To hell with Chinamasa, Gumbo threats

HARARE - Patrick Chinamasa is often times a rationale person.

He is a lawyer, and a former Attorney General who has allowed himself to sink to a new and desperate low by announcing to the world that Zanu PF has to win elections by hook or crook or the military will install it back through violence.

His statements were echoed by Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo who says it is expecting too much from the army to accept a Zanu PF loss, in other words the party does not believe in elections and Gumbo and Chinamasa are preparing us for blood bath led by the military should they lose.

Gumbo and Chinamasa  speak clearly of Zanu PF’s strategy which is violence led by the army and if they lose the army will stage a coup against an elected government to put Zanu PF back in power.

Chinamasa and Gumbo are telling the people that regardless of how they vote, Zanu PF wins either through the ballot or through the gun. The two want the Zimbabweans to simply line up in 2013 to endorse Zanu PF.

They are so desperate to hang on to their privileged positions hence preparing to set the military on fellow citizens simply because they would have rejected Zanu PF.

Chinamasa and Gumbo are afraid of life outside their comfort zones and cannot envision life as ordinary citizens.

Here are two men who have lost the most basic appreciation of constitutional order and talking like a pot smoking rebels.
They have the temerity to remind us of Libya and Syria, wishing Zimbabwe ill simply because they want to remain in power.

The two shout day and night that the environment is right for elections yet instigating the military to murder its own people.

Elections in Gumbo and Chinamasa’s thinking are simply a ritual to maintain Zanu PF debilitating rule for ever.
Here are two old men who think the people’s will must be subjected to the whims of Zanu PF.

We ask Comrade Gumbo and Chinamasa who appointed Zanu PF and the military as spirit mediums and protectors of Zimbabwe anywhere?

Does Zanu PF and the military think we are as stupid and dumb as to fail to make decisions on our own?

In any case, who told Gumbo and Chinamasa that the military even as it holds guns, has the power to decide our fate?

Chinamasa wants to hide behind such statements of fear of the reversal of the land reform and Gumbo invokes the war of liberation.

First what is there to reverse on the land reform, certainly a relook at multiple farm ownership which Zanu PF does not want. Can Zimbabwe be returned to the Rhodesia Front and how?

Is it possible in 2013, for Harare’s First Street to turn back to being an all white street?

Can schools be separated on racial lines? Who in Zimbabwe does not appreciate genuine and fair economic empowerment?

I don’t know what Gumbo and Chinamasa are smoking but hope their families care enough for them and rescue the two sooner rather than later.

Zimbabwe is a free country, and those who perished liberating Zimbabwe did not do so for Zanu PF but for the people of Zimbabwe.

This independence is sacred and many normal people hold it dearly and know it’s true meaning, that we elect our own leaders.
Zanu PF has been losing elections since 2000 and holding on through violence.

Gumbo and Chinamasa must know that no amount of threats is going to protect them this time around.

The hour has come comrade Gumbo and Chinamasa, and indeed we await to see you in your army fatigues and Zanu PF bandanas holding the gun on our heads to vote Zanu PF or else.

Rather than being cowed into submission, Zimbabweans instead see fear writ large on Gumbo and Chinamasa’s faces.

These are a desperate and fearful people, who belong to a clique that has nothing to offer apart from self serving policies and nauseating corruption.

This is a group that cannot run a tuck-shop to look after themselves but feel entitled to a state sponsored life while the rest suffer.

Gumbo and Chinamasa’s words are not only treasonous but expose the double speak in Zanu PF.

Chinamasa and Gumbo are unelected juniors in Zanu PF and what gives them the guts to gush such vomit is because their master approves.

To hell with this group and their threats. - David Mutomba

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Well said, what is the point in having elections if these neanderthals are going to murder the people of Zimbabwe so they can stay in power. They should be arrested for speaking like they have because that is tantamount to treason. Will the armed forces in Zimbabwe listen to fools like this and kill us if we vote MDC, is this why they are recruiting so many more police and army recruits so they can brainwash them into zpf ways and hope they will kill us to retain power?

Peter Macklyn - 20 October 2012

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