Preamble: This charter stands as the overarching document that defines editorial’s role and positioning within our group. Although it is not all embracing – indeed, no charter can cover every contingency – it embodies the spirit, policies and principles upon which the group’s titles are edited and managed.


  1. The Board of Directors and management affirm their commitment to the principle of a free media and editorial independence.
  2. Directors and management acknowledge the responsibility of editorial to report and comment on the affairs of Zimbabwe and the rest of the world fairly, accurately and regardless of any commercial, personal or political interests - including those of shareholders, directors, management and staff.
  3. The right to appoint and dismiss editors resides with the Board of Directors and its appointed management. Subject to this, full control  of newspapers is vested in the hands of editors – who, alone shall determine all content, including advertising, and appoint, dismiss, deploy and direct editorial staff.
  4. Editors will, at all times, carry out their duties in a way that ensures the independence and integrity of the group’s titles.
  5. In the event that any party, including but not limited to shareholders, directors, management and editors of the company cannot agree on the interpretation or implementation of this Charter, the following dispute-resolution mechanisms shall apply:
    • The parties must, without prejudice to any other rights they may have, explore whether the dispute cannot be resolved informally using techniques such as discussion or agreement to arbitration.
    • If the matter is not resolved informally, the executive committee of the Board will attempt to deal with it.
    • If the matter is still not resolved, it must be referred to a full meeting of the Board of Directors to deal with it.
    • If the matter is not resolved by the Board of Directors, external arbitration and mediation should kick in, and the decision there from will be final and binding on all parties concerned.

Editors further commit to the following:

  1. Upholding the highest standards of professional, independent, honest and responsible journalism.
  2. Adhering to the constitution of Zimbabwe and working to deepen the country’s democracy, as well as engendering a culture of respect for human rights and clean governance in both the public and private sectors.
  3. Recognising that editorial independence and commercial viability are closely linked.
  4. Abiding by the Press Code and adhering to the highest ethical standards.