs by remote control or through the back door.

Now, that’s curious, rich and interesting stuff from a legendary politician like Moyo.

Just as we have no mandate to speak on Gono or Zacc’s behalf, we find it curious - if it not staggering - how the RBZ’s assistance of the anti graft lobby has become a major issue now when the aepx bank’s help of many other government agencies, departments, ministries, parastatals and local authorities during those horrific, and mad hyperinflation days, is public knowledge.

Suddenly, Gono is a tool of surreptitious control and “regime change accusations” by some self-serving Zanu PF dimwits?

It is a matter of public record that the RBZ was even used to fund some of Zanu PF’s affairs and many other causes - some laudable and others not so good.

Going by Moyo’s twisted logic, could it also be plausible that Gono was behind Judge President George Chiweshe, Justice Charles Hungwe and Harare magistrate Gora’s decisions since he has also funded the judiciary, and other bodies such as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission when the judge president was its chairman?

In the absence of believable evidence, one can only say Moyo is “fishing in a house tub”.

And just to run a little bit with this theory, is Zanu PF under Gono’s spell since he is said to have funded some of the party's activities in 2008 and what of all other beneficiaries of his infamous quasi-fiscal activities... funding of motor vehicles and those given to coalition government ministers, chiefs, MPs, farmers and the uncharitable Moyo, we believe?

In the midst of all these unsavoury insults and accusations, we dare to ask if these present actions are being influenced by Gono too?

 Indeed, the Daily News’ take on the Nieebgate saga remains that it is time for an independent and non-intimidatory probe or interrogation of all issues surrounding the debate, including those from mouthpieces crying louder than the bereaved, government advisors, the Indigenisation minister himself and his ministry, the Tender Board, RBZ, Zacc and Gono himself.

As a serious nation - and people - we must all strive and be anxious to want to get to the bottom of it all.

Crucially, the country’s constitution allows for the establishment of independent commissions and which we believe everybody is ready to cooperate with.

In the meantime, we are aware of the existence of several kangaroo courts, if not one-sided investigation groups, being set up to target certain individuals in this country under the disguise of probing this potential scam and attempts to hide away key information, and legitimise an otherwise flawed process by manufacturing minutes and resolutions, which are aimed giving a semblance of order to this unfolding scandal.

The Daily News is also aware of manouvres to set up “youth groups” to denounce this newspaper and certain office-bearers like Gono through calls for his resignation, and closure of the people’s paper, if not arrests and jailing of its staff.

These shenanigans also include calls for Zanu PF to ignore or obfuscate graft allegations against those at the centre of Nieebgate, in order to serve the whims of a few within the party's ranks.

However, this would be so ill-advised, unfortunate and ill-timed, as prayer, wisdom and experience, honesty, respect for legality and good public/corporate governance, subscription to the principles of transparency and accountability, and consistency in word and deed by those charged with the responsibility of leading our nation will get us out of this mess.

On the other hand, the politics and seduction of some immature, and “highest-bidder-takes-me characters” must be condemned in the strongest terms because it is such emotionalism, which does take a country forward.

 In the meantime, any attempts to “see or hear nothing” on these deals, smoke-screening and rushes to bury the excrete in shallow graves of malcontents, and moves to believe the propaganda of people, if not consultants, who saw themselves up the economic ladder after reaping rewards from the potentially foul deals, would be both ruinous to the country and self-defeating to Zanu PF.

Now, that is the real bhora musango for the party and in what would be reminiscent of the 2008 bungling.
On another note, the party - and Zimbabweans in general - must be reminded that a leopard will never changes its spots.

To Moyo, we say indeed rinemanyanga hariputirwi, but you seem to be an expert at trying kuaputira.

As their best foot forward, we say go and continue pulling wool over their eyes and you seem to be doing a good job of it, and this is truly on behalf of the not-so-educated people of this great country and without a thinking capacity  like yours... go on! - Staff Writer

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