Malema dumps Zanu PF 'voodoo' policies

HARARE - A surprise confession was made recently by Julius Malema.

The former ANC Youth League president said that he was now an ordinary person and would no longer be “selling policies that are not sellable”.

In order to avoid any distortion, there is need to take a direct quote of what Malema said in the South African media at the end of 2012: “I’m even much happier that I’m not in that space where I’ll be going around selling things to people that are not sellable. I want to have that feeling of being canvassed, where politicians knock on my door canvassing me”.

For some years the people of South Africa were used to Malema’s calls on indigenisation, the forceful takeover of farms, mines and banks in South Africa similar to what had happened in Zimbabwe.

 Although no one really took his mantra seriously in his home country, South Africa, the matter was different in Zimbabwe, as Zanu PF quickly took the young man’s insatiable and voracious craving for media attention and paraded him as a fighter and defender for the poor blacks.

Malema became a darling for Zanu PF and benefited immensely including the 20 heifers and a bull donated to him by top Zimbabwean officials while other proponents of his disastrous policies are reported to have splashed him with undisclosed amounts of cash.

In 2012, Malema was in Zimbabwe were he caused a stink by claiming that he was continuing with his radical struggle.  This was a struggle which in less than two months after his visit to Zimbabwe, he is now correctly denouncing as not sellable.

Again, last year after the police shot dead 34 striking workers at the Marikana mine in South Africa, Malema toured South Africa’s mines, addressing workers and urging them to make the sector “ungovernable”.

Senior government officials and business people in that southern African country were at pains to impress on investors that the claims Malema was making were not the government’s or ANC’s position.

The senior South African politicians described the issue of land redistribution, taking over mines and banks as a serious issue that needed attention, adding that everything needed to be done according to laws of South Africa.

However, back in Zimbabwe, his ally Indigenisation minister Savious Kasukuwere and the characteristically pliant state media were applauding Malema for the stance he had taken of making South Africa ungovernable.

Similar to Zanu PF, Malema was using rhetoric that suited him at a particular time.

The issue is an election gimmick by Zanu PF which it has ironically been using as patronage politics to remain in power.

Fortunately, for the South African people, Malema’s threats failed to find support from seemingly violent youths, and the State security agents — unlike in Zimbabwe where thousands of innocent lives have been lost because of violent farm and mine takeovers.

After the destructive effects of Zanu PF voodoo policies in Zimbabwe, the people of South Africa predicted that Malema and his policies did not have a future.

Sensing that his much-taunted policies were as good as dead, Malema was man enough to come out into the open and attack them as they were not sellable to anyone but to clueless politicians in Zanu PF.

At least for Malema he had benefited from Zanu PF as from his media interview it was clear he still had his herd of cattle donated to him.

However, it is to the people of Zimbabwe especially the youths who should gain Malema’s recent statement and appreciate the truth that Zanu PF policies are nothing but destructive.

With its scorched-earth policies Zanu PF wants to bring everyone with them into the grave and the people of Zimbabwe must resist this at all costs.

It is now time for Zimbabweans especially the youths to embrace policies that have a comprehensive approach to sustainable and people-centred development that brings in a better life for all through jobs, education and better health for all.

Zanu PF policy of taking over foreign-owned companies has neither the vision nor the craft of moving the country forward.

In its over 30 years of misrule, Zanu PF has proved to be nothing but a band of charlatans who have nothing to offer but to continue lining their pockets at the expense of the poor.

That is what Malema now sees and has rightly said the policies are not sellable to the people.

Pro-active policies such as job creation are not just the engine of poverty reduction or a derivative of growth but are transformative policies that will help drive the pathways to development.

That is why there is need for the people of Zimbabwe to understand the Jobs, Upliftment, Investment Capital and the Environment (Juice) policy whose aim is for the next government to create new jobs.

In its first five years, an MDC government will implement coherent, effective and forward looking policies to address Zimbabwe’s long-standing economic policies of high unemployment, deepening poverty and inequality.

It will establish a pathway for inclusive and sustainable long-term growth based on a broad-based human upliftment model.

It is very clear that the policies that Zanu PF wants to propagate are not magic bullets and will make the people of Zimbabwe suffer more.

Its policies come at a time when the Zanu PF senior politicians are failing to explain what has happened to the $2 billion that has gone missing from Chiadzwa diamond proceeds. The policies are much ado about nothing. - Lawrence Paganga

*Paganga works in the MDC information department.

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