Diversionary peace messages

HARARE - As Zimbabwe slowly drifts towards a constitutional referendum and elections, Zanu PF diversionary peace messaging is equally on the rise.

Led by President Robert Mugabe, Zanu PF officials including Dickson Mafios, Zanu PF leader in Mashonaland West are all talking peace.

No one is fooled by this forked tongue and double speak that seeks to put citizens to sleep while Zanu PF continues with its murderous political strategy.

For starters President Mugabe is commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defence forces and all the security sector establishment reports and is accountable to him.

As he speaks of peace, his lieutenants are instigating violence against the opposition and citizens and he says nothing.

There is no doubt that this peace messaging is part of a wicked strategy to put wool over the eyes of citizens, other political parties, civil society and the international community.

As Zanu PF continues with intimidation and violence, it can point to the many fawning statements on peace that are daily shouted by the President and his juniors, yet on the ground the picture is far different.

The truth is Zanu PF is not prepared to dismantle the apparatuses of violence that are behind widespread intimidation and violence against citizens opposed to Zanu PF.

This is so because Zanu PF cannot win a free and fair election. That party will be thoroughly humiliated. It will be far good if President Mugabe can simply stop talking and act.

The President is no fool and is well aware of the negative impact of violence on national development.

He said so at the Second Constitutional All Stakeholders’ Conference, yet the desire for power seem to override the intermittent moments of rationality in his speeches.

So determined and selfish has Zanu PF become to retain power at all costs that its spokesperson Rugare Gumbo had the nerve to tell Zimbabweans that Zanu PF is prepared to do what Assad is doing in Syria or what Gaddafi did in Libya.

The falsity of Gumbo’s statements is that he talks of a war, yet what he should say is that Zanu PF is preparing for genocide, as there is no one with the capacity to fight Zanu PF and its military backers.
This double speak is equally expressed by Zanu PF members that include Herald Columnist Nathaniel Manheru who was long unmasked as Mugabe’s current spokesperson.

Manheru justifies violence on ordinary citizens on the basis that such violence is part of protecting the national ethos and national security.

Manheru who is over-housed, over-fed and would have us believe that Zanu PF is the embodiment of that national ethos and that it is incumbent upon Zanu PF and the military to tell us when the line has been crossed.

Manheru does not tell us that his only concern is to protect his privileges to lead a life of debauchery ad nauseam.

No self-serving foolishness can surpass this kind of madness, where a contesting political party tells those working to wrestle state power that it, (Zanu PF), is both a player and a referee in that process. Again Manheru sits with his master daily and he is not reprimanded least of all cautioned against such dangerous talk.

The MDC parties, civil society, citizens and the international community must be fully aware that Zanu PF is preparing for war even as it sinisterly talks of peace.

The only peace that Zanu PF desires, is peace and silence of the graveyard.  

It is important that while the MDC agrees with Mugabe when he calls for peace that they equally point at the yawning hollowness of his statements, a hollowness that is filled by the war mongering by his desperate juniors.

It will be foolhardy for anyone to believe that Zanu PF, of all parties can talk and walk peace, which is simply not part of its genome and is akin to desiring a lion to feed on grass.

The demons of violence are in complete control of Zanu PF’s thinking.

These are demons that feed on people’s blood from time to time, as we draw closer to 2013, Zanu PF appetite for violence is on the rise.

As President Mugabe said, with violence Zimbabwe is nothing, the irony is that stopping this madness is all in his hands. He can’t because that will mark his end. - David Mutomba

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