Throw rascals out of Parly!

HARARE - Do not think twice; let’s just do it, please.

None of those Members of Parliament should be returned. Now we know why so-called “sitting MPs” from all political parties were trying to avoid primaries.

The blackmailers and extortionists wanted another term of thieving and vice in Parliament.

Times when we used to blame Zanu PF for everything are gone. The days when we used to wonder at the calibre of Zanu PF MPs in this our august house are passé.

Politicians are the same.

We have witnessed the political acrimony between Zanu PF and MDC legislators. We have seen as recently as last week that these two groups can hardly agree on anything, not even the Constitution.

But we have witnessed, how quickly they easily agree with each other when it comes to extorting from the nation and making outrageous demands for services not rendered.

MPs from all the parties were united in demanding from the nation — money and items the country cannot afford. But even if the country could afford it, they should not be given a cent more than their stipulated earnings.

The goodwill that the people of Zimbabwe extended to the MDC has now been abused to above the normal decay whose parameters of corruption were set and are still maintained by Zanu PF.

We, people authority, stand and watch from across the road and get dazzled by women and men in three piece suits, driving fancy cars, each with their own bottle store, contemptuously walking into Parliament as if they are going into a tomb to awaken Lazarus from the dead.

We brought them to this Parliament and we now know they are morons — for none of them echoes the voice of their constituency, whether they are Zanu PF or MDC.

Since independence, Zanu PF parliamentarians have always been party patsies with no mind of their own. They were expected to echo their master’s voice and they obliged.

MDC lawmakers now march into Parliament and Senate, not to raise Zimbabwe from the dead, but to snuff out Zimbabwe by joining in the looting.

I thought the MDC was more sanitised? How could they honestly demand money for doing the very constituency work they are already being paid to do?

People put their hopes in them but now they are in government and we cannot tell the difference between the two sets of parliamentarians.

We must, of necessity, pause and take stock. They want to be protected by their parties by being allowed to by-pass primary elections so they come back into this same Parliament to continue extorting without giving anything back to the community or to the people who sent them to Parliament expecting full representation.

They are demanding cars.

They want luxurious homes in towns.

They demand exit packages.

They want golden handshakes for doing nothing and demand to be paid separate amounts for doing the very job they were elected to undertake and for which they are handsomely paid.

None of them should be returned to Parliament.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF set the sub standard for lawmakers when those who could shout louder and sing better praises to the Dear Leader made it up the ladder.

Zanu PF always lowered its standards to the extent of accommodating anyone who could sing praises to Mugabe.

In the end, we were garlanded with charlatans for MPs.

As Mugabe’s praise singers, many among whom had begun to rot, walked all over the nation, the people started to wonder for amongst those MPs were decaying minds — an ongoing trend which has also been joined by MDC parliamentarians.

The walking dead; we have been cheated again!

The MDC must be careful; they have already exposed many of their weaknesses and their propensity for luxury during a time of difficulties.

We can no longer afford to send people into Parliament who end up selling our mandate for a jaunty trip to Europe.

I am disgusted by the MDC’s shifted priorities.

I am appalled that the MDC, born and nurtured by the people, now makes unilateral decisions that benefit only themselves, not the people they are supposed to be representing.

It is inexcusable that MDC parliamentarians are part of this rot. I expected them to set an example but how much could they do when their own leadership is doing the same thing? - Tanonoka Joseph Whande

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There should constitution clauses which should not be amendable by Parliament for example. 1. Presidential term limit. 2. High ranking position officials in Government term limits 3. human right clauses The above should be only amended through a referendum. As the common people to be always governed, can only benefit by regularly changing governments. If you remain with the same government for too long people empowerment is stifled as those in power will only empower their families, friends and the favored ones. Liked what has been happening. Today you may remove zpf from power but will remain in the background as most important positions in government are occupied by their people. Therefore there is need to regularly change the people who govern you. Also do not allow those who govern you to tender with the constitution without getting approval of the change from the people. So even if MDC get into power, they should not remain in power for too long because 1. The moment you you put a new government you are empowering new people, they will normally appoint their trusted people into positions of authority. 2. New government come with new people from different areas hence having a chance of empowering areas which were not empowered before. 3. National cake will eventually spread to all corners of the country.

skomichinig - 18 February 2013

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