Police vs Kereke: Who fired the gun in Masvingo on July 8, 2007?

HARARE -  Munyaradzi Kereke the former advisor to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono, was on July 8, 2007 accused of causing terror in Masvingo where he was charged with assault, malicious damage to property and discharge of a firearm while threatening his girlfriend.

The Daily News managed to obtain a police memorandum chronicling how Kereke allegedly brought a hotel in Masvingo to a standstill, brandishing a gun and threatening hotel officials in typical movie style.

But Kereke had his own version of events and instead accused people in police uniform of trying to kill him.

He said it is the police not him who fired shots in a hotel room.  

The Daily News publishes the police’s version of events and also Kereke’s version for the readers to judge. Their versions contrast so what exactly transpired on that action-packed day in Masvingo?

This memorandum serves to put on record that further verification on what exactly transpired was done and the following was established to have happened:

1. Doctor Munyaradzi Kereke (35) NR 63-785927 D04 of number 92 Norfolk Road Mount Pleasant and employed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) as an advisor to RBZ Governor Dr Gideon Gono accompanied his girlfriend Joseline Mukarati (24) NR 63-1166361 R 04 of 13 Malvern Road, Waterfalls, Harare and employed as a Payroll Executive at RBZ to Masvingo where there was a lobola function for her cousin one John Zvirikuzhe (33) NR 29-174578 X04 of 1539 Eastvale, Masvingo.

2. Dr Kereke and his girlfriend were accompanied by the following:-

- Tinashe Lynne Nyuke, 23, Cousin to Joseline of 18 Simon Mazorodze drive, Riverside, Gweru
- Ben Furusa nephew to Dr Kereke (NFPK)

3. In Masvingo, Dr Kereke spent the whole day drinking whisky and finished the bottle whilst the lobola payment proceedings were in progress. The other people were also taking alcohol.

At about 2300 hours on 7/07/07 Dr Kereke, Furusa, Joseline and Tinashe proceeded to Liquids Night Club in Masvingo where they continued drinking.

He parked an Audi Q7 vehicle he was driving inside the nightclub garden and they enjoyed themselves to more drinks and dancing.

At around 0200hours whilst Dr Kereke was on the dance floor, his girlfriend Joseline proceeded to the vehicle and sat in the car allegedly playing with her phone.

She was later approached by Dr Kereke who accused her of phoning other boyfriends and cheating on him.

An argument ensued and as Dr Kereke tried to get the cellphone for evidence, Joseline threw the cellphone to the ground.

This enraged Dr Kereke who assaulted Joseline all over the body using fists and booted feet. Other patrons rescued her and she ran away to hide in Pink Pigeon Restaurant.

Other patrons confronted Dr Kereke over the incident. A scuffle with other patrons ensued resulting in the nightclub security — Trust Muzanenhamo, 37, of 6734A Mboroma Street, Mucheke D — forcing Dr Kereke out of the nightclub.

During the scuffle, patrons were heard saying Dr Kereke was armed.

Outside the Night Club Dr Kereke assaulted Tinashe Nyuke with fists and booted feet as she tried to intervene.

He also slapped his nephew Ben Furusa for not coming to his aid during the scuffle.

Tinashe telephoned their cousin John Zvirikuzhe to come and pick them up as they were being assaulted.

John Zvirikuzhe proceeded to Liquids Night Club to rescue the two ladies in the company of the following relatives:  Tafadzwa Zvirikuzhe, Claytos Zvirikuzhe, Onwards Zvataiona.

Three Police Constables — Number 059661Y, Cst Munyavhi, 057548G, Cst Kuimba and Cst Munzira — attended the scene and resolved the issue without arresting anyone.

3. Joseline indicated to the Police that she did not want to go with Dr Kereke; no longer loved him and she gave him his money, which was in her bag with the assistance of the police.

John Zvirikuzhe took the two ladies_and booked them into Room 1016at Flamboyant Hotel for their “safety” from Dr Kereke who was violent.

10. After leaving the two ladies at Flamboyant hotel, John Zvirikuzhe proceeded to his house where he found Dr Kereke waiting for them.

Dr Kereke demanded to be shown where the two ladies were but John declined to show him.

11. Dr Kereke later managed to talk to Claytos Zvirikuzhe whom he tricked and convinced that he wanted to collect car keys from Joseline.

It was later agreed that John and the four men mentioned in paragraph 7 would go to collect the keys and they proceeded to Flamboyant Hotel.

However Dr Kereke also followed and was only noticed on arrival at the hotel.

12. On arrival at the hotel Onwards Zvatato was send to 1016 to collect the keys from Joseline.

After Onwards had gone to the room, Dr Kereke approached the Hotel Receptionist, one Mathias Muchembere of Number 28- 6th Street, Sisk, Masvingo who was manning the reception. Dr Kereke identified himself as a policeman and demanded to be shown where Onwards had gone alleging that they were gold dealers.

He produced a personal CZ pistol serial number 44304, pointed it at and threatened Mathias Muchembere for not cooperating. He further said Muchembere should save his nation by allowing him through.  

13. In fear for his life, Mathias Muchembere then directed him to Onwards who was proceeding to the room. Dr Kereke caught up with Onwards and placed the CZ pistol on the back of his (Onwards) head and forced him to call out Joseline's name so that she would open the door.

After the door had been opened, Onwards was kicked and hit with a fist and ordered to lie on the hoot inside the room.

Dr Kereke closed the door and ordered the women to sit on the floor assaulting them with open hands and fists in the process.

During the process, he threw a water jar onto the wall damaging it, pushed a 21-inch television set to the floor and also damaged an electric kettle.

14. All the time, he was waving his pistol menacingly threatening to kill Joseline. He fired the pistol twice damaging a French door and a windowpane. On hearing gunshots, John Zvirikuzhe and the other four men mentioned in paragraph 7 proceeded and entered the room.
They were also threatened with the pistol as they tried to intervene by begging him to stop what he was doing. He corked the pistol and fired it for the third time.

Claytos Zvirikuzhe advised his male relatives to retreat to safety and they left Dr Kereke with the two ladies.

15. Dr Kereke continued to threaten Joseline for alleged infidelity whilst in the room but later said he would take them to Harare so that he would tell Joseline’s parents about her infidelity.

On leaving the Flamboyant Hotel Joseline and Dr Kereke were holding each other as if nothing had happened, although Joseline was bare-footed as she lost one of her shoes during the scuffle at Liquids Night Club” - ZRP POLICE GENERAL HEADQUARTERS JULY 19, 2007

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