Missing anthem and Mbeki madness

HARARE - The Bull Eland has previously warned of the rampant looting of public resources  within government and Zanu PF ranks.

Money, farms, cars, companies, time, lives everything and anything!

A few months ago Zesa Holdings (Zesa) bills revealed the kleptocratic tendencies of the bandwagon.

Even then, pocketing a whole national anthem in the name of Mugabe is a record low.
Even for the most diehard supporters of the man!

The band of the uninformed men and women refused to play the national anthem, purportedly because the owner of the national anthem was not around.

Delegates, most senior government officials, rose for the anthem only to learn that the melody was not for common sharing.

Meanwhile, the disgraced former president Thabo Mbeki delivered a speech at the just-ended Zimbabwe Diamond Conference (where the national anthem was played).

From his high horse he spoke very lowly of the capacity of the Zimbabwean people to define their own self-determination.

He spoke very highly of Zanu PF’s capacity to do so on our behalf.

For a “freedom fighter”, Mbeki strangely condoned the principle that a government is superior to its people, itself the cornerstone of apartheid and other repugnant oppressive methods of governing.

Mbeki’s definition of Zimbabwean self-determination is rape, beatings, killings, expropriation of hard-earned private property and looting of public resources by Zanu PF thugs.

It is deeply offending that such an educated man speaks naively and ignores the fact that it is not governments or political parties that have a right to self-determination but the people of any country.
The government is merely a creature of self-determination; it cannot be greater than its creators.

To support a Zanu PF government and its ruinous policies in the face of popular opposition by its people is to defeat self-determination.

By propping up a Robert Mugabe, defeated in an election, Mbeki personally defeated our right to self-determine.

The most fundamental component of that rule is for a free people to freely choose their leaders.

To change regime is the essence of all democratic struggle — to remove Mugabe and Zanu PF is a legitimate struggle for the Zimbabwean people if they so wish.

Why should the rules under which Mbeki and crew fought for their freedom from oppression be any different for his “sister people” who suffer under apartheid in a black mask.

Single-handedly, Mbeki ensured that a despotic Zanu PF and Mugabe remained in power against the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe.

As long as the “predatory elite” implements a land audit of the farms they have shared, Zimbabweans must forever hate westerners.

He thinks our aspirations are quenched by getting only what Zanu PF is willing to give.

Mbeki foolishly hopes that Mugabe will give up the many farms that he has taken for himself or that Mugabe will instruct any of his untrustworthy colleagues to give up their loot.

If a few men in police band uniforms can “steal” a whole national anthem, the question is what will they not steal?

Mbeki spoke eloquently yet forgot fully on the need for transparency by the Zimbabwean government.

As South African president, Mbeki presided over the refusal by his government to make public the findings of his generals after their mission to Zimbabwe.

His refusal partly ensured that thieves and murderers retained their capacity to carry on with their criminal enterprise.

It is the same Mbeki who facilitated that Mugabe and Zanu PF retain control of the state machinery to the “masses” of their “right to canvass and freely mobilise for political support” thereby denying them democracy.

In an attempt to fool the world, Mbeki attempts to equate Zanu PF to Zimbabwe.

He falsely claims that international debate has been against Zimbabwe, yet even amai Ezra in Dotito is clearly aware of the fact that international debate has been against the man who has consistently made enemies out of his friends and his band of thieves.

International condemnation focusing on Zimbabwe has been and continues to be against those elements bent on depriving the country of opportunities to progress.

International condemnation is against the Mugabes, Shamus, Chombos, Mades, Makwavararas of this world, the men and women who destroy our homes in winter.

The Zanu PF machinery that burns homes, closes hospitals and schools.

As an economist, Mbeki must tell us how on earth Mugabe and company’s ability to travel to Switzerland for shopping improve the socio-economic situation in Zimbabwe in 2008 — it is clear that the same socio-economic situation was created by Mugabe and crew while they were globe-trotting for at least 30 years.

How does it solve Zimbabwe’s corruption to have our thieves freely hide our money in private banks in Europe and America?

To his credit, the man admitted that he has not paid attention to Zimbabwean politics for long.

A simple message for him from the poor people of a rich country; Zanu PF is not Zimbabwe Mr Mbeki.

Zimbabwe does not even want your Zanu PF. - Bull Eland

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